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  1. For anyone interested, Limited Run is releasing a Vita cart for Super Meat Boy on Friday at 10am EST. Quantities are limited to only 1000 so they’re sure to go fast. I’ve never played this game but it looks fun. I thought that physical Vita releases had finally come to a stop so I might try to snag one.
  2. 4 on the other hand... not so much. I was fairly disappointed in that one. I blame Tommy Wiseau!
  3. You’re obviously a lot more forgiving than I am... and a lot more patient! Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely thrilled to finally have this game. And it’s a remarkable achievement, definitely worth the wait. So maybe I’m not giving Watermelon enough credit for their perseverance and commitment to finally getting this game released. I guess I just need to adjust my expectations when it comes to crowdfunded projects like this. They did eventually deliver and that’s what really matters. I do sincerely hope that they can resolve their financial issues and continue releasing more amazing games in the future.
  4. There’s a phone number that was included in their last email communication, so that might be a good place to start. If you didn’t get that email, just message me and I can forward it to you. I do hope that you’re able to get your copy soon as it is truly a fantastic game. The content of that email isn’t very encouraging though. They mention having to actually sell their IPs to help raise funds to continue operations. They do sound intent on fulfilling all orders so that’s a good sign.
  5. I just hooked my Genesis 3 and am pleased to report that it does indeed run Paprium 😄
  6. The guy is obviously a very talented developer. He’s just an awful businessman. I think he should only handle the creative side of his company and let someone with better organizational and communication skills helm the financial and PR portions. If the information in that video would have been disseminated to the backers during development and not after it was finally released then I would have a very different opinion of Fonzie and his team. But keeping your investors completely in the dark over several years is never going to be an acceptable practice no matter how good the finished product is. I had completely written off ever getting this game because I had lost all confidence in the people making it. And any company that would let their customers get to that point doesn’t deserve your good faith investment. So I will never, ever give Watermelon another dime to fund any future project. I’ll be more than happy to purchase more games from them in the future because of their incredibly high quality, but only once they are finished and readily available in a storefront. I do sympathize with all the misfortune he had to endure to finish this game, but a little communication to his investors could have turned him into the underdog hero instead of the uncaring narcissist that he now comes off as. But that’s what happens when you let a frustrated internet tell your story instead of controlling the narrative yourself, you know, by telling people what the hell is going on. I think that’s the real takeaway here.
  7. I can confirm this as I just downloaded the update from their website and the cartridge now boots up fine with no issues. It was incredibly satisfying to finally play this on my bigscreen in HD. So I send out a HUGE thank you to Kevtris and the fine folks at Analogue for making this possible!!!
  8. The PS1 was actually the system that got me BACK into gaming! I have a heap of nostalgia for this system because it represented a lot of firsts for me: it was the first new system I ever bought with my own money, the first time I was playing from shiny discs instead of cartridges, and it was my first introduction to the exciting new world of 3D polygons! I maxed out my first credit card for this system also, but it was totally worth it. Tomb Raider was my first PS1 game purchase and I was absolutely obsessed with it. I also loved Project Overkill, Syphon Filter, Legacy of Kain Blood Omen, Resident Evil and Silent Hill. It was Silent Hill that really elevated video games to another level for me. That game burrowed deep into my psyche and stuck with me long after I finished it. That and the RE games is what began my fascination with survival horror, my favorite gaming genre. I’ve collected about 400 games for this system over the past 25 years (Jesus, has it been that long???) but I still feel like I’m nowhere near having all the great titles for it that I’m interested in. In my opinion the PS1 has one of the best libraries of any system out there. So thanks for starting this topic, it’s long overdue!
  9. Yes, the mini game is the only accessible part of Paprium on the flashback and Mega SG consoles, even after restarting the systems several times. Why Watermelon would program this irritating limitation into the game is beyond me. If I were running a game development company I would want people playing my games on as many platforms as possible. But apparently Fonzie’s sick hardware fetish isn’t going to let me enjoy this game the way I’d prefer: on a big flatscreen in glorious HD. Dammit!
  10. I just received my copy yesterday and can confirm that it works fine on my stock original model HD graphics Genesis (not sure which motherboard version it is, sorry!). I can also confirm that it will not advance past the mini game screen on a Mega SG, very disappointing. My Retro Freak wouldn’t recognize the cartridge at all (sigh). My Atgames flashback unit recognizes the game, dumps it, but also only grants access to the mini game. I have a few other Genesis models I’m going to try out later to see how they react. But so far, all the HDMI options I’ve tried have been fruitless
  11. My copy FINALLY arrived yesterday, so for those of you still waiting don’t give up hope just yet. But it took a full two months from the time I confirmed my shipping address on Watermelon’s website to receive it. Ugh, those guys really need to get their act together. The quality of their packaging and presentation is top notch though. However, my cartridge has one of the loose serial number plates inside so it sounds like a small coin is rattling around in it. It’s annoying but doesn’t seem to affect the game’s performance. Although it plays fine on my HD Graphics first model Genesis, the Mega SG won’t advance past the mini game. And that’s a damn shame because it’s by far my preferred method of playing original carts these days. And my Retro Freak won’t recognize the cart at all. So I have to set up my original system on my tube tv to enjoy this one game. Just keep this in mind if you were wanting to enjoy this game on a modern flatscreen.
  12. What a callous thing to say! 😆 I was mildly interested in this controller but looking at the build quality I have to give it a hard pass. Looks like another example of aesthetics over practicality. But then again, that’s been their obvious business acumen all along.
  13. Haha, excellent Chopping Mall reference 👍 Get ready to lower your expectations, backers!
  14. Fookin’ A! Welcome back John! 😄
  15. Hey, that’s the old Independent Life, uh, I mean Wells Fargo building downtown! Funny, I thought of that building when I saw those renders also 😆
  16. Haha... I was just listening to this song earlier today! Could it be that It’s just an illusion Putting me back In all this confusion... A pretty apt description of this disaster of a console launch! 😆
  17. I also want to thank the OP for starting this discussion! I checked all four of my PSPs: two had swollen batteries, two did not. The two I used fairly recently had normal batteries while the two systems that had been in storage for a few years had expanded noticeably. I was able to get the battery compartments off both without breaking anything but they were VERY tight. So maybe powering the system up regularly is a good idea to keep your batteries from potentially damaging your system. I’d be interested to know if anyone else here has observed something similar.
  18. In Soviet Russia, Atari plays YOU! What a console!
  19. Thank you so much for posting this!!! I immediately went to their site and was able to get my preorder in. Definitely looking forward to playing this on my favorite handheld!
  20. Pretty much sums up this entire thread (and that’s no easy feat!)
  21. Oh man, it is getting savage in there!
  22. Just change the word “fall” to “fail” and you’ve got the official Ataribox jingle!
  23. Wow, that is just sad. They had a very narrow window of opportunity for release this year to avoid being completely drowned out by the hype machines of Sony and Microsoft. But when the PS5 and Series X Do release, it will be WAY too late for any kind of decent reception for this thing. Not that it ever had a reasonable chance anyway! Also: “Continued exploitation of classic Atari catalog”... that says it all right there 🙄
  24. Yes, this is exactly right. Anyone of a certain age remembers the terms “tapes” and “cartridges” being used interchangeably for Atari games. I think it was mostly parents and grandparents of the time keeping the word “tapes” in the vernacular, LOL. As for the “other” tapes shown in those clippings, ABC was indeed a fantastic hit making machine for a few years there. Be Near Me and Poison Arrow are definitely standouts. And Michael McDonald’s voice is immediately recognizable, one of the all-time greats. Rick Springfield’s voice AND face were ubiquitous in the late 70s and early 80s. Don’t get me started on Rush... that Signals album, along with Moving Pictures and Permanent Waves, showcase a cycle of records by an incredibly talented band at their creative peak. Untouchable. (RIP Neil Peart) Thanks for posting these! I really love seeing snapshots of these old machines and games in their heyday, it really takes me back!
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