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  1. I just placed my order for Back In 1995 and it was $34 with a free shipping option. It ships out in July so there will be a little bit of a wait to receive it. After getting burned by Limited Run on the last two Vita titles I tried to preorder it was a relief to get this one! Seriously, if your product is selling out in literally under one minute, then maybe your runs are a little TOO limited! So screw LRG, I'm completely done with those guys. Thanks for the heads up on this title chicgamer, I really appreciate it!!!
  2. I completely agree with you about Land of Rape and Honey being their best album. There are a few moments on Twitch and Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste that reach those heights though. But starting with Psalm 69 they became a little too noisy for me, losing that industrial/experimental edge. Anyone that's a fan of Ministry from this era should check out the album Pure by Godflesh. Very heavy and menacing with some punishing electronic drums and occasionally tight grooves. As for horror games, I thought that Doom 3 on the OG Xbox had some incredibly effective scary moments in it. Very good tension throughout as well. But it was the first Silent Hill that really wormed its way into my psyche and made me a fan of the survival horror genre. Focusing on the psychological horror instead of the survival aspect just opened up a whole new level of immersion for me in gaming. Some other horror themed games I'd highly recommend would be Soma (PS4), Prey (PS4), Eternal Darkness (Gamecube), and the first two Dead Space games (PS3/360). It's been mentioned already but that first Fear game is a truly excellent survival horror experience. A perfect blend of action and atmosphere. I dropped my controller several times because of the perfectly placed jump scares in that game!
  3. I just did the same thing and watched the video with captions and holy shit was it worth it. When "Atari 2600" was translated to "hairy future water" I completely lost it!
  4. Welcome to page 666 of the Atacobox thread! On April Fool's Day no less! Hail Satan! Hail Nutari! Hail tacos! Seriously though, thanks to everyone here for making this thread a helluva good read!
  5. This made me laugh out loud!!! Too much late night Cinemax Friday After Dark as a young impressionable teenager I think. Classy smut, indeed ; )
  6. Grand Theft Atari, haha, I love it! That's a fitting name for this debacle. After all, the GTA games are all about building criminal empires by stealing other people's money. More fun with words: VCS = Vaporware Console Scam
  7. Wow, that homeless guy has a much nicer home than me!
  8. Were actually in the very year that the first Blade Runner takes place: 2019! Sadly, there are no flying cars, sexy replicants, or big neon Atari signs everywhere. But thankfully we also dont have robot Brion James running around on a murderous rampage! As to wether or not Id want to live in the fictional world of the movie under the assumption that Atari is still a global corporate presence... I really doubt it. Like many others here, I can only really think about Atari in the past tense. Nothing will ever be able to replace the many wonderful memories I have of growing up as an Atari kid, but thats what the brand is to me now, just a memory. And what a fantastic memory it is. But I do believe theres an alternate reality where the crash never happened and Atari is still vital and relevant and still producing amazing hardware and their magic never faded. Id love to visit this parallel timeline, but I dont think Id want to live there if it were in a dreary dystopian world like the Blade Runner universe. Although if 80s Sean Young was there waiting for me, Id have to seriously reconsider!
  9. Hmmm… I've never thrown carp against a wall before. Sounds like fun though! I can imagine them sliding down whimsically like a sticky toy octopus. LOL! As others have said, that blinking orange and green light will go away once the AV cable is inserted. As for games, the OG Xbox has some excellent exclusive titles like Mech Assault, Armed and Dangerous, Fable, Stubbs the Zombie, and of course Halo. It's a fairly cheap system to collect for, so building a decent collection won't break the bank.
  10. There are a LOT of really cool import games for the PS1, great stuff that never got a US localization. So if youre into that then I would definitely keep it. Otherwise, you could make your money back and then some by putting it up on eBay.
  11. Thanks for the clarification. After revisiting the Halcyon Wikipedia page I can see where I got that idea in my head. It was originally CED based but was switched to laserdisc when the format died during development. So the Halcyons games would have been on CEDs had the format survived. I guess CED-based games just werent meant to be!
  12. Wasnt the RDI Halcyon CED based? I do know that its obscenely rare and I believe only two games were released for it. I collect movies as well as video games but CED is a format I never bothered with because of the bulkiness of the caddy format and the problematic players. It just never seemed worth the hassle.
  13. In before midnight, just barely made it! Happy new year!!!
  14. Stand in the place where you work... now face west I was really looking forward to the 1up arcade cabs but lost interest once the reviews started coming in. Also, the lack of additional games was really hard to justify the expense. This project sounds like it has a lot going for it, so I’ll remain cautiously optimistic. Definitely looking forward to hearing more details about it.
  15. The original BC models are the most feature-rich, but also the most prone to failure from overheating. But they also have memory card slots for various media applications, which Ive never used but its a cool addition nonetheless. The slim is my personal favorite but that disc insert drive can be prone to failure. The super slim supposedly has the highest quality internals but they really skimped out on the case quality. That sliding door is incredibly flimsy and some of the side panels can quite literally pop off in your hands. It does have the smallest form factor, so if shelf space is a concern for you then that might be the one to go with. I own one of each model and enjoy each of them in different ways, but overall I would recommend the slim version because it has the best balance of build quality, reliability, and general aesthetics. But if PS2 backwards compatibility is your jam, then an original fat 4-port is your only option, but like others here have pointed out, the vast majority of them are ticking time bombs waiting to overheat and yellow light their way into oblivion. I know because thats exactly what happened to my first BC 80gb.
  16. My big problem with a discless system is that youre limited to buying games from only one retailer: Xbox marketplace. Anyone with a basic grasp of economics understands that competition keeps prices down. And having fewer options as a consumer is never a good thing. If I dont like the price of a game I want on the Xbox store I can simply check to see what my local GameStop or Target or Wal-Mart is offering. Choices! Believe me, youre gonna miss them when theyre gone.
  17. Your alligator hand puppet totally reminds me of the ones Craig Ferguson used on the Late Late Show! Howdy-doo everybody. 😄 Pitfall 2 absolutely blew my mind back in the day. And that theme song is still insanely catchy.
  18. ...so when does he get to the part about the square, the duck-dragons and that thieving bat??? Oy vey, I read about video games and history to ESCAPE the rampant political shitstorms being constantly forced down my throat on a daily basis. Adventure is one of my all-time favorite games and I would really like to learn more about its creation and legacy but not if I have to wade through his ideological tirades to get to it. Remember when politics and entertainment were two separate things? Sigh.
  19. After reading a lot of the complaints here about the lackluster game list for this console, I started wondering: Is Sony deliberately holding back on some of these licenses? Hear me out... what if theyre planning on releasing a DualShock version later on? If the first one sells well enough, I think its certainly plausible. They could then add a different lineup of games that take advantage of the updated controller. This is probably wishful thinking but it would help make some sense out of why they chose to handicap this machine in some very obvious ways. What do you guys think?
  20. I think this list is good, but not great. I wasnt really expecting a Nintendo-level stellar playlist, but there are some glaring omissions here. Not having a Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider or Spyro game seems like a really missed opportunity. For anyone that remembers the formative days of the first PlayStation, those games were practically synonymous with the brand. But I am very pleased to see Metal Gear and Syphon Filter included!
  21. After finally being able to get their webpage to load and reading the full product write up, I simply couldnt resist ordering one. I couldnt bring myself to drop that much scratch on the NES and SNES versions, but I completely caved when I read what this Genesis version could do. The backwards compatibility with Master System and Game Gear is very good news (providing the modules are reasonably priced). I just wish they could have managed 32X. This isnt that big a deal to me but it would have been nice to finally have an all-in-one Genesis solution. But they did manage to keep the CD expansion port which is what pushed me over the edge to preorder it. Im very much looking forward to getting my hands on this next spring! I ordered the JP version btw. The plain black US version looked a little drab but the Japanese version at least had a splash of color to it matching the button on the wireless controller. The white version was just way too damn white with no character at all! It would have been nice to see a few more color options like they did with the SNES version, but thats a very minor criticism.
  22. Definitely check it out because it’s a fantastic lesser known game, one of the best shooters I’ve ever played on ANY console! “Frenetic” is the word I would use to describe it. If that game doesn’t make your hands sweat, nothing will! So naturally it’s going to be my number 1: 1) Spider Fighter 2) River Raid 3) Combat (especially pong tanks and single jets) 4) Asteroids 5) Phoenix
  23. I managed to get my preorder in for the Vita copy of Another World as well! I already had a digital download of it from PSN, but I much prefer having a physical copy, especially of a classic like this. It will also help me free up some space on the memory card, which is always a good thing. Ive got the 64gb card but its amazing how fast it fills up. So Ive been trying to track down physical copies of games whenever possible for this very purpose. Curse Sony and their damn proprietary memory card formats!
  24. Also, today is the last day to order Bastion for the Vita from limited run games, theyre cutting it off at 11:59pm eastern time tonight. So grab those card games while theyre still being made, I know I am!
  25. Thanks for the heads up on this, I just ordered my copy! Sorry for the double post 🙄
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