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  1. For a classic system, they are quite expensive. Every time I watch one of these on an online auction site the price always spirals out of my price range. If you really want one, expect to pay a good $100 or so.
  2. My God, what an amazing game. It really does push the boundaries of what's possible with storytelling in this medium. Irrational Games really outdid themselves with this one. It's still a bit too soon to say if it's a better game than the first Bioshock, but it's easily one of the best games I've ever played. It's that good. The gorgeously rendered streets of the floating city immediately pull you in to its mind-bending narrative, and you very quickly find yourself caring for these characters in a way that's usually reserved for movies or literature. So don't let anyone spoil any of its mysteries before you play it because it's one helluva good ride. One you'll be thinking about long after it's over.
  3. I really like that Left 4 Dead 2 art. Looks like it could have been a legit Atari label! Oh, and thanks for the link to the label maker, iswitt. I was wondering where everyone was getting those (went ahead and updated mine).
  4. Aww, you beat me to it! I just watched this the other day and was pleasantly surprised at how good "Light of Day" was. There's a couple of cool retro arcade scenes in this film. And yes, Joan TOTALLY rocks on that Gyruss cabinet! Also watch for a very young, pre-NIN Trent Reznor who makes a brief cameo near the end of the film.
  5. I haven't seen this mentioned yet, so I'll go ahead and chime in: I've noticed that the PS2 is much better at playing scratched PS1 discs. I have about a half dozen scratched games that are very glitchy (loooong load times, stuttering cinematics, freezing, that type of thing) on my PS1 but play perfectly fine on my fat PS2. Anyone else notice this?
  6. Another hardcore MST3K fan here! I went to the Rifftrax screening for Manos a few months back and to my utter disbelief almost the entire theater had sold out. I couldn't believe it!!! So yeah, there are a lot more fans of this show out there than you think. And to their credit, the Rifftrax crew didn't recycle a single joke from the previous episode, and it was just as funny as the original! BTW, does anyone know if this will be coming to Xbox Live or PSN?
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