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  1. *drops off a platter of cookies* ;D

  2. You need to come back. I need more chocolate chip cookies!

  3. Portal has definitely been on my intended play list. Also, it shouldn't make me too nervous, but with me, you never know, lol. Still I'm flying high from this defeat, so I may give it a try next. Also, this game is definitely worth it. It's not long, and it's pretty fun. Though it was frustrating in parts.
  4. It's rare but it happens. Sometimes I actually complete games. This actually happens much less than it should, so the list of games completed is probably something I can list off the top of my head. (Though with my memory, maybe not.) Granted, Mirror's Edge is a short game. Only nine chapters, so really all that's needed is some determination and intent. Plus I played on easy. So really it's not the completing of the game that's the amazing part, it's the fact that I actually played a game like this at all that is the miracle. I hate action games and FPS. Just can't do them without getting nervous, and I don't really know why. A lot of the time I'm sure that someone is going to sneak up behind me or pop out from around the corner. Part of the reason I started playing Mirror's Edge is because it seemed like other games out now with beautiful graphics and good action, but not FPS. But there are parts where it did become a FPS. Sure, the first time I over came my fear of the SWAT guys and took out a whole team, I was flying high that morning. "Look at me go!" I thought. But then as the levels progressed, I got over that. By the time I was on the last chapter and taking things out with the sniper rifle, I was a nervous wreck and I was done. Towards the end, I'd only play in quick bursts because I'd end up getting too nervous and need to hide under blankets. Or curse profusely. (Poor cats and their innocent ears.) But now that I've completed the game, some part of me thinks it's ready to go back. It seems to think that shooting things was kinda fun and that with a little practice, it could get better and be more awesome.
  5. Maybe it posted as yesterday because you started writing it then and saved it as a draft? Also, I have an excuse. (I keep those laying around under cushions and stuff.) I'm blaming Vista. Don't judge me.
  6. I'll definitely keep working on him. But he seems to be trying to work me as well into more modern gaming, and I think he's succeeded with Mirror's Edge. That's an addictive game!
  7. That I can understand. It does look very dated and it is very repetitive. But still, it holds a very dear place in my heart. I used to drive my sisters mad flying around shooting at trees and balloons. But it was a good game for me as a kid to get used to playing games. And I'd always liked pretend.
  8. Yep, I did have to throw that in there to be unfair. Hey I'd be willing to send you some but I can't guarantee how it'll arrive.
  9. We had a friend stay with us over the weekend. We drove up to Santa Clara to pick him up from school stopping at In n Out Burger on the way up (and the way back). We spent most of the weekend making Jay play Assassin's Creed. The man is not a serious game player; I think it was mostly for our 18 year old friend's amusement. He kept telling Jay where to go and what to do and pissing Jay off quietly. Eventually, as it went last time our friend was here, it was time to get even and so I made him play some retro games with me. The 5200 was hooked up, so we played some of that. But he didn't really hit his stride until playing Tapper on the 2600 emulator on the Wii. It was a smart move on my part. Eighteen year olds seem to eat like food just grows on stuff or something, so his playing the game and doing well gave the rest of us a chance to eat some pizza before he pounced. Still, I was a little jealous at how well he managed. "Adaptability" became the word of the weekend. Given a tiny bit of time he'd adapt-- even to the 5200's controllers. Well, before he left, we got me playing Mirror's Edge. I don't play action games that often, particularly first person games like that, so I was very disoriented. He tried to guide me through the same way he did with Jay, but then he got a look from me that made him toss his blanket over his head. (Before I sound like a complete beast, I was laughing about it, but yes he did really throw his blanket over his head, lol.) Before long I was doing skill rolls and barely making ledges. "See? I'm adaptable too; I'm just old and need more time." Plus I'm sick, which I used as my excuse for pretty much everything anyway.
  10. Now you're making sandwiches? That's just disrespectful.

  11. Greetings from the Red Planet!

  12. *smacks your hands and hugs her 5200 games close* You can certainly try! So you are enjoying your 5200 then?

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