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  1. Jinks

    Rikki & Vikki

    Yeah something is better than nothing. I have to realize not everyone is amazed as I am when it comes to the significance of this 7800 game.
  2. Jinks

    Rikki & Vikki

    35-40 people could have got a early game to review? They all should have taken the deal. I could influence some people to buy just would need to know who's fingers I need to break. I seen one review of these "influencers" where the guy showed a quick clip of Rikki & Vikki on the 7800 like it was no big deal and quickly moved onto another game..
  3. Thanks for the vid!! It looks great!!😀
  4. So your not going to buy my new 7800 basic game? It comes in a 2600 pac man, asteroids or donkey kong shell with the labels still attached. The board is clipped to give you a endless snow level that everyone dreams of. Your imagination truely is the only thing holding you back to a great game. 75usd plus 40 shipping for a limited run.(untill I run out of carts in a drawer) The title "sucker" will be attached with masking tape. Ebay prices will be much higher get it now!! 😂 If only all games would be this great! 🤩
  5. Ok cool. I suppose more expensive controllers or switches could be installed in the panel if a person wanted to...
  6. Concerto. But would have no sound. Probably would not work anyways as it is pretty glitchy of a sd cart.
  7. Every 400-500 pages I check this out.. still nothing..not surprised... will check back 2030.
  8. Ok.. so will the super annoying button clicking be fixed? How much is this cabinet worth? 350 preloaded games? Can more games be loaded?
  9. Once DOH is DUN could someone post an updated video? There is no other way to see the game in action.. Btw. If if if the XM is completed would this be a xm type of game to use the onboard pokey and save some more chips?
  10. Contact Al.. I am pretty sure it does not matter.
  11. I seen the latest 2600 from champ. Yeah it is better now. It is the developer Champ Games so that says it all. Did they not do lady bug 2600?
  12. I would say no... how so? The less colors or washed out sprites on the 2600 version? It is an accomplishment for sure but it is not even comparable to me. The 2600 can not handle it at all.
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