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  1. John where have ya been all this time? I hope you did not "Get Lost!" 😛
  2. Ken's way of saying your demo is over!
  3. 30-45 bucks with the manual and box used. Looks like that guy is trying hard. How about a klax button, headband, wrist watch and underwear?
  4. Nice to see real hardware tests on a Crt the only way it should be. Looks awesome!
  5. Just need to figure out how to use twitch to watch zph play this game. It asks for a username and password? Can always watch the videos after I guess
  6. A all in one cart with Galaxian, Uniwars Moon Cresta, Astroblaster, Astro Fighter and Meteor Shower would be super cool. Not only would that be a dream it is amazing to even think of those games PMP has already made for the 7800.
  7. Heaven fire. Took me this long to figure it out.. explained in the first post.. at least no one will ever be able to spell it.
  8. So in parts of Texas it is -15C and a skiff of snow and some wind? 

    Still -37 here.

    This weekend here it is supposed to warm up to that temp Texas has right now. . T shirt weather for us!! 

    We had the same weather with the ice storm and no power except 100mph wind gusts not no 40mph beeeze they were bragging about like it is a big deal. No biggie. 

    I wonder what those people would do with real hardcore snow, wind and cold? 


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jinks


      Was -39.2C this morning. This is week 2 of this. The furnace is not even running and sitting in the sunroom with a t shirt on enjoying the hot sun! 

      Yeah our houses are built with over R40 in the attic all 3 pane windows and 2x6 walls. Heat and cooling for -40C to plus 40C with ease.

      We do not like extreme temps as well but just get used to it as it is part of our life. 

      I hated going to Florida once.. feels so gross and humid all the time. Yuk.

      At least with the cold you can ALWAYS dress for it. 


    3. doctorclu


      Well glad to know all is well there for you.  :)


    4. Jinks


      In a couple of days everyone will be out of the coldest part of winter till next year.  Enjoy the chill. Soon will be back to your same swass channel. 


  9. That looks like a authentic 7800 arcade stick that Atari would have made 37 years ago.
  10. I found you need to play with your tv settings more than the console. I never touched any consoles colour adjustments like everyone keeps mentioning. Yeah the colour changes when it warms up.. So?? Set your tv to how you like it when everything is warm and forget about colour charts and maps etc. Who cares the colour police will not stop you. Live on the edge!
  11. The voice you use for the second part of the melody sounds good. I wonder if that could be the default voice that it switches back to and remove the first scratchier higher pitched default voice. In replacement of the second voice maybe a lower melody? Just personal taste perhaps. The background high tempo music you have sounds great as well.
  12. Do you two need to hug it out? 😛 Don't get too crabby and chillax dude. It is only life!
  13. Funny why someone never made an ET 2 yet. At least they made a thousand pac mans hacks.. A serious ET 2 that is actually good would sell hundreds to dorks all over the world. 😛
  14. Another very cool professional looking game!!
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