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  1. Would -40C kill the Wuhan flu virus if left outside for a few days?
  2. I am only 1 year younger.. I was a happy person back in 2010 when the XM came out . Now 10 years later found out I can never be the same ever. Life sucks. At least we have this fantasy land where we can dream about the better times. lt will feel like tomorrow and we will all meet to play Atari.
  3. 40 is not all that much. Need the Xm and done.. how many thousand Bblazers died in the last 10 years..
  4. The pokey ones are 20 bucks? Ballblazers are more I thought.. should this even happen with the XM coming soon. Save the pokeys dude
  5. It still exists to me. So do the underpant gnomes.
  6. Very cold again over -40. 

    Spring can not come soon enough..Friday is -8 so will be T shirt weather.. 

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    2. jd_1138


      Jinks is a research scientist at the South Pole.  

    3. Jinks


      Sitting on the beach will make you weak. I am ready for my Mars mission are you? 

    4. GoldLeader


      Hahaaa...Good Job Jinks!

  7. Wow man..that is like climbing Everest..Far out...
  8. Can somebody do a video of this game please. I am away from my 7800 in house 2 till June.. Hmmm how about... TREBOR!!! 😛
  9. Those carts were awesome I have one and two anniversary carts AND the Bobby D special!! Probably in my top 5 special homebrew carts. In those top 5 they are all #1 if that makes sense..
  10. The app is 10 bucks... wow never paid for one before.. 😛
  11. The sound chip from the dx7 would have been cooler but probably harder to make work...
  12. Not meaning to be offensive but what does that statement mean??
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