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  1. Life's like a box of chocolates. Nuff said.
  2. How about a check mark in a box?
  3. About 45 seconds.. the controllers that people tested longer wrists hurt too much to write their response in the feedback form.
  4. Americans call roofs rufs. Can not pronounce the oo for the life of them. Then go on to say us Canucks talk funny.. ok Forrest.
  5. I heard this story once before. You live in the alternate reality bro.
  6. My thought exactly! We were making jokes about Atari sucking balls by the time we noticed these other Atari systems in a 2600 pack in flyer.. 5200 7800... where would one even buy those? Would I have to move to California and say dude and tubular all the time to be worthy to acquire such a thing.. never had such consoles in Butt Fuck Egypt part of the world I lived in...
  7. My mom asked for a fudga jeetah once. I was like mom that does not sound mexican to me...She is a American from the northern states... uff da.. I asked her if she smoked the mara jah wona in the 60s?
  8. Who would want to play the original sword quest games? There are international human rights laws that prevent this kind of demented torture.
  9. Cool never knew that. Just thought it was for robots.
  10. Why sirius sux cause too hard to point it is almost unplayable. Plutos is fine. But boring with no music..
  11. R&V, Bentley Bear, Popeye, Baby Pacman, Scramble, T:ME Salvo, SOTA, DK PK, AA 2, Dungeon Stalker In no order. Depends what I feel like. Fight me bite me. 😛
  12. I guess we are all in the minority.
  13. So what your saying is you want me to stop playing sf2 and hack my cab into a television stand featuring a 7800 cozy? 😛
  14. Was a nice last couple of days as was warm enough to go for a walk after work. now snowing again.... blah.. 


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