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  1. 1st try at Intellivision contest here. 55,535
  2. I wasn't at the event but I think the guy that got booted was Roy Schildt...not 100% sure, but I seem to remember hearing that a while back
  3. Off topic a little, but I see we have Activision games coming up soon. WIth all the Dragster/Todd Rogers drama recently, I would like to give this Dragster game a try. Of course I can do it in my spare time, but since it's "in the news" lately, I thought it would be interesting to see what players here could come up with.
  4. Good job Leto! I can't believe I was that close and died. It was the Wizard that did me in right at the end. Plenty of time for me to roll it.
  5. ​Wizard of Wor 98,500 ​Was hoping to see if it rolls at 100K...I will find out eventually
  6. ​Battlezone: 59,000 Battlezone (Bonus): 31,000
  7. i may return for Season 6. Been playin' Commodore 64 games of late....Space Taxi, Lode Runner, Wizard of Wor...
  8. Yes, very impressive! Although if I had the knowledge to clear the screens I would have went for the 69K+ to get the all-time high score. Very nice score.
  9. Pac-Man Game 6A 3,893 This is so much harder than game 1B! I could roll that one easily. But this will at least be challenging to group, and figure out a clearing strategy.
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