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  1. i remember starting off with a 48k zx spectrum, then was blown away by a mates atari 8bit, so that was me atari 800xl obtained!, then i saw the atari st when it came out and wasnt to impressed at all, thought id keep my 8bit for a while longer... then i saw and heard an amiga running some demos, plastic passion and bar-brian! i was hooked had to get an amiga and so i did... was happy with it for years, followed the demo scene and collected just about all of em!... then i got a pc, mac, raspberry pi!! etc - still got an amiga 1200... respect to jay miner - atari, amiga - creator extrordinare.
  2. like the idea of saving the high scores (adds a great deal to replay-ability), is it based on the corina cart or another data saving design??
  3. oh my gods, this is absolutly beautiful, what a job! thanks so much for making this a reality on the atari 8, the final version made me literally spit my muck!!! (is that a bit much??) oh well, im s00per impressed, mega thanks to all involved!
  4. fabu-tastic at last a doom like game for our little 8 bits, well done to those that made it, i like this a lot!! many thanks guys!
  5. you have to guide your spaceship down to the landing pad at the bottom of the screen, pushing up fires a rocket (steerable) for dispatching the ufo at the top, then shoot through the barriers by straightening your ship up and pulling back on the stick, then allow gravity to take you down, not too fast though! timing is crucial to avoid lasers bullets etc, when you land a little man runs out and its on to the next level, also as you are playing you will be called back to the first screen from time to time... g00d luck!
  6. Smashing, will go with my "Demobase Atari 800", prog.... works perfect!
  7. my first contact with basic.... zx 48k, learned a lot, loved it... until i met atari a year or two later... great intro to computing, thank you sir clive, rest well...
  8. need a 130 xe mylar, I'm in the uk, these still available?? - I just purchased a second hand replacement keyboard for an extortionate amount of money and a week later option failed..... groan....
  9. I thought mediator was pretty under rated, has differently playable levels, many puzzles, tricky bits to get through... its a tough but rewarding game, so much crammed into 64k.... amazing game!
  10. hey i got a copy of rescue expedition that i dumped to atr but dont want to cause offence by putting it up as its sort of recent-ish, ideas anybody??? anyone think it would be okay to share/pirate it???.... yoho yoho....
  11. same as above! most of my old collection is still loadable from 5.25" floppy! back then i wouldnt have thought they would stand the test of time so well....
  12. retrolinc make an atari /usb joystick thats (almost perfect) unfortuantly the stem that they supply is brittle and mine soon broke, fortunatly i had an old original with broken wire, so.... on stem swap i have a perfect old feeling atari usb joystick! i know you dont generally buy somthing thats probably gonna break, but if you got an atari joy-stem laying around this should be considered. my one works flawlessly now.....
  13. mediator by english software... lots of levels + gameplay variety - a smashing game
  14. some excellent set-ups shown, i also have the 800,810 & 410 would like to get them in use, but space is my problem.... lack of it! keep snapping pics guys, looking through your systems is interesting, and the enjoyment these machines still provide is timeless.... long live A T A R I
  15. mental! nice work fellas, looks interesting & fun!
  16. Thats a very NICE box!... (pls no wife/gf puns)
  17. what about nadral and shrekenstien - sure i spelt it wrong hmm...
  18. this is all the carts ive managed to obtain sofar.... dont think there are any utils here though.... Cartridges.zip
  19. That game is Burg Zarka an unfinished german pd title... its pretty good.... until crash on level four or five - ish
  20. theres a atari 400 case for raspberry pi 3b on ebay...£22
  21. i have an 800 + 810 with archiver + 410 130xe with quad pokey half installed! xegs + 125 carts... and yes i buy carts most recent bomb jake, turbo freezer, rescue expedition.... soi2sd + sdrive max + ultimate cart
  22. its already added, check the platform folder....
  23. hehe went hunting found an xl version.... my apologies! here is version 3 with sticky fixed and a few more games.... Games.zip
  24. see what you mean about being light on the control, but found it very playable (and fun!) on a real atari setup. cheers, good game!.
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