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  1. Get some deoxit. It has saved many nes carts I thought were bad.
  2. My go to nes controller is the beeshu zipper. It's basically a famicom style pad for the nes and it has 3 different turbo speeds.
  3. It should still be under warranty. It's 1 year IIRC. Just call sony. I just had mine replaced for a sticky R1.
  4. Check xbox-scene.com. Someone there will know.
  5. You can't sue. You gave that right away when you agreed to the EULA.
  6. I have been.playing Need For Speed and Battlefield. Battlefield is buggy mess sometimes. No sound or half the scenery is missing. Starting to get tired of restarting the game to fix it. Need for Speed is the best game out for ps4 in my opinion. Just wish it supported my Logitech wheel.
  7. They also did the soundtrack to thief. One of my favorite movies ever.
  8. I have a moga controller for my android. Can't stand touchscreen controls on a phone. Screen is too small.
  9. I would go with taylortown. I love that place. My biggest gripe though is when nobody mans the booth. I've driven 45 minutes to get there on a weekend only to find half the booths that sell games closed. If your not gonna be there at least post your hours online or on the booth and stick to em. Sometimes I wonder how these guys even pay the booth rental. Dixieland is my second favorite but I rarely get out there because its too far ( I'm in grosse pointe). What ever you do don't use eBay prices to set yours. One vendor there uses the eBay price including shipping. I told him I might as well stay home and order it from eBay if that's your price. I also spend alot more money when I can bundle a bunch of stuff together and get a little off sticker prices.
  10. If you buy from amazon frequently, prime is the best value. I have prime and the free shipping has already paid for subscription. I also have Netflix but that's only because of the Netflix exclusives like orange is the new black.
  11. I was in my local radio shack today and they already had the deluxe for 299$ in case anybody wanted one before September.
  12. I thinks its a crap shoot with all of them. I've thrown away more c64s than any other system. Both breadbox and c64c. I think bad power supplies kill them.
  13. You should try snatcher. Great game. If you can find it there used to be a torrent floating around that had every game in it.
  14. The adapter is the same as a model 1 genesis. So they're not hard to find seperately.
  15. Sonic adventure is probably the oldest I have. It was my first system you could save on other than pc. I still have the same vmu's that I bought with my dreamcast on launch day.
  16. Ask at xbox-scene.com. I think you can get an aftermarket case and swap it but I don't remember for sure.
  17. The nes switch doesn't work because the intellivision wasn't designed for an auto rf switch. It doesn't put out enough voltage to operate the nes switch.
  18. Hold the button down for a few seconds and release. Pushing it too fast just resets the system.
  19. Last bump before ebay. I still have turbo, diner, slap shot and the jag av cable. I'm open to offers.
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