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  1. Please add me to the list as well. need shipping to Canada.
  2. ^ Then on top of it all, after all that, you end up paying for it and asking for you money back! Talk about confusing...
  3. Honestly - nothing worse than a buyer hitting BIN then trying to cancel the transaction. I always assume it is some 12 year old. If you don't want it, don't buy it. If you buy it and change your mind, suck it up and resell it once you get it, if you want. EBay's position is that buying an item is a contract. You are trying to get out of the contract, then further confuse the issue by paying for it. Really this is a bad buyer issue, not a bad seller issue. No offense.
  4. Fun thing today - just received a cancellation from a refund request from PayPal: Shawn Setnicky ([email protected]) canceled the following money request: The refund request was from 2011! This is the guy who pulled off one of the larger scams on Atariage for the Skull Island game, made off with several thousand dollars of AA members money. Why he would cancel this now, and rub salt into an old would, is beyond me. Good times!
  5. It's not greed, it's laziness. The seller doesn't get the extra money...
  6. ^ that's unfortunate, and if it was that important, maybe she should have ordered it earlier. People don't seem to understand that once it leaves your hands, you really have nothing to do with it from that point. I get people from the US putting offers on things three days before Xmas, with the condition that it arrive before then, and I am in Canada!
  7. I would be down for a copy too if this becomes available again...thx!
  8. I would be in for two CIB copies, will you contact people I'd this happens? TIA!
  9. I would be in for CIB, assuming you would ship to Canada...
  10. Makes it go away...scent free works too...
  11. I find putting a dryer sheet (Bounce or something like that) with the games in a plastic bag for a while (couple weeks) really helps the smell to go....
  12. Can't you just pre-order it from Toys R Us or am I missing something? http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=35290526&cp=2255956.2273442.3999902.4021162&parentPage=family
  13. I wouldn't ship anything without receiving the money first, including an AA Marketplace trade...
  14. Course the other option would be to list everything auction style, starting at a dollar and let the market determine fair price...
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