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  1. Hi Al: My humble opinion: since I've seen people get their projects done through crowdfunding maybe you could start something on Kickstarter or Indiegogo to produce the charts. What do you think? Regards delmero
  2. Oh how a nice setup, congrats 😀
  3. I like the blue socks you're wearing 😁
  4. Is he having a nervous meltdown?
  5. Sorry I can't help you with your issue but you made me laugh with your last statement "pointing at the broken grommet and screaming isn't helping" I don't like in the least when something I have breaks and there is no means to repair it.
  6. I got today my C64 repaired by Ray and Ray's wall wart (P.S.), he did an amazing job repairing a very dirty, broken and smelly C64 also he sent me the P.S. which is two bricks in one DIN connector. I recommend you to buy his P.S. it's worth it and more important No Hassles.
  7. Wanted Epyx fast loader cartridge for the Commodore 64. Thanks
  8. delmero


    Hello good morning: I would like them all, I live in Puerto Rico. ease inform me about shipping price. Thanks
  9. I found this PC-DVD rom that contains 3 games of the Midnight Series Trilogy I saw the Atari logo and I knew I had to get it. I didn't know Atari was into PC games, also this was published by Mumbo Jumbo licensed by Atari Interactive 2018.

    © delmero

  10. Purple label made by Kingtek Electronics Taiwan S/N 81046476 Recently received from auction.
  11. Well enough said, I will donate the carts to Albert, I wish he could trade me a homebrew game for the carts if it could be possible. I'll talk to him I left two messages in his inbox, yes maybe we can arrange a trade.
  12. The Ventures carts are from Coleco no Atari red label, store credit mmmmm I read the store is on vacation, is Albert available then? what can I get from the store? Thanks delmero
  13. Dear AtariAge members: I have several duplicate games (cartridge only) and I'm willing to trade, here is the list (they're not in any order in particular) Qty. 2 Venture good contition 1 Swordquest Earthworld good condition 1 E.T. the Extraterrestrial good condition 1 Lock n Chase from Mattel Inc. good condition 1 Pac-Man label a little faded otherwise is in good condition 1 Missile Command good condition 3 Breakout good condition 2 Kaboom! labels show wear otherwise they are in good condition 1 Super Breakout good condition 1 Berzerk no end label otherwise it is in good condition 1 Defender good condition 1 Space Invaders good condition 1 home run text label no end label good condition 1 home run picture label (The date in this one is 1988) I know there is a version from 1978 end label shows a tear good condition They are found commonly but maybe you have one of them that doesn't work!!! PM me to make trade arrangements Thanks for your attention delmero
  14. Dear AtariAge members: Recently I bought a batch of Atari 2600 games and rummaging through the box I found a cartridge that doesn't fit the console, it is smaller than a game and in one side says LEFT CARTRIDGE, the title is the above mentioned and says "use with console keyboard" ATARI CXL4002. How do you use it? Thanks delmero
  15. Dear AtariAge members: I'm very interested in acquiring Atari 2600 game manuals preferably in lots, no preferences which games. I bought a lot in ebay but the store refunded me because a fire destroyed the lot of manuals they sold me and the physical store. Please PM me if you have any offers for me. Thanks delmero
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