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  1. I'm wondering if the Galaga codebase might not be overkill for Phoenix. It's been a long time since I looked at it, but IIRC Phoenix (and Pleiades) ran in a text mode without using sprites. They did some clever stuff with manipulating the individual character locations, but I don't believe that they had particularly complex graphics hardware. Not sure if this would be a hindrance or a benefit to porting the game(s) to the A8, but it could potentially also provide an engine for other early Jaleco games like Pop Flamer and Naughty Boy, both of which combined probably have a grand total of five fans
  2. This is about where I am with his antics, but I do have to admit to having finally watched the following video on the advice of someone who, when I stated my reticence towards doing so, said, "no, really - you gotta watch this; he's failing spectacularly at brownnosing the judge." I honestly cannot recall the last time I saw such an obviously-insincere, obsequious little shit try something like this. With a judge, no less. What a complete pud.
  3. That is precisely the sort of thing that someone in the service of the Funko Pops would say. What kind of deal did you cut with them? Free merch? Loitering rights at the local Gamestop, complete with carte blanche to irritate the staff? Command of the camps that humanity's last survivors will be marshalled into as slaves to serve their grotesque conquerors? Thanks for betraying humanity. When your masters turn on you and devour your throat in the middle of the night, your inability to scream will be comfort to those of us who refuse to not fight.
  4. Yes. It was all the fault of the Funko Pops. Those distended little bastards planned this out from the beginning. I'm telling you: those fuckers move around on their own in the darkness. I've seen it, and what they did to Gamestop is just a drop in the ocean compared to what they have in store for us. Think of the worst slasher movie gore you've ever seen and forget it completely because there is no comparison between it and the bloody, bloody slaughter in our beds they have planned for us. Mark my words: THIS IS THEIR PLAN.
  5. Ditto. One of the best things I feel that we as hobbyists can do is to accept that fondness and nostalgia are moving targets, and that our interests shouldn't be expected to be ones that generations coming after us share. By no means am I suggesting that people who come after us Just Won't Care™, but in another 50 years someone who was born today is likely to have their greatest interests centred around the PS5, Xbone, or Switch - and/or their immediate next-generation successors. This doesn't mean that they're rejecting what we grew up with, but rather that they just don't have a point of reference in life to make those machines relevant to their experience. Spend less time worrying about what happens to your collection once you're gone, and more time enjoying it now. Definitely plan for what you would like to see happen with it once you have passed, but realise that ultimately those decisions are out of your hands and ones you will never see the results of. Whatever you do, though, don't let yourself go too far down the rabbit hole of worrying over what will happen to all of it. That way lies madness.
  6. This is something that would have been a long-forgotten fart in the wind if Billy Mitchell had just taken his lumps and shut up about the whole affair. But, no, he can't do that. Good job, Billy. You're living proof that there is such a thing as bad publicity.
  7. Gamestop's problems ran (and still run) much deeper than going all-in on foetal alcohol syndrome dolls. It's a brick-and-mortar that still hasn't fully figured out how to continue existing in a world of digital delivery, and it's one that has had a succession of crap executive management that seeks to bail as soon as it becomes clear to them that they don't want to be left holding the imploding potato when it finally does go under. Everyone at a C-level in retail has seen what happened to Radio Shack, Sears, and K-Mart. They don't want the corporation that they're responsible for to be the next one on the list, but the writing's very obviously on the wall for a good chunk of retail as well as traditional retail property (e.g., malls) and has been for some time. When you're the head of a company that may no longer exist in three to five years, this tends to discourage developing a long-term market strategy. It also makes it difficult to retain employees at all levels, including executive management. And without clear leadership or a vision for the future, the company is just waiting to become the next Radio Shack, Sears, or K-Mart.
  8. Something to consider when willing items: the person or entity (museum, foundation, etc.) that they're being willed to may not exist when the time comes to execute the will. This is where it's important to document everything. Make, model, serial number, modifications, and faults. Do the same for peripherals (including power supplies), and software. Having a solid level of documentation will also aid in insuring all of this while you're living. Yes, it will take time to do this. But in the event of your passing, it will make it much easier on the executors of your estate, particularly if an intended recipient is unable to accept the items. Oh, and give instructions on what to do in the event of that recipient being unable to accept. I'm basing this on semi-recent experience: these are things I wish I had had when I was handling my father's estate a couple of years ago.
  9. Nicely done with the A8 / 7800 Ballblazer comparison!


    I'm just amazed that there're any 7800 Ballblazer cartridges still containing their original POKEYs ;)

    1. Rogerpoco


      I have one!!!

    2. chinnyhill10


      Thanks. Just a quickie. A full 7800 video will be coming in about a month or so.

    3. Rogerpoco


      Ah, actually I can elaborate on "my" Ballblazer story-

      We had a game store here, very early in my collecting days(three or four years ago, lol), had stacks and stacks of 2600 games, and a few 7800 games, mostly all 1$ each, big discount to buy more.

      They had a stack of mebbe 5 Ballblazer carts, it occured to me to "stock up", but I just didn't, I had no idea it would be so sought after.

      The store is closed down now, so I missed that boat.

  10. IIRC, there were around 50,000 or so made under the Grundy name.
  11. It may be a 'depends on where you were living at the time' sort of thing. I can remember it making the rounds of the local user group, but myself and one other person seemed to be the only ones who cared.
  12. Flak, a decent Xevious clone: It's certainly better than the 5200 version of Xevious that was ported to the A8.
  13. Deeply unfortunate news, and my sympathies go out to his friends and family. His passing is a loss to us all.
  14. Thought I recognised the 2.4GHz stubby model - I've used those (or the same thing sold under 3000 different names ) on a couple of projects before. They worked pretty well. The 2.4 / 5.8GHz antenna is interesting. I'm going to order a set to see if I can't open them up and get a look at what the antenna elements actually are - I'm a little dubious about some of the manufacturer's claims, but without actually seeing how they're put together I'm reserving judgement. Cool
  15. This. Never work for exposure, getting your name out there, or how it'll look on your resumé. Time is money, and if you're not being compensated for your time (and attendant effort), you're being used.
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