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  1. Yep, that's more or less how I'm seeing it. My curiosity's just up a bit about it.
  2. Ran across something earlier that I'd never seen before: The catalogue number is correct, but Star Raiders has gone from the plural to singular. I'm assuming that this is a pretty common printing error, but it's the first time I can remember seeing it. Does anyone have any background info on these cartridges?
  3. Going to have to disagree on this one. Here's why: Arcade technology continued to progress from the '70s to the '80s through the '90s and beyond. A manufacturer who didn't constantly have their next hardware design in the pipeline was risking falling behind the competition. This is just how the industry has - by nature - always been. While the hardware in arcade games improved significantly, the breadth of the kinds of titles being released decreased considerably. Most games reaching the arcades at this time could be boiled down into three broad genres: driving, fighting, and shooting (meaning light gun). As the '90s moved on, manufacturers became increasingly risk-averse. Part of this came down to the consolidation of genres, but part of it also came down to audience demands. Manufacturers didn't want to take risks on a game that could bomb, and audiences increasingly wanted driving, fighting, and shooting games. 1991-1993 was when consoles really started to come into their own, and the Playstation's 1995 launch cemented that. Arcades were becoming passé, and gaming at home was in. The first wave of this carried on through the Dreamcast's short lifespan, by the end of which the momentum was irreversible. And, one final thing to consider: Those of us who largely quit playing arcade games in the early '90s may have done so for some, all, or none of the reasons above - but a good chunk of us were also getting older, taking on new responsibilities, and going through significant life changes. That cuts into the amount of time that can be spent gaming somewhere other than at home, so we had ceased to be the manufacturers' target audience - which comes full-circle to playing to their audience. Now you'll have to excuse me while I shake my fist and rant at a cloud
  4. Here's how I view the 7800 Joypad: it's far from the worst joypad you'll ever use, but you'll probably never call it the best, either. They're functional. For some games, preferable to a joystick. For others, not so much. I'd say grab one and see what you think. There's pretty much always someone out there who wants one, so if you don't like it it should be relatively easy to unload.
  5. To this, I'll add the following: the person who was banned not only would not shut up about it, but also started a thread requesting the ROMs. When he was counseled by others (myself included) regarding his behavior and how best to fit in, he decided to spout off at everyone and tried to hide behind the, "I'm 14 years old" excuse, which really doesn't work when we have people in here in that age bracket who don't behave as he did. Eventually, a moderator stepped in and told him to knock it off, to which he agreed. He then signed up a sockpuppet account in order to appear to be replying to his original account as a third party, which was when the banhammer came down. So, yeah. There's no reason why the game can't be discussed. People just aren't permitted to be asshats while doing so.
  6. Just finished the demo, and have to hand it to everyone involved: I should have been in bed almost 90 minutes ago, but the gameplay kept me coming back to see it through to the end. It really does manage to have a good balance of frustration and wanting to give it just one more shot. Well done
  7. Two machines I wish I had had the chance to try BITD: the Enterprise 64/128 and SAM Coupé. Quite honestly, I can't remember why I wanted to try them, but strongly suspect it had something to do with their respective aesthetics. Possibly also the voice of Max Headroom (Matt Frewer) being the spokesvoice for the Enterprise. As a side note, we didn't get a great deal of the machines in Ireland that the UK or rest of Europe did. Most common to see in use would have been the Vic-20 and C64, with the ZX Spectrum neck-and-neck with them. But things like the Dragon, Oric, BBC Micro and its relatives, TI-99 series, various Amstrads, Apple ][ variants, and others (including the Enterprise 64/128, Sord M5, and SAM Coupé) either just weren't sold there or barely registered a blip on the radar. Put it this way: as an Atari user in Ireland, you always knew that your machine was #4 in any list of the top three micros (by sales volume) in the country.
  8. Both my wife and I do gig economy delivery for extra cash, and we live in a University town. Students will have no problem ordering a single drink from Starbucks, which will run them about $10-$12 by the time it's delivered, then half-assedly apologize to you when you drop it off for not being able to afford to give you a tip because they're a poor student. I really hope that none of them are economics majors.
  9. "Hey, guys, do you want to come over and page through my collection of DLC?"
  10. Twin Qix did this, but in a splitscreen format: It's actually pretty fun. The idea of being able to move between two-player cooperative and combative gameplay on the same playfield, though, could get really interesting. Still, looking forward to see how the regular game turns out. One of my favourites, so am happy to see the 7800 getting a port.
  11. San Jose is probably on the list due to its proximity to Silicon Valley. They also likely couldn't afford property in Sunnyvale, so the ultimate nostalgia trip is off the table. As for Phoenix, I have no idea. But it's just a seven-hour drive from the Alamogordo, NM landfill, so there's plenty to see and do for gamers everywhere!
  12. No worries - that response was mainly just for the sake of smartarsery on my behalf. That said, I find €51K dubious as the actual amount that he earned...
  13. Is it roughly equivalent to one Indiegogo campaign that has yet to deliver anything?
  14. We need to have the 'barf' emoji added to the like button options. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
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