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  1. I have no problems with this- the retail box will be great, but I'm happy to get the hardware first. -Rob
  2. Glad to hear this project is still alive! I searched my old messages and found my confirmation from Legacy. -Robert
  3. Ordered a copy - looking forward to playing it! -Rob
  4. This is a "I would like this to exist" rather than a "SHOULD" have existed, but I'd like to see a home version of Centuri's Challenger. The local arcade had one up (until it mostly shut down last year) and I found it to be fun. -Rob
  5. Looking forward to this- I had toyed around with the idea of adding an O2 to the collection, just for KC & Krazy Chase. Will be great for KC to find a home outside of the O2! -Rob
  6. The weight is the main thing that I don't miss, though the size is a close second. Moving my old entertainment center was a daunting task, due to the number of systems hooked up - but the 37" CRT made it significantly more difficult. That said, I do still have a CRT - but it's a "secondary" television & I think it's a 27", so it's not too bad to move around. -Rob
  7. I'll definitely be watching this, as I have been hoping for this or KC's crazy chase to be made for another system.
  8. I currently have the Sears version hooked up and I'm liking it more than the original. Though I don't care for the color, it's a pretty well designed system. It seems to be a nice combination of the original and Intelliivision II, with the integrated power supply and removable controllers. The RF video output is pretty good too. -Rob
  9. Well, regardless of the cause, I don't really feel like starting over or sitting on my points any more, so I finally spent most of my XBL points today on Pinball FX 2 tables . It's not the same as the *real* machines, but it makes for some fine fantasy pinball. I'll wind up with the games somehow, but I expect it will be in the form of the season 1 disc rather than individual downloads. -Rob
  10. Man, I feel screwed at this point. I picked up a bunch of XBL points JUST to order their newer packs, right around the time they were removed from XBL. Not sure if there is any meaningful progress on that. And of course, now they offer the full first season on disk (I'd have waited for a physical release since I despise download-only distribution)...and it is on a system I won't own for at least a year. Don't get me wrong, I love the games, but I'm rather agitated by their way of doing business. At least since I know there is a physical release, I can find some other use for the XBL points. -Rob
  11. I have said very little on the topic of the XM, simply because I am very patient and I know that throwing a tantrum won't help anything get done. I'll just say two things: Now that we have some games close to being ready for the XM, I'm "chomping at the bit", wishing this were finished. I find it ironic that I RUSHED to order it, placing the order as soon as my budget allowed (Nov 20, 2010). I didn't even have a 7800 at the time That's all I have to say for now. Merry Christmas everyone! -Rob
  12. Close your eyes and wish REAL hard for someone to make a new drop-in board for the Astrocade. I know that's what I'm hoping for. Seriously though, I'm in the same boat. I wound up taking mine apart and I see that some of the traces are actually separating from the motherboard (they kind of look melted). Hope you can get yours working! -Rob
  13. The memory cards are a proprietary format and it doesn't seem that any third party cards are on the market yet. So for now, we are stuck with Sony's overpriced cards. The best I could do was wait for a good price; wound up with a 32GB for $45 @ best buy a couple months ago. -Rob
  14. I've been a fan of Bugbear's Flatout games for a long time, so I had to back them with their "Next Car Game". Here's hoping for a console release! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1470493497/next-car-game-a-motorsport-with-attitude?ref=live -Rob
  15. I haven't had too much trouble with this in the past. That said, it did happen to me when I picked up a few titles last month. Two had generic cases, while one was a special edition steel case. The guy swapped out one of the generic ones with a proper retail case, but then switched the steel case with a normal release. So I'm not really sure what to make of it, but I suspect he was doing what was easiest/fastest. Given that Gamestop doesn't seem to place any value on the original game cases being included (which is BS), it's not surprising their employees would do stuff like this. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if they are trained that the case/manual are not at all important. In any event, I asked the guy to switch the stuff into the steel case and he did it w/o complaint - he even pulled the manual from the regular case and put it in the special edition (the SE was missing it). Ultimately, this event was not a big deal, but it's definitely something to watch out for. -Rob
  16. Hm, I've only played the single player missions, but I don't think that I had any sound problems, just some graphical issues. Nothing which hindered gameplay, but it was apparent that it wasn't right (like being able to see through my character multiple times). Definitely forgivable, considering the amount of enjoyment I got out of it. If only the Vita's Call of Duty game would have been done at this level (and included zombies). -Rob
  17. I've been having fun with it - It's great having a competent FPS on the system! It definitely has some graphical glitches even after the update, but I've enjoyed it thus far. -Rob
  18. Certainly didn't expect something like this...I have to say that I'm kind of interested in the device and I've already got a Vita . If it only supported an external drive rather than the proprietary memory cards... -Rob
  19. I bought my vita around a year ago and I love it. Admittedly, the game selection at first was rather crappy and the memory card prices are inexcusable, but it's been worth owning (to me, at least). -Rob
  20. The Atari glasses are great! I actually snagged two sets from Target and have been using them ever since. -Rob
  21. Hm, most of my systems were bought when they were already old. Don't remember most of them, but here's what I remember (in no particular order): PS1: Destruction Derby N64: Super Smash Bros 32X: Doom Xbox: Soul Calibur II TG16: Vigilante Colecovision: Donkey Kong Gamecube: some Zoids battle game SNES: Uniracers Wii: Wii Sports Intellivision: Burgertime 7800: a football game of some sort Vita: Wipeout Gameboy: Super Mario Land Can't remember the firsts for the Saturn, Genesis, 360, PS3, GBA, 5200, or 2600. The Master System and Astrocade came with a number of titles already, so I don't have a specific "first". Plus my Astrocade is dead, so...yeah. -Rob
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