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  1. In Soviet Russia, Atari plays YOU! What a console!
  2. Thank you so much for posting this!!! I immediately went to their site and was able to get my preorder in. Definitely looking forward to playing this on my favorite handheld!
  3. Pretty much sums up this entire thread (and that’s no easy feat!)
  4. Oh man, it is getting savage in there!
  5. Just change the word “fall” to “fail” and you’ve got the official Ataribox jingle!
  6. Wow, that is just sad. They had a very narrow window of opportunity for release this year to avoid being completely drowned out by the hype machines of Sony and Microsoft. But when the PS5 and Series X Do release, it will be WAY too late for any kind of decent reception for this thing. Not that it ever had a reasonable chance anyway! Also: “Continued exploitation of classic Atari catalog”... that says it all right there 🙄
  7. Yes, this is exactly right. Anyone of a certain age remembers the terms “tapes” and “cartridges” being used interchangeably for Atari games. I think it was mostly parents and grandparents of the time keeping the word “tapes” in the vernacular, LOL. As for the “other” tapes shown in those clippings, ABC was indeed a fantastic hit making machine for a few years there. Be Near Me and Poison Arrow are definitely standouts. And Michael McDonald’s voice is immediately recognizable, one of the all-time greats. Rick Springfield’s voice AND face were ubiquitous in the late 70s and early 80s. Don’t get me started on Rush... that Signals album, along with Moving Pictures and Permanent Waves, showcase a cycle of records by an incredibly talented band at their creative peak. Untouchable. (RIP Neil Peart) Thanks for posting these! I really love seeing snapshots of these old machines and games in their heyday, it really takes me back!
  8. I could make an intelligent amicable suggestion... 😉
  9. I’m a big fan of the Sterilite brand of storage bins. Their 15 and 32 quart bins have been my go-to containers for practically everything. And both sizes stack neatly together, very convenient if you have a sizable collection. They’re cheap and easy to source from places like Target and Wal-mart. These bins have seriously helped keep my collection under control so I highly recommend them!
  10. For the love of God, do NOT do this! That guy drove the last nail into the old RGVC message board coffin. Satisfy your curiosity if you must, but you have been warned... 😳
  11. EVERY home should have a “retro gaming” button! 😄 Nice setup, congrats!
  12. Just 51 days left! Maybe we should all storm NotMyAtari headquarters in France on New Year’s Eve and demand to see the VCS. If we Pitfall run, they can’t stop us all! 😆
  13. I recently picked up this exact arcade stick and was instantly disappointed by the feel of the joystick. After reading up on this model I discovered this was because of the square gate that Hori used in its design. There is an octogonal replacement gate available that I am very tempted to get so I was wondering if anyone here has done this mod and has any feedback on it. Apparently it gives the controller a much more arcade accurate feel. I don’t play a lot of fighters but I was hoping to have a more authentic arcade experience when playing classics like Pac-Man. But as it is, this Hori stick controls horribly with the current square gate installed. And trying to play classic arcade games with the stock DualShock 4 is a VERY underwhelming experience! So if anybody here has any input on this then I would really like to read your comments.
  14. Technically, toasters are meant to toast bread. You could toast toast if you wanted to but you’d probably end up burning it. So not advised 😉
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