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  1. Mr.Do is winner. Nice, another arcade classic.
  2. The 5200 version is not very well programmed but much better than the 2600 version. If you want to see a masterpiece then check the Colecovision version.
  3. Maybe you can haggle. The seller accepts often proposed prices. But I would go for the cartridge. But I have it already.
  4. I can remember. I haven't won so much rounds in my Atariage career.
  5. Yes, in the end I could manage the 5th level and the 6th one. The 6th level the radioactive was relatively easy compared to the Colecovision version, which I know better. But my score was too low for first place. Congratulations to Rubeon.
  6. 1500. Still don't know exactly what I have to do. Have to watch a youtube video.
  7. Like every year: Illusions. I can't say much about this game, maybe it's total crap. But I wonder how far can anyone come, I always get stuck in the same level. Negative list: Please no Tomarc, Quintana Roo, Evolution, Fathom
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