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  1. Payment sent for #17 (Grey / Yellow), and apologies for the delay. Thank you, everyone who made this possible!
  2. Well... Looks like it's tornado time again.

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    2. Keatah


      Play vidyahgamez while U wait.


    3. x=usr(1536)


      At this point, I'm entertaining myself with the new Rammstein video while waiting for the sirens to go off. Not sure what's happening with the weather right now, but they're not rescinding the warning.

    4. GoldLeader


      Tornados suck! (haha..Get it?)..Seriously though be safe! Back in '79 we had a real bad one. Knocked out power where I was bowling and got pretty close!

  3. Albert / Bob: just a heads-up: I'm headed out of town on Thursday and am going to be largely out of touch through Saturday. If payment instructions get posted in that timeframe and I don't respond, I'm not being flaky - I'm just on the road. Thanks again to everyone involved - it's really cool to have seen this game receive a home port after 37 years
  4. 17. Grey / Yellow, please.
  5. Not to mention that splined shafts are generally considered to be a nice thing to have where one rotating surface mates with another. Maybe that's the one thing that held up the first crowdfunding effort. These things take time to get right, you know.
  6. Looks fantastic. Good job!
  7. Notice that this is yet another picture where we can't see where Moak's hands are? I'll leave it as an exercise for the the reader to determine why that might be.
  8. It was used to transfer the jalapeño to the plate.
  9. Taco porn time. Two lengua tacos with everything (plus spicy green salsa) and a jalapeño relleno from the local carneceria y supermercado. Everything including the tortillas is homemade; they're some of the best tacos you'll get.
  10. Wow. Just... Wow. This looks awesome - and I'm saying that as someone who doesn't generally have a huge interest in the 2600. It's one hell of an accomplishment, and especially so given that this is where it sits after just six weeks. Looking forward to this release. Good job to all involved!
  11. That wasn't any sort of a joke. I did have to spend an hour seated next to him once, and found the experience to be one I never care to repeat. He may be a friend of yours, and that's fine. I found him insufferable. How that qualifies as pretentious is beyond me.
  12. I haven't been ignoring you, but wanted to take the time to consider my response before giving it. You did ask straightforward questions and they deserve straightforward answers, so I am going to reply in a very straightforward manner. Upon your arrival (and having claimed to have read the thread from the start), your manner came across as slightly too overly-enthusiastic in the wrong ways. Enthusiasm isn't the issue: it's enthusiasm coupled with questions of the sort that Atari SA would ask in lieu of going to the trouble of holding a focus group in order to shape Ataribollocks development. Had you been following the thread from the start (or even just in the last few months), you'd understand why this would be a poor approach to take. The continual references to sci-fi set in corporate-controlled dystopia are also wearing thin. The world does not need another Richard M. Stallman; if you've ever had the misfortune of being seated next to him for an extended period of time, you'd understand why. Finally, there are over 9000 ways to play Atari's back catalogue (amongst others) on hardware that actually exists and can be put together at minimal cost by anyone, right now, and without the need for 'investing' in a crowdfunding scam. It's such an overly-saturated part of the market that there isn't anything a new device can offer in that regard - and how many times does someone really want to shell out the cash to play the same games over and over but in a different case? If this sounds blunt, that's not the intent. I am, however, being very direct. These are the things that have me wondering about your intent, which has yet to be demonstrated.
  13. I had forgotten how good 'The Invaders' was until MeTV started showing it again.

    1. SoundGammon


      Watching it now! Remember watching back in the day! When my sister played Megamania, the sound that your ship made when it got hit reminded her of when one of the invaders was killed!

    2. GoldLeader


      Awww Shooot! I no longer get MeTV...

  14. Witchcraft, I tell you. WITCHCRAFT!
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