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  1. I have a VE one.. I hope Ken can hear us talking about his awesome game!
  2. We don't want to play it Shawn. So there! 😛
  3. Hey Batari.. Are you still making a hokey chip?
  4. Got to like CrossBow's S$%t eating grin on the reflection on the screen above..😂
  5. The user Montezuma made a sio to bt app and kit for my 600xl. App was free and the kit was maybe 20 or 30 bucks. It could load programs from my phone via bt as virtual drives... I thought that was great and a hell of a deal but not too many people were into it as they went sio to sd or sio to pc.. always though the xm with the sio plug could possibly use something like that to load roms? Now the sio is not going to be installed etc and the xm is on a who knows how long wait that will probably never happen.
  6. That is the bios version I am using... there was 2 versions back when it was released.
  7. Ok thanks for the refresher!! Btw everyone is excited to see you active on here again. The 7800 scene needs this!
  8. Do you have a link to all the concerto firmware versions amd directions. I have no idea how to do any of it anymore as I did this once years ago... Thank you for putting more work into this!!
  9. What do you mean? Anyone with a pulse can see that Atari lives on Atariage!!! In many ways I like Atari the company better that it is gone.. the guys that works on games etc. try way harder to not make a steaming pile of a game. One major example I can think of is these programmers today consider we can hear the game sounds and do not appreciate dying cat sounds..
  10. Could those pcb's, eproms and shells be used for the half dozen developers that are making games? This whole episode stressed some people out.. the stupid part is it did not have to be that way. I would expect an apology from Willard to all that were involved putting in the work to make it a game. I personally hate the way you all have been disrespected so bad that I will not purchase the game or download the rom. Fuck em.
  11. Trebor. Warm your 7800s and then try the test again. Mine would be all green. In order for the Concerto to be bug free it needed to be warm..
  12. Interesting to see how these new carts respond.. Any way the old concerto can benefit from a firmware upgrade? Or is the hardware itself not up to speed to work like this new concerto?
  13. I am waiting for the xm to make mine into a pokey version...... Will we all die off or not care before this happens?
  14. The concerto works good enough as is.
  15. Great now I want a Buddy Burger with Toki fries on the side..
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