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  1. The master will not be pleased with the inevitable VCS delay update!
  2. Try watching it with the subtitles on. YouTube’s voice to text software tries admirably but frequently spits out hilarious nonsensical translations. New idea for a drinking game: Do a shot every time he says the word “fook”. You’ll be kissing the floor in no time!
  3. Side talkin' You're telling me lies, yeah Side talkin' You wear a disguise Side talkin' So misunderstood, yeah Side talkin' You just ain't no good
  4. For the love of God, do NOT do this! That guy drove the last nail into the old RGVC message board coffin. Satisfy your curiosity if you must, but you have been warned... 😳
  5. EVERY home should have a “retro gaming” button! 😄 Nice setup, congrats!
  6. Just 51 days left! Maybe we should all storm NotMyAtari headquarters in France on New Year’s Eve and demand to see the VCS. If we Pitfall run, they can’t stop us all! 😆
  7. I recently picked up this exact arcade stick and was instantly disappointed by the feel of the joystick. After reading up on this model I discovered this was because of the square gate that Hori used in its design. There is an octogonal replacement gate available that I am very tempted to get so I was wondering if anyone here has done this mod and has any feedback on it. Apparently it gives the controller a much more arcade accurate feel. I don’t play a lot of fighters but I was hoping to have a more authentic arcade experience when playing classics like Pac-Man. But as it is, this Hori stick controls horribly with the current square gate installed. And trying to play classic arcade games with the stock DualShock 4 is a VERY underwhelming experience! So if anybody here has any input on this then I would really like to read your comments.
  8. Technically, toasters are meant to toast bread. You could toast toast if you wanted to but you’d probably end up burning it. So not advised 😉
  9. Yes, abso-freaking-lutely! One of the funniest movies ever made. Everyone sing along: It’s springtime, For Chesnais, And Atari...
  10. I also saw that article and it’s a fascinating read. I clicked on that article the moment I saw the image of that woody VCS! It really does make you respect the ingenuity of those early game programmers having to work within the confines of such primitive hardware.
  11. ...because you’re actually the kid from The Gate!!!
  12. Happy birthday to Sega’s swan song console! I remember drooling over the Dreamcast games at a local department store when it was first released. I was finally able to afford one once they went on clearance. I was so excited to finally play Resident Evil Code Veronica. It was a brief but wonderful era in gaming... until the 800 pound gorilla that was the PS2 showed up to crash the party! Sega may never return to making hardware, but they really gave us a fantastic gaming machine with their final effort. I can’t wait to get my new Retro Fighters controller so I can delve back into its library with a controller that doesn’t cramp up my hands. The Dreamcast is dead, long live the Dreamcast!
  13. Sick burn! So if you see some delusional would-be “backer” about to throw their hard earned money at this fiasco, do your civic duty and...
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