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  1. Good score, Joe. H.E.R.O. seems to be your game. Unfortunately I was always bad in this game.
  2. This score is the result of a computer bug. I played Zenji on real hardware with Atarimax cartridge, then at about 30.000 points I earned for every round 10,000 extra points and so almost endless lives. I played further to learn more about the game. The difficulty doesn't improve a lot, so it was easy to walk through the levels. I stopped at 1 million points, so I think the score cannot be rolled.
  3. Or in other words: The programmer Alex DeMeo ruined Garry Kitchen's excellent game. Extremely slow paced version, most of the time you have to wait for the elevator...
  4. Not much experience in this game... but really great fun My first score: 68,000
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