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  1. I'm looking to complete my Panda subset and am in the market for the following titles. Loose preferred. Contact via PM with prices and condition: Exocet Harbor Escape Stuntman Tank Brigade Also looking for these titles: Motocross Racer/Tomarc double-ender Lost Luggage (green variant) Spacechase (spaceship label) Party Mix (box and manual only) Rabbit Transit CIB
  2. WTB the following 2600 titles, loose preferred, unless otherwise noted: NTSC: Road Runner (Atari) Up n' Down (Sega) Shuttle Orbiter (Avalon Hill) Party Mix (Arcadia/Supercharger) - IB only Rabbit Transit (Arcadia/Supercharger) CIB Survival Island (Arcadia/Supercharger) C only Brazilian titles (loose) Condor Attack Immies & Aggies Mission 3000 A.D. Pizza Chef Sea Monster Squirrel
  3. Looking to purchase a few Brazilian CCE titles for the 2600 in decent condition. Please PM and let me know what you have/price. Thanks. A Mysterious Thief Condor Attack Immies & Aggies Mission 3000 A.D. Mr. Postman Pizza Chef Sea Monster Squirrel Stone Age
  4. Just a reminder that this auction will end this Saturday at 10 PM EST. I have updated the donation to read: If the final price surpasses $75, I will donate 40% of the final price. If it surpasses $100, I will donate 50%. Good luck bidding if you choose to do so. http://www.gamegavel...h.Lk3aeQz1.dpuf
  5. Thanks. Yes, it would be a nice lot for a beginning collector, or even someone who already has a pretty good collection.
  6. I have put up a 41 game Atari 2600 game lot (a few rare, scarce+, scarce, and common+ titles) on GameGavel. 30% of sale price to be donated to rfgeneration.com. Good luck bidding if you choose to do so: http://www.gamegavel...item=0000729133
  7. I did purchase the lot on eBay, but this was not the seller. The guy I bought it from was upfront about not knowing whether the game was real or not and my bid reflected that it might not be. I was able to get some other great titles out of the lot, which made up the value of what I purchased it for (sans the authenticity of the TCM cart). Thanks for the info though. I will look at the cart tonight regarding the grips and white boards (which I imagine you can see from the bottom of the cart without opening it). Also, were the labels glossy or not on the originals? This could help.
  8. I recently purchased a large lot of 2600 games, which included a Texas Chainsaw Massacre cart. Seller was unsure of it's authenticity and provided this detail before the sell; I got the lot for a fair price and took a chance. I'm trying to determine the authenticity, so I would appreciate any details of things to look for. Thanks.
  9. All titles are loose, unless otherwise noted 2600 Super Cobra (some label bubbling) - $3 Wall Ball - $25 Star Stike - $10 Entombed - $5 Crackpots (typical glue spots/off center label) - $2 Baseball x 2 (1 -Sears, writing on top of cart) - $1 Steeplechase - $6 Fast Food - $10 Reactor (x2) - $3 Bugs - $5 Solaris - $3 Jr. Pac-man - $7 Fire Fighter - $3 Quick Step - $7 Riddle of the Sphinx - $2 Dragonfire - $5 Kaboom! (typical glue spots) - $2 Turmoil - damage to top right of label (still legible) - $3 Blue Print - $4 Solar Fox (x2) - $5 Wizard of Wor - $5 Gorf - $4 Chase (Sears, pic label) - $4 Barnstorming (typical glue spots) - $2 Keystone Kapers (typical glue spots) - $2 Star Ship (fair label) - $2 Word Zapper - $2 Commando Raid - $2 Space Jockey - $2 Venture (Coleco) - $2 Midnight Magic - $2 Tac-Scan (fair label, some tearing) - $3 5200 Buck Rogers (Planet of Zoom) - $8 Qix - $2 Football - $2 Pole Position - $2 Turbo (Colecovision) - $4 Five loose SMS carts lot. All have normal wear around the top crease. Games are: Double Dragon Out Run Astro Warrior Shinobi Shanghai Asking $12 + shipping for all. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Manhattan Project (NES) - no major damage, but some scratching on label - $11 Mario's Time Machine (SNES) - great condition - $9 Solar Striker (GB) - great condition - $3 Donkey Kong Land 2 (GB) - great condtion - $3 Super Mario Land (GB) - no game, just box, manual, ads, and insert - make offer Arcade Classics 2: Centipede & Millipede (GB) - just box, manual and inserts - make offer
  10. 1. Tapper 2. Spider Fighter 3. Kaboom! 4. Missile Command 5. Warlords
  11. Anyone have a Vectrex controller they might consider selling? Please PM with price.
  12. Just put up an auction on eBay for a rare Intellivision game, "Diner." Diner is the sequel to Burgertime, which was only made for the Intellivision system. Happy bidding if you choose to do so: eBay Auction -- Item Number: 250684961848
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