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  1. I agree, that such a list doesn't exist. But how many cartridges were sold of the blockbusters like PacMan, Space Invaders, Pitfall, Donkey Kong ....?
  2. Comprehensible argumentation. Although I would have enjoyed Oil's Well more. But Zaxxon is much better than Mountain King.
  3. 39,500. First time played, and probably the last time. A typical Japanese shooter in my eyes.
  4. I'm pretty sure, that you won't be knocked out this round. Great score, 4 times higher than my best on Skill 1.
  5. I have TV-Boy 1 or 2. It must be somewhere in the attic. Was easy to find and rather cheap. Nice collection, thanks for sharing.
  6. I have read the instructions now, but I don't become better, nevertheless.
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