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  1. Once the NES came out people played nintendo not atari. The language where I lived changed. Playing an atari meant playing an old game system from the 70s with poor graphics. The rage was for SMB and many other kids had the SMS with altered beast and hang on etc. My 1977 2600 could not do any of those things. Today when we talk about games we have to ask which system because there are many that normal people play. Back then it was atari and then nintendo. I feel like super mario bros killed atari and they were never able to make a game that was that popular. Atari meaning space invaders is dog poop in 1986. No one wanted to play old single screen simplistic arcade games. Side scrolling with lots of levels and an actual ending was now what people wanted. Not points based zombie marathons of missile command. But markets and well this guy and that guy blah blah. Nintendo had Super Mario and good marketing to get people hooked on the new way to play games. I remember being too embarrassed to ask if someone wants to come over to play yars at my place. We went in groups of 6 or 7 to the most unpopular kid's house cause his parents bought a new Nintendo from the city( 5 hour drive) and wanted to see what these nintendo commercials mixed into our saturday morning cartoons were all about. We were blown away. Fighting to gets to play next. Punches thrown etc. We all knew we needed one of these and anyone cool should have one. My parents were not going out to get a Nintendo so I at least had a decent skateboard.
  2. You just said the same thing. It brought the colour!
  3. Can't wait to see it on real hardware! 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉
  4. Anyone have a video of this game? I don't emulate and have a day 1 concerto so no way of playing and would love to see it.
  5. On the diagnostic test is all the little blocks green? Try it once it is warm. Turn on your 7800 with a 7800 game let it run for 20 minutes then try the concerto.
  6. It is sad people are that way and I like to see the good in everyone. Albert is a fair guy from what I have known of him and if he is saying it is that way I believe him. I do not need extra proof on anything. He promotes anything and everything Atari new and old both electronic and organic material. He gives everyone a fair chance and even has some leeway to let people make stupid mistakes here and there with a warning of course to cut things out or consequence. Just do whatever Vinnie. We know you will make it entertaining for us aging nerds. 🤓 To any new Atari people just know that everyone here is relatively friendly. 😀
  7. Ok how about they just fell into a vat of pig shit the end.
  8. Maybe just leave GB out of the list to keep positive vibes. Every other guy deserves something cool written. Great work so far. 🤓
  9. Listened to it again. The first level music on the second part of the instrumental may have one note off key. Title, launch and intro all passes. It is kinda a me issue as my ears hate high pitches. 1:00-1:09 high pitched, 2:36 note sounds a bit off. Maybe supposed to be that way like artistic or something. As the end notes kinda have a two pitch change at different times. I think it is the echo effect happening.
  10. Game looks amazing. The music is great except most of the higher pitched voices have lots of squealing in them that distract from the game. Could be a hardware(emulation) thing again and maybe that is a W.I.P. Same issue was worked out of Millie and Mollie.
  11. So maybe a graphic hack on the title screen with dual pokey? I found the perfect game music.
  12. I am waiting for the venture game.. it looked cool. Not really into golf games. But mean 18 is alright.
  13. What are you asking? Many new boards play activision games with ease nothing special about them anymore.
  14. He shilled out six hundred and ninety eight posts well done!!
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