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  1. How to build the hex files? For each display units. Gr. Marco
  2. Hello Dropcheck, At the first post from Peter you will find the download links. For every update he make you can use the link. There are currently two versions available: Latest 3.0 beta build: https://www.wudsn.com/productions/windows/dis6502/dis6502.zipwith resizable window and many new features Old but stable version 2.2 from 2006: https://sourceforge.net/projects/dis6502/files/latest/download Gr.. Marco
  3. Hello Peter, Thanks for all your work on dis6502 you get all the atari credits. Grt. Marco
  4. Hello Peter, Thanks for the zero installation i will check later today. Gr. Marco
  5. Hello Peter, I downloaded the fast installation on your site wudsn. And unpacked (c: // jac / wudsn / ... tool map etc.) when I started it gave no jawav.exe (java runtime). I have downloaded java jre 64bit as 32 bit now I get a bigger list. My system is windows 10 64bit. Can you just see if it's all right I also saw in the zip file where eclipse is not a jre folder. Sincerely, Marco
  6. Hello Peter, Thanks for the info and the update i will check soon the new build. Gr. Marco
  7. Hello Peter, Can you tell if there is a new update coming from dis6502? Version 3.0 For all atari users a happy new year and a lot of atari funs. Gr. Marco
  8. Hello atari friends, Option L transdisk is not working allso on the real floppy but we can fix that with a other from internet . Gr. Marco
  9. Thnxxx for the info and in the days was everything hacked Gr.
  10. And all so ndos converter is allso a menu. The atr is from me thats is my utilities disk Gr. Marco Start us sector copy 9 the intro header says computerwolf and check allso black disk sector editor look like happy master quad+ from B. Klos . Gr. Marco
  11. Thats correct speed initializer 3 and ssi color editor 1 from Steve Zipp you can change the colors. Gr.
  12. I found it on the internet. ihttp://ftp.pigwa.net/stuff/collections/holmes%20cd/Holmes%201/ATR%20Programs/Applications%20A-Z/The%20Freezer%20Editor.atr Gr. Marco The Freezer Editor.atr
  13. I have open the editor i save first text and i was added the image file but now you can downloaded. Only the freezer not the editor i must search for it. Gr. Marco
  14. LOL , I have copy from Jacky Willems aka Terminator was his atari name my was computerwolf (see my name logo from the serie airwolf )(in begin 1984-1987 csg copy service groesbeek later1987-1988-89 dpo Dutch pirate organisation) lol. an here is the freezes and editor from Steve Zipp. floppy 70 is the freezer but i am searching in my floppy image and can't find the the freezer editor maybe i have it on other utilitie disk but don't have a image file and i cant not get my floppy's its in storage i will do this later. Gr. Marco floppy 70B.ATR
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