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  1. Just realized that I played on Standard Setting. I hope it counts nevertheless (Easy Play should definitively an advantage) I can't improve, because I start my vacation just at the moment. 2 weeks trip to Baltic Sea, so I have no problems with quarantine when I'm back because of staying in domestic territory.
  2. Good score, Joe. H.E.R.O. seems to be your game. Unfortunately I was always bad in this game.
  3. This score is the result of a computer bug. I played Zenji on real hardware with Atarimax cartridge, then at about 30.000 points I earned for every round 10,000 extra points and so almost endless lives. I played further to learn more about the game. The difficulty doesn't improve a lot, so it was easy to walk through the levels. I stopped at 1 million points, so I think the score cannot be rolled.
  4. Or in other words: The programmer Alex DeMeo ruined Garry Kitchen's excellent game. Extremely slow paced version, most of the time you have to wait for the elevator...
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