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  1. Jinks

    Rikki & Vikki

    Is that a video modded system? This game for how tech advanced it is plus the combo of the glitchy pita 7800 hardware has been surprisingly rock solid for reliability.
  2. -40C with the wind chill.. going to be a colder than normal winter.


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    2. carlsson


      According to children's TV, they had a nice sunny day at the North Pole the other day. Too bad they're currently enjoying the polar night where the sun is below the horizon for a number of weeks.

    3. Jinks
    4. Jinks
  3. I kinda figured. That is what I was getting at. There is "nothing doing" as Fred Flintstone would say..
  4. May as well keep waiting if it is safe all good.. eventually...😈
  5. Shake em up. Homie has gamez to play. Run N tell that.
  6. We can wait a few years or whatever. It is not lost so that is good.
  7. The price at 40 is not bad. For a new ready to install chip. Ballsblazers is more than that unless your time is worth 50 cents plus could screw up the chip extracting an old antique.
  8. You should be in the "other" xm topic. Did you "accidentally" check the wrong one? 😛
  9. If he wanted it not to be released he would say so.. ask for forgiveness.
  10. Are you coming to tell tell us about Get Lost or are you telling me to Get Lost? 😛 Welcome back!!
  11. Jinks

    Rikki & Vikki

    Ya might wanna 2p it...
  12. Jinks

    Rikki & Vikki

    This game sold for a inexpensive price. Heck single screen pokey game costs as much or more. Could have charged 79.99 or more. But you are a nice guy.
  13. Cool I always buy the games the second they come out. The chances of it happening are rare too.. Player one gets to level 3 and dies. Player 2 dies on pie factory. Player 2 stuck on pie factory forever. It plays fine and is a great game.
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