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  1. There's no rush, I'm happy to wait
  2. Yeah, I have seen that thanks. However it's the manual pictured here under the photos tab that I'm specifically looking for. -Mic
  3. Hi, Does anyone have a copy of the Okie Dokie printed manual that they'd be willing to sell to me? I have no need for the cart, just the manual and therefore don't want to purchase the whole package from the store. I'd be willing to pay around $10 plus postage to the UK, as long as it's in good condition. I have approached Albert directly about getting one from the store, but as yet I've had no response. Thanks, -Mic
  4. Hm... at least the original binaries. I have never seen them stopping a homebrew though... I guess they probably would, but still there's no reference yet... Greetings, Manuel I have spoken directly with Dan Winters & Munia Morris from Activision with regards to this and they both stated in no uncertain terms that anything Activision considered as infringment on any of their 2600 IP (so this also includes the Imagic games) would promptly be met with a Cease & Desist order from their legal department. -Mic
  5. Appreciate the update Al I shall leave off re-updating my 'About Me' page and avatar until after the upgrade then and hopefully these issues will have been resolved. -Mic
  6. Hi, I seem to have a problem with my profile that I cannot resolve. When I first signed up I used Facebook Connect and linked my account to my Facebook account, which in turn imported my Facebook profile image. Soon after I changed my mind and removed the link between the two accounts and instead uploaded my own original profile picture, avatar picture and edited my 'About Me' page. However, it now seems that at some point overnight my avatar picture reverts back to the original Facebook one and my 'About Me' page resets to the following ... I have changed it on several occasions, each time saving the changes and then logging out and back in to makesure they have indeed saved, yet sure enough the following morning when I log in it's all be reverted back. I'd like to get this sorted as it's quickly becoming very frustrating Thanks -Mic
  7. Is absolutely loving Go Fish!

  8. Is absolutely loving Go Fish!

  9. It seems I can no longer edit the original post Thanks to those who have kindly replied, here's what I have so far ... - Stampede - Steeplechase - Atari Polo - Sir Lancelot - Krull Anyone know of any others ?
  10. Good shout - although it looks terrible Any others ?
  11. Hi, I'm looking for a bit of help on a topic that may seem a little strange, but other than Stampede & Steeplechase, were there any other 2600 games that featured a horse ? Thanks -Mic UPDATED Thanks to the guys kindly posting below, I now have the following list ... - Stampede - Steeplechase - Atari Polo - Sir Lancelot Anyone know of any others ?
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