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  1. If Atari SA did that, they'd be setting an industry record: first console release in history with zero titles available at launch. You probably could gamify getting the LED to go on and off depending on what you did with the power cable, though, so it might not count. I'm trying to figure out whether completion of the VCS is dependent on John Phelan's faith in the project, or if it's the other way round. Perhaps it's a codependent relationship. Andy's right; the PR has been woeful. Along with the faked screenshots and gameplay, repeatedly-missed deadlines, inability to deal with the press effectively, Stalinesque removal of reddit content deemed uncomplimentary, and about 17,362 other things I'm forgetting that Atari SA did which led to one insider describing the whole thing as a "shitshow".
  2. Look carefully at the photos. Both fans are never seen in the same shot at the same time. There's only one fan; they just keep moving it around to give the illusion that they're a real company that can afford more than one. This could very well be the Zapruder film of the entire Ataribollocks(tm) saga. We may just be on to something here.
  3. I dare them to post this to Atari_VCS_Official and see how long Überstrategist's intern lets this one stay up for: Ditto this one: Clearly these posts are indicative of a crowdfunding campaign that's just teeming with satisified pigeons backers.
  4. Take a look at the X-Arcade Tankstick. What you're describing could easily be done by modifying one, and they're easy to open up and work on.
  5. If it ran on it, they'd probably tout this as a prime example of the Ataribollocks'(tm) astounding 3D capabilities. Realistically, though, for that platform it just may be.
  6. Agreed that that's part of it, but one thing that's been running through a lot of the commentary is that a decent chunk of the supporters seem to lack even a fundamental grasp of how certain technologies actually work. The following are just the three most recent posts on the Indiegogo comments at the moment; there're many more examples if you go digging. Apart from the fact that the 2011 release of Star Raiders was almost universally considered terrible by game reviewers, it was released for the PS3, Xbox 360, and Windows platforms. None of those are anything the Ataribollocks(tm) claims compatibility with out of the box, but if you're really itching to run Windows in sandbox mode, you could maybe make it happen, I guess. Of course, why you'd want to wait to enjoy the suckage when you could do it today is beyond me, but then again I understand very little of what it is that's driving enthusiasm for this thing. Sure, if you rewrite all three of those games from scratch to use the hardware in the Ataribollocks(tm). Or you could wait for someone to do that with homebrew versions that take advantage of modern hardware add-ons for the 2600. At that point, though, you may as well just get a 2600 and whatever modern add-ons it takes to make that happen. Yes, 'remake' is key here. At that point, you're just playing a game written to run under Linux; it has no bearing on the original. It breaks my brain sometimes trying to grasp how these folks view the planned features of that thing.
  7. If these people had been around when the Odyssey2 was current, Magnavox would have sold a lot more units. Phrases on the box like, "The Ultimate Computer Video Game System", "Sync-Sound Action", "True-Reality Synthesization", and "On-Screen Digital Readouts" would have been pure crack cocaine to them. No, I'm not bagging on the Odyssey2. It was my first system, and I still own it. But Magnavox did go balls-out crazy with the hyperbole and exclamation marks on its (and its games') packaging.
  8. Please note that I am not saying the following to be antagonistic, or a jerk: From reading your posts, I do not understand what exactly it is that you are seeking to accomplish.
  9. True on both counts, but the plexi is an afterthought that could have been avoided. And yep, Wal-Mart shoppers (just like me!) are animals. But so are younger kids and inebriated man-cave-dwelling adults. If there are two places outside of Wal-Mart that these units are likely to end up in, it's kids' bedrooms and Dad's Den. Sure, the wear will show faster in Wal-Mart, but it's still something that will show in HUO machines; the only difference is how long it will take for that to happen, and it still could've been avoided in the first place. Oh, I forgot frathouses. They'll definitely turn up in there, and I'd expect them to wear faster there than in even the worst Wal-Mart on earth.
  10. Svengoolie sucks.  Elvira rules.

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    2. frankodragon


      Careful!  He might pelt you with rubber chickens.

    3. BydoEmpire


      I watched a lot of Svengoolie as a kid when I visited my grandfather in Chicago - fond memories.  I always liked his show.  I like Elvira, too, though.

    4. GoldLeader


      I'm sure I'd have liked both if they were ever on here....sigh.

  11. How much are you willing to pay? I can do a lot of driving for the right price. And by 'right price', I mean right for me. It's just a Flashback console. Give it time; it'll pop up.
  12. Have to agree. Always found it odd that the Arcade1UP machines went with a type of CPO print that was practically guaranteed to wear off in seconds. Speaking as someone who is a 30-year collector of arcade games: I understand why they may have been trying to build to a price point, and particularly so given the casual market they're aiming at. But when I can see one of these in Wal-Mart after five days on the floor and it looks like it's been on location for five years (much as the ones I saw in the run-up to last Christmas did)... Better decisions could have been made. That's the thing - I don't get it either. By about 1981 it was really clear that games with with painted or silkscreened CPOs that weren't on the backside of some sort of protective layer would wear out in ten seconds flat on a route. This isn't arcane knowledge; you just don't do it. And retrofitting lexan overlays isn't a fix - it's an admission that it wasn't done right to begin with.
  13. In today's edition of Wide World of Ataribollocks(tm), Jessie Scroggins finds himself with an operating system selection quandary: Well, Jessie, help is at hand! Note: Ataribawx(tm) Lunix may not actually boot to Lunix. Or Linux. Or you may just get a red screen of death, but given that Ataribawx(tm) Lunix is based on Cybermorph technology, that might actually be for the best. Must use Jaguar controllers for keyboard input. Estimated delivery date: whenever the judge says we have to. Ataribawx(tm) Lunix is Netflix-Mom approved.
  14. I know that if I had backed the Ataribollocks(tm) from day one, I'd certainly be anxious to get my hands on Lunar Lander-themed LibreOffice, Konqueror with a Kangaroo skin, and Video Pinball: the VLC Experience. THAT'S SOME DAMN FINE RETRO RIGHT THERE, FRED. DAMN FINE.
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