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  1. Hello to all atari users, I have without the sio fixer. My question is i see that sio out to rx and sio in to tx same as sio2pc but why must rx chaned tx sio2 1050 can this work with sdrive max to when its connect to 1 1050 and 1050 to atari. And why must there a buffer chip with 2 ristors? Is there a easy way to solve the problem. Gr. Marco
  2. Hello, Is there a higher version of speed start initializer from bibosoft (E. Reuse) 3.4 1988 (it's on speedy boot menu). I like this blue menu and when used steve zipp tool ssi color editor you can change the color. But with version 3.4 is it not working steve zipp programmed it 1987 i have had version 3us 1985 thats works not 3.0 warp. Maybe some one can hack it or change it. you no steve zipp it will fomat the floppy disc. Gr. Marco atari utilities A.ATR
  3. Hello Eric and Peter, Are there any updates or is version 4 comingsoon? And Eric are there all so any update aspeqt(respeqt) coming? Gr. Marco
  4. Thank you for new release and new start of version 4.0. Keep the good work. Gr. Marco
  5. What was the version before installed 3.1? On the flashjazzcat site. The Ultimate 1MB firmware update can be applied by running UFLASH.XEX and flashing the 64KB FIRMWARE.ROM file to the ‘Firmware’ slot. One should also update SpartaDOS X using the customised version provided, which includes the latest hard disk tools on the CAR: volume. Alternatively, one may re-flash the entire ROM with one of the 512KB images provided, which include a useful selection of BASIC and OS ROMs (highly recommended when upgrading from the original firmware). Ultimate 1MB Firmware version 3.10 (April 2020) If you wish your existing configuration profiles to be preserved, be sure to select profile 1 before updating the firmware. Important: Owners of Ultimate 1MB with the original v.1 CPLD code from Candle’s first run of boards must ensure that they update to the current JED prior to installing the new BIOS, otherwise they risk bricking the device. Boards with the PBI feature (including all manufactured by Lotharek and those from Candle’s second run) will safely run the new BIOS without modification. If your U1MB has a white PCB, it is guaranteed to be compatible with the new firmware. Xillinx 9500 serie. https://atariage.com/forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=464371 Please read here.. And what you can do is use a rom flasher for flash 39sf040 is 512kb flashrom(allso on megaspeedy) to flash 3.10 or a older version wat was on 1umb for you to work. If yoy have the tools. I hope it helps or ask flashjazzcat he is the master of the firmware. Update flashjazzcat is to fast in answering your question. Gr. Marco
  6. Oke Peter, Its not a bug its atari will kill the windows little bit humor. Thnx for info... Gr. Marco
  7. Thnxx Eric, Will it all so works with megaspeedy 1050 (speedy,happy etc or super archiver ?) i have 2 drivers with megaspeedy and 1 mini speedy 1050 1990-92(hss sector copier and bibodos) and a happy clone and several originals and a sdrive max and off course old rs 232 with usb to rs232 converter cable,a usb version a other 600xl and i have 3x los pcb board ft232 for use RespeQT. Gr. Marco
  8. Very strange behavior now is it working but i think it caused by the atari800.fon when i will remove the folder it says in use by sytem like what i posted on dis6502.. I like these sort of software. Very handy. Gr. Marco
  9. Hello AtariGeezer, Is the program still in update progress? Build 30 or else and is still not working in windows 10 64bit. but i saw this tool and on a old pc works fine. Gr. Marco
  10. Hello Eric and Peter, When i used dis6502 version 3.5 and will removed 1 file is in use atari800.fon cant removed only when start windows and not used dis6502.exe strange behaves but all so when compiled the visual studio code, when i compile again i must restart windows 10. But i saw the little changes of version 4 open .... and add ..... nice option. Allso the web based html is nice (atr image explorer updates: Draggable Basic disassembly windows, Imag...). Gr. Marco
  11. Hello Peter, What is the best setting for mads to use for wudsn (mads). When i dis6502 ghostbusters and used in wudsn as a project. And Eric how is going with version 3.5 there are many updates etc i cant wait. Hihihi i like it do you have play atari today hihihih. We do still. Gr. Marco
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