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  1. No sadly its not that one, from what me and my dad remember it was a much more simple looking game, so could be that its that PD game you're thinking of.
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  4. Hi guys I'm new! long time Atari fan and grew up with an Atari 1040 STf I decided to post in this thread because i too am searching for the name of a game i used to play. (well actually its for my dad) So i hope nobody minds that i bumped this thread, i felt it was better to ask my question in here then in a whole new thread. here's what i remember of the game, its a single screen game (at least i think so) and the object was to shoot a laser beam from a canon and make it ricochet off the walls, and i guess try to get it to the finish? My dad would really like to play that again, and i spend a long time looking through the Gamebase screenshots dir but i can't seem to find it. does anyone here know what its called?
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