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  1. To this day, the hardest part of a video game I've ever experienced was the challenge mode at the end of Resident Evil Code Veronica for the Dreamcast. If you play as Wesker, you're given only a knife and one herb to run through a gauntlet of the most difficult levels in the game. Brutally difficult to say the least. But HUGELY satisfying when you actually make it through to the end. I'll also mention Legendary mode in Halo 2. It took me and a friend HOURS just to clear one room to advance to the next area. No falling back to respawn your fallen co-player either! Now that was tough...
  2. Hmmm, I went back and looked at my copy and noticed this: The case states there are 5 discs included in this collection but there are actually 6 (Arc the Lad, ATL 2, ATL 3 discs 1 & 2, Arc Arena Monster Tournament disc, and ATL The Making Of disc). All discs have the ATL Collection insignia on them, so that's kind of odd.
  3. My Arc the Lad Collection for the PS1 has six discs which they managed to squeeze into one of those double-decker jewel cases.
  4. I'm pretty sure he meant R.G.V.C. That's the old rec.games.video.classic newsgroup. Used to be a great discussion forum for classic games until about the mid-200's when traffic started to wind down considerably. It's completely dead now, sadly. Everyone seems to have migrated to the web forums such as this one. I do miss it though, as it was populated by some really cool people.
  5. I've got about a dozen of these UMD movies and I think it's a pretty cool format. But my biggest gripe about the UMD is its plastic shell. These things are WAY too flimsy and prone to breakage. The clear window can easily fall out of place and keep your disc from working. And the white plastic frame can split open or crack very easily. It's a shame that the replacement "sandwich" style cases are 10 times better than what Sony came up with. They should have just stuck with the minidisc case. Squares are way more stackable/manageable that that goofy UMD shape! BTW, @Metal Jesus: I've got that Heavy Metal UMD also. It's one of the few movies I have on multiple formats... awesome film with the best soundtrack ever!
  6. HOLY HELL!!! Dude, this is a once in a lifetime score. So how much did this cost you, if you don't mind me asking?
  7. I laughed when I saw the title of this thread, not because of the topic, but because I've always wanted to check into a hotel under the pseudonym "Les Izmore." One day I hope to make that dream a reality : ) Like others here have stated I'm definitely of the opinion that, unless money is no option, you should really only collect what you will actually play. Or if something has sentimental value for nostalgic reasons. After my last move, I quickly realized what a burden having all this random media is. So I've begun selling off big chunks of my collection, stuff that I know I'll never get around to playing. I've decided to keep and collect for only my favorite systems. And I've discovered that it really does make you appreciate (and actually PLAY) the stuff that you have left. I just decided to start behaving less like a "collector" and more like an "enthusiast".
  8. I like the pic of the cab next to the Newcastle. This guy definitely deserves a cold one after this amazing looking mini-repro! Excellent job, sir.
  9. The best accessory I've picked up for the Vita so far is the Nyko sound dock/charging station. It keeps my Vita fully charged and provides surprisingly good amplified sound from its small stereo speakers. For $15 bucks it's definitely worth the money if you find yourself doing a lot of video streaming and don't want to hold up the Vita while you're viewing. I've become addicted to watching MST3K episodes from youtube on it!
  10. Oh yeah, same for me! I don't recall ever seeing any game competitions on that show either. In fact, the only real things I remember from that show are the water (when someone would say water), the green slime (when someone would say "I don't know"), and Barth saying "IIIIIIII heard that!" when someone would complain about the burgers. Holy crap that was a long time ago!!!
  11. Oh I'm sure hackers around the globe are already licking their chops waiting for the opportunity to crack this thing wide open. And if ever there was a device just BEGGING to be hacked, it's this one.
  12. At this point, asking whether or not to jump ship from the XBox is like being on the deck of the Titanic and wondering if you should get onto a lifeboat when you're standing knee deep in seawater. M$ has some SERIOUS damage control to do here and really needs to reevaluate its current stance and the direction they're taking the new console in. I love my 360, but am filled with disgust/disappointment toward nearly everything I've heard about the XBone. They've created the least consumer-friendly device ever... except for maybe the Kevorkian kit
  13. Damn, I can't even begin to understand the logic behind that statement. M$ is basically telling you to buy the product that their new one IS MEANT TO REPLACE. So either accept these new DRM restrictions/connection requirements/mandatory Kinect interface or... just buy last year's model and hope that someone keeps making games for it. Christ, what a PR fucking nightmare they're cooked up here. They seem to be going out of their way to do everything wrong with this new console. All I can say is, come holiday season, vote with your wallets people, vote with your wallets.
  14. I've wondered about this too. I would really like to own a Sharp Twin Famicom, but they're fairly expensive. And apparently, the drive motor band on these things is prone to breakage fairly easily. As for the basic famicom system, it is really, really fun to collect for. I love the small, multi-colored carts that were made for it. It's the Skittles of the classic gaming world! And there are so many strange and wonderful games that were never released here in the west. And if you're into pirate and multi-games... woo-boy are you in for a treat. But back to the disc system, the format is of course pretty fragile. Because of this and the fact that pirated games could be loaded onto them fairly easily, Nintendo chose not to release the system here in the states. But if you've got the money to spare, I say go for it (I'm a sucker for Japanese hardware). If you're concerned about the shipping cost, you could always wait for a US seller to post one on eBay. BTW, I've always found it amusing that the initials for the Famicom Disk System are FDS. Just like feminine deodorant spray. Heh.
  15. YES! I'd love to go back to '83 or so to revisit the glorious golden age of the arcade! And afterward, I'd head over to Lionel Playworld and gaze in wide-eyed amazement at all the rows of Return of the Jedi/G.I. Joe/He-Man action figures (when they had the loooong straight isles, not the crappy island-style ones). Then I'd grab a slice of pizza at either Mr. Gatti's or Pizza Inn, and then it's off for some fun at the roller skating rink! Oh, and like Cafeman said, it would be great to hear GOOD music on the radio while I'm driving around.
  16. If I had a time machine I wouldn't use it for wealth, power, or personal gain. I would instead use it for the benefit and betterment of all mankind: I would use it to prevent the Kardashians from being born. YOU'RE WELCOME, HUMANITY!
  17. It sure looks like Gamefly, Redbox, and whatever's left of Blockbuster are completely screwed this next gen. According to the few details that have been revealed regarding used games, the rental model simply won't work on the new consoles. And that's a real shame because that's another aspect of traditional video game culture that'll be swept away.
  18. Same here, that's the system that made me a gamer. And it's the first one I ever bought for myself new! Maxed out my Sears card on that one purchase.
  19. PS1 is actually my favorite system to collect for! Most of the big names have been mentioned already but I'll add of a few of my favorites: 1) Silent Hill: Dear God, this game came out of nowhere and for its time there was literally nothing quite like it. For mood and atmosphere and a generally unnerving experience you're not soon to forget, give this game a try. The visuals are quite dated by today's standards, but that incredible music and soundtrack still get under my skin. 2) Crash Bandicoot series: So much fun! Cartoony platformers that were so well made that they provided Sony with their unofficial mascot for that era. 3) Metal Gear Solid: This was a turning point in games, so epic and cinematic. Practically created the stealth action genre. If there's one killer app for the PS1, this is it. 4) Dino Crisis/Resident Evil series: My favorites for the system. Excellent exploration/action/survival games. All of them are great, especially RE2. 5) Syphon Filter series: Tasing people will never, EVER get old! Great action shooter series with interesting characters and solid storylines. 6) Castlevania Symphony of the Night: The granddaddy of action platformers on the PS1. This is one EVERYBODY will recommend. You've also got Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider, Twisted Metal, tons of great RPGs (which can be expensive but worth it), and a vast treasure trove of obscure gems like Project Overkill, Loaded, Tenchu, and Medievil. So keep digging and you'll definitely find something you'll like!
  20. I'm officially calling it: There's no such thing as an 8th generation for consoles. The WiiU aside, the next batch of machines from Playstation and Microsoft mark a sea change in the industry where all of our consumer freedoms have been stripped away and physical copies of games have become obsolete. We can really no longer consider these machines "consoles" in the historical sense. They're morphing into PC/cable box/DVR/streaming devices that, oh yeah, just happen to play games (with a GIANT asterisk!). I have no doubt that Sony will follow suit with some sort of pay-to-play infrastructure for used games. So my question is: Why bother buying a used game at all when you're going to most likely have to pay full price for it and you won't be able to play the game from the disc anyway? As far as your system is concerned, it only exists in a digital form anyway. You might as well just download it (just like they want you to!). The difference between consoles and PC gaming used to be the freedoms we could enjoy with our physical media and the lack of an internet registration/connection requirement. Now all that's been completely thrown out the window with this next generation. We used to be able to just hook the system up to a TV, plug the power cord in, pop in your new or used game, and you'd be ready to go. That's what a console is. These new machines coming later this year are very different animals. And I do NOT like what I see so far...
  21. Agreed! The Big N might have to step in once again and save the industry from itself like it did back in the 80's. It'll be interesting to see how the WiiU repositions itself this holiday season once the new rival consoles roll out.
  22. "I hate Big Brother!" "No. You must love him." I agree with Keatah 1984%. Does Microsoft really expect us to put up with this crap??? Christ, I just want to play some new games without having to deal with all this DRM and spyware bullshit. And don't count on Sony being this "white knight" alternative, either. I'm sure they've got something just as devious planned but are not showing their cards out of fear of the backlash that Microsoft is currently receiving. Remember that RFID patent they filed earlier this year? Now what could that possibly be used for... ?
  23. HAHA!!! Ignorant whipper-snappers! They've been brainwashed by all those repetitive, formulaic "casual" games and can no longer problem solve or think outside the box. There was no hand-holding or coddling back then. Super Metroid was a very challenging game, but that's part of why it's considered the classic that it is. Funny article, btw.
  24. ... or a CONSUTER! As much as I love the system, I gotta say... what is up with the big pastel colored buttons? The crooked cartridge slot (surely an odd design choice) and the color scheme on this thing really make it an eyesore for me.
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