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  1. Stand in the place where you work... now face west


    I was really looking forward to the 1up arcade cabs but lost interest once the reviews started coming in. Also, the lack of additional games was really hard to justify the expense. This project sounds like it has a lot going for it, so I’ll remain cautiously optimistic. Definitely looking forward to hearing more details about it.

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  2. The original BC models are the most feature-rich, but also the most prone to failure from overheating. But they also have memory card slots for various media applications, which Ive never used but its a cool addition nonetheless. The slim is my personal favorite but that disc insert drive can be prone to failure. The super slim supposedly has the highest quality internals but they really skimped out on the case quality. That sliding door is incredibly flimsy and some of the side panels can quite literally pop off in your hands. It does have the smallest form factor, so if shelf space is a concern for you then that might be the one to go with.


    I own one of each model and enjoy each of them in different ways, but overall I would recommend the slim version because it has the best balance of build quality, reliability, and general aesthetics. But if PS2 backwards compatibility is your jam, then an original fat 4-port is your only option, but like others here have pointed out, the vast majority of them are ticking time bombs waiting to overheat and yellow light their way into oblivion. I know because thats exactly what happened to my first BC 80gb.

  3. My big problem with a discless system is that youre limited to buying games from only one retailer: Xbox marketplace. Anyone with a basic grasp of economics understands that competition keeps prices down. And having fewer options as a consumer is never a good thing. If I dont like the price of a game I want on the Xbox store I can simply check to see what my local GameStop or Target or Wal-Mart is offering. Choices! Believe me, youre gonna miss them when theyre gone.

  4. ...so when does he get to the part about the square, the duck-dragons and that thieving bat???


    Oy vey, I read about video games and history to ESCAPE the rampant political shitstorms being constantly forced down my throat on a daily basis. Adventure is one of my all-time favorite games and I would really like to learn more about its creation and legacy but not if I have to wade through his ideological tirades to get to it. Remember when politics and entertainment were two separate things? Sigh.

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  5. After reading a lot of the complaints here about the lackluster game list for this console, I started wondering: Is Sony deliberately holding back on some of these licenses? Hear me out... what if theyre planning on releasing a DualShock version later on? If the first one sells well enough, I think its certainly plausible. They could then add a different lineup of games that take advantage of the updated controller. This is probably wishful thinking but it would help make some sense out of why they chose to handicap this machine in some very obvious ways. What do you guys think?

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  6. I think this list is good, but not great. I wasnt really expecting a Nintendo-level stellar playlist, but there are some glaring omissions here. Not having a Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider or Spyro game seems like a really missed opportunity. For anyone that remembers the formative days of the first PlayStation, those games were practically synonymous with the brand. But I am very pleased to see Metal Gear and Syphon Filter included!

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  7. After finally being able to get their webpage to load and reading the full product write up, I simply couldnt resist ordering one. I couldnt bring myself to drop that much scratch on the NES and SNES versions, but I completely caved when I read what this Genesis version could do. The backwards compatibility with Master System and Game Gear is very good news (providing the modules are reasonably priced). I just wish they could have managed 32X. This isnt that big a deal to me but it would have been nice to finally have an all-in-one Genesis solution. But they did manage to keep the CD expansion port which is what pushed me over the edge to preorder it. Im very much looking forward to getting my hands on this next spring! I ordered the JP version btw. The plain black US version looked a little drab but the Japanese version at least had a splash of color to it matching the button on the wireless controller. The white version was just way too damn white with no character at all! It would have been nice to see a few more color options like they did with the SNES version, but thats a very minor criticism.

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  8. I noticed a few Spider-Fighter mentions, I'll have to check that game out at some point.

    Definitely check it out because it’s a fantastic lesser known game, one of the best shooters I’ve ever played on ANY console! “Frenetic” is the word I would use to describe it. If that game doesn’t make your hands sweat, nothing will! So naturally it’s going to be my number 1:


    1) Spider Fighter

    2) River Raid

    3) Combat (especially pong tanks and single jets)

    4) Asteroids

    5) Phoenix

  9. I managed to get my preorder in for the Vita copy of Another World as well! I already had a digital download of it from PSN, but I much prefer having a physical copy, especially of a classic like this. It will also help me free up some space on the memory card, which is always a good thing. Ive got the 64gb card but its amazing how fast it fills up. So Ive been trying to track down physical copies of games whenever possible for this very purpose. Curse Sony and their damn proprietary memory card formats!

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  10. Besides, I'm pretty happy with the way my collecting career has gone. Yeah, maybe I made some mistakes, but I also got in while the getting was good...like, really good. If I had to purchase today all the stuff I got between 1998-2005, I'd easily be spending at least triple the money. :skull:


    This, exactly! I'd do a lot of stuff differently but but any regrets I still have are more than offset by the fact that I started collecting in the mid-90s before the classic game collecting fever really exploded. The entire city with its abundant thrift stores, pawn shops, and mom & pop second-hand stores was a giant playground for me in those days. And I felt like it was all mine! I'd go out once a week on my day off and come home with bags full of stuff. It was glorious, but it didn't last. So I'm grateful that I started when I did because I could never afford to buy all that stuff now at today's prices. As for what I would have done differently, a few things come to mind:


    -As a kid I had no appreciation/concept of collecting video games. I had various systems and games during my childhood and really enjoyed them but never considered them collectible. I only collected comics at that age, so I didn't hold onto any of them. I really wish I would have, because I no idea what a nostalgic hold they would have on me years later.


    -I would've gotten off my lazy ass and found a new job quicker after losing my job back in 2001. That caused me to have to sell a huge chunk of my collection to pay rent. I've replaced most of what I'd gotten rid of, but some of the pricier stuff I know I'll never own again. And I'm fine with that because I did it for the right reasons, but I definitely could have prevented it had I been a little more responsible. Alas.


    -There's a handful of amazing deals I should have jumped on when I had the chance but didn't realize how rare or valuable those items were or would become. Like the gamecube component cable I once saw at a thrift store for $4. That one always comes back to haunt me! Or the $50 NES top loaders they used to sell at the Montgomery Wards where I worked… I should have bought the entire inventory!!! And of course, those of us old enough to remember the insanely good deals to be had during the crash at Kay-Bee and Lionel Playworld (and others), I really wish I'd have taken full advantage of those once in a lifetime deals. But as an 11 year old kid, I had no idea whatsoever that a crash was even happening. Like the song says, "I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger."



    I am curious about something that perhaps you can help me on? I know your Sony CRT has an SD Tube and will not display in 480p mode. I am trying to verify a quirk on my KD series CRT which is also SD, but has an HD tuner,


    Can you try the following? Be sure you have Component cables for your DVD player or your PS2.


    1. Plug in the component cable and change TV menu input matched to component input.


    2. Powering up the PS2 or DVD player should display in 480i.


    3, Set DVD Player to 480p thru its menu Settings. Or your PS2 to 480p on certain games upon power up hold triangle and X while game is loading.


    4. You know you will have the DVD Player or PS2 in 480p mode due to screen now distorting. What I'm trying to find out if you get a rolling distortion or a split screen where you can still read partial text on the screen. Perhaps include the 480p mode screenshot in your reply?


    5. To set your DVD player back to 480i, plug in composite cable and turn off 480p. You can use one of the component hookups as a temporary composite plug in to yellow jack. For the PS2, it defaults to 480i even in component unless you hold the button combo at game load.


    6. Best to use Component cables for your TV even though only 480i. This gives the best video separation called Color Stream back in the day before HD took over.


    The reason for the video tap dance is Sony Specs sheet advertises my KD-27FS170 Sony CRT as SD and a 1080i tube! I know very likely a misprint in the specs sheet below. However when in 480p mode it does a similiar imagery as my portable PS2 LCD screen (also non HD) where you can partially read the text.


    • post-27490-0-28346400-1523052652.jpg



    I get a completely rolling picture with no visible image at all. Here is a pic (I used Atari Anthology on the PS2 and enabled progressive scan). Sorry about the sideways picture, I can't seem to get it to upload correctly!


  12. Remember when cable TV had these remotes?


    YES! I remember mine was a sliding tab with a tuning knob at the end. I used to love getting those cable company brochures in the mail with all the movie times in them. Making sure I had plenty of blank VHS tapes on hand and planning my recording sessions were a ritual for me. Ahhh, the 80s!

  13. A nice CRT is an absolute necessity in my gaming setup. Like many others here I'll sing the praises of the Sony trinitron when it comes to quality presentation of classic consoles. I've had other sets from Panasonic, JVC, Samsung, etc, but none of those had the richness and detail that the trinitrons have. Mine is a KV-27FS100L. It has inputs for RF, composite, component, and s-video, as well as front inputs for hooking up systems on the fly. It's that 27" sweet spot: Big enough for a nice view but not heavy enough to throw your back out moving it. For pre-HDMI systems, I really can't recommend these later model Sony TVs enough!




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  14. I was totally floored to see what this Sega CD dev console sold for on eBay yesterday:




    Is this system actually that rare??? I do love the Sega CD, but this seems ridiculous to me! What do you guys and gals think?

  15. Why, the Panasonic REAL 3DO of course! ; )


    But seriously, I would have to say traditional game consoles were replaced right after the PS2/Xbox/Dreamcast era. After that family of systems you really start to see a shift away from a dedicated games machine toward an all purpose entertainment box. At that point the online connectivity was no longer a novelty but an integral part of the experience. You also start to see digital downloading of games become more and more prevalent from the Xbox 360 on. So the basic architecture of the systems and the change in content delivery method (download versus disc) really mark that dividing line for me.

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  16. PS1. I'm old enough to have been gaming since the Atari 2600, but the PS1 was the first system where I was old enough to start buying my own games with my own money and start my first really game collection. While I buy and play games from over 30 different systems, PS1 is the only system where I actually want a full set for. To this day, I will enjoy many systems, especially the ones I played when they were active (like NES, SNES, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4), but PS1 will probably always be my favorite.

    Wow, this is my answer almost verbatim! I also grew up with the 2600, Colecovision and the NES, but the first system I was ever able to buy for myself was a PS1. I maxed out my first credit card buying the system, a few games, and a memory card at Sears. So I will always have a sentimental attachment to the PS1 collection I've built up over the years. I've got about 330 titles at this point and there are still tons more I'd like to someday own. But I think the system I'm the most serious about, or at least most dedicated to, would be the Sega Genesis. It's my second biggest collection after the PS1, with about 280 titles. The Genesis software library is fantastic, but I think the thing that makes it a particularly collector-centric system is all the hardware add-ons and iterations. It's one of the few systems that is both backward and forward compatible through all the crazy attachments. It's also my favorite cart-based system, so it's definitely the one I'm most serious about...



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