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  1. I don't have a clue, what to do. In the end my ship was eaten by the face.
  2. Try to beat this score with Mangia-Girl (she's already 3). The battle between the fathers is hopeless, I had never a better score than 35K in this game.
  3. Mangia-Boy


  4. There are a handful of possible candidates: Quintana Roo, Congo Bongo, Gorf, James Bond, Astrochase, Blueprint, Mountain King and the Star Wars games. It's difficult to say what is the worst one.
  5. What game is even worse than Star Wars The Arcade Game? Yes, Death Star Battle
  6. Hi Nuclear PacMan, what's the name of the movie on that cinema poster in the back of your TV?
  7. - Qix and Robotron : Both not available for the other systems I own (Colecovision, Mattel INTV, Atari 2600, Schmid TVG=Arcadia) - Pengo and Ms.PacMan are much better than on other consoles - Miner and Montezuma play easier than on my favourite console the Colecovision - Donkey Kong for the XEGS or as a homebrew is a brilliant port, too
  8. First 4 votes for Miner II. Seems to become a clear decision.
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