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  1. Hey guys just looking to buy a 5 pin keyboard and serial 9 pin mouse so i can play dos games on my old school pc thanks guys
  2. Hey guys just want a cheap way to play all the old dos windows 95/98 games i have hopefully someone here can help me
  3. Super Mario RPG CIB $70 shipped Zombies ate my neighbors $16 shipped Snowboard kids 2 make offer Mario Kart 64 CB $20 shipped --------------------------------------- Wants 1. Castlevania Drac x SNES 2. batman/ batman return of the joker Box manual NES
  4. That game is awesome, the reason besides snacther to have a sega cd
  5. Looking to sell trading Is a possibility pm me with your offer
  6. I NEED A COPY OF TRON THE MOVIE ON DVD OR VHS,DVD PREFERABLY BUT JUST NEED THE MOVIE FOR MY PODCAST DOWN FOWARD PUNCH (DFPRADIO.PODBEAN.COM) I CAN TRADE FOR IT, HAVE A DECENT SELECTION OF GAMES. NES --- die hard SNES ---- super metroid genesis ------- castlevania: bloodlines SEGA CD ------- (both loose) snatcher final fight cd SATURN ------ shinobi legions(CIB) ATARI 2600 ---------- 20+ common games (pm for list)
  7. taking offers on these games all games are loose unless otherwise noted nes die hard snes super metroid doom gen castlevania bloodlines psone worms armageddon sega cd snatcher final fight cd some random intellivision games(boxed, wrinkled) vic - 20 demon attack (sealed) misc. seinfeld season 4 complete things i am looking for castlevania dracula x(snes) books fire in the valley,digital retro,racing the beam,high score,rouge leaders(lucasarts) seinfeld seasons 3, 8,9 twilight zone any dvd's
  8. got zelda, metroid 2,batman(the animated series), castelvania
  9. Brave Dave

    First Post :)

    Where is your store located at? I Would love to help your store. I can offer you some great games at very low prices. Here is what I have Psone worms Armageddon N64 castlevania: legacy of darkness snes: super metroid doom genesis: castlevania bloodlines
  10. got some great games for great prices ALL GAMES ARE LOOSE NES Die Hard $22 shipped obo( perfect cart ) Snes super metroid $12 shipped (playing condition,blockbuster sticker is peeled off on side and back) N64 Castlevania legacy of darkness $15 shipped (playing condition,blockbuster sticker is peeled off on back, sticky on top) genesis Castlevania bloodlines $12 shipped (playing condition, hole in label) Sega cd snatcher(loose in jc) - taking offers There are some things that i want and would be willing to trade for books: digital retro racing the beam rouge leaders(lucasarts) on the edge(commodore) dvd: seinfeld seasons 3,8,9 twilight zone collections 2-5 or definitive collection
  11. Got an atari stf in the box looks almost new no monitor though
  12. I have space harrier and one or two others
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