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  1. I have a white brick power supply that is causing the problems. I ordered a black one. I know these things are not serviceable cause they are covered in epoxy inside.
  2. First drive won't read any commodore 64 disks period. Second drive doesn't flash any light sequence. Motor just runs. Green light comes up.
  3. Power supply on c64 is failing and two 1541s won't work and now my 1571 maybe failing. Why can't I have reliable equipment like everyone else instead of equipment that doesn't work and I don't have the means to fix?
  4. When I try to read a disk or format one the drive knocks ,the red light flashes , and it says file not found on the screen. I have another 1541 but the motor won't stop spinning when I start it up. My 1571 is starting to fail. It sometimes does't read the directory off disks.
  5. We had more of those then I can remember. Dad knocked one out of my hand cause I didn't push the slider on the tv switchbox all the way to game.
  6. I have seen something similar on Commodore 64 disk labels.
  7. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Cookie-Monster-Munch-Atari-2600-/310403420331?hash=item48457c50ab:m:mjBno767w2j9Bdlab_IrkyA Are all the children's label cartridges labels as bad as this one? I remember playing cookie monster munch in St. Louis Children's Hospital when I was there for my pectus repair in 1986. I am planning to get it but was hoping to find a label in better condition.
  8. I like E. T. and I am good at it. Not the worst game by a long shot.
  9. -crosbow- fixed it for me. It works now.
  10. I wouldn't mind having an av modded atari 2600. I have a modded colecovision from Yurkie but it's a pain to setup for atari 2600 games.
  11. I fixed it. The black box holding the sensors for the fire button wasn't down all the way. It's working fine now. Hard to believe I killed one those and a wico command controller back in the day when each had one direction stop working. I tired bending the sensors but I bent them out of whack. I thought Wico's couldn't break. Then again I killed a lot of joysticks playing games on the commodore 64. My dad killed some playing atari 2600.
  12. When I try to run in ET the fire button won't work when going right or down. The fire button works normally. This stick had been sitting for two years without being used and now when I use it the fire button has issues with the two directions.
  13. I just caused the spaceship glitch cause Elliot came to rescue me just as the ship was about to land. The game plays the spaceship sound over and over till you hit reset.
  14. I was playing from round to round.
  15. I walk on to one screen and the FBI agent is stuck in the lower right hand corner. Normally it happens when I use the send humans back zone ,but this time it happened when the guy appeared on the screen. I got a high score of 21706 today. On the last game I couldn't win cause the call spaceship zone was on the Washington D. C. screen and it's next to impossible to keep the bad guys off of it long enough to call the spaceship. Why would FBI agents be interested in alien stuff a decade before The X-Files? IMG_29231.MOV
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