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  1. After recording 56 minutes of gameplay, I went to watch my recording and it is corrupted!!!!

  2. I rarely ever pre-order things. When it comes to console games I've learned that they stop supporting games way too fast. On PC people mod games, give it new life again. Remember when EA used to allow mods? Until they realized if you still play the game with the mod you might not want to buy the yearly release of half finished games! Companies now a days want you to play the game for 11 months and then buy the new one. Do we really need a new WWE, Soccer, NFL game every year? Just give a patch that updates the roster!!! Battlefield 1942 used to be awesome for mods; I remember playing desert storm mod so much I because it was so well done, it was my first experience with mods I think.
  3. it's amazing how far companies go in coming up with fancy titles for regular jobs! Example: Associate = Worker, Customer service representative = Stoking shelves and cleaning.... :)

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    2. doctorclu


      After that comes Officer which translates to "Should be able to do more, but more than likely the person above you will make the decisions and leave you to be responsible."

    3. Keatah


      Electronics Assembler = Product Completion Specialist

    4. Keatah


      And this doesn't apply only to people titles. It applies to cheap products like a Cargo Conveyance and Convenience System, or C3S. This is a rubbermaid box to hold shit in your trunk!

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  4. So as everyone may be aware, Ubisoft did not allow reviewers to launch their reviews on Assassins Creed Unity until 12 hours after the game was launched on the East Coast USA. This is another thing that really ticket me off from a customer standpoint. The company basically did not want anyone to know about the games glitches, lack of new things, lack of great story, to get in the way of sales. After the reviews actually came out, it showed how flawed the game actually was... So imagine if those reviews were out beforehand... Maybe a few days ahead of the game.... I wonder if this is a new tactic from companies when they don't feel the game is truly finished or is going to be a hit? Its ridiculous!!!
  5. Hey all, I bought some time ago on a Steam sale Far Cry 3 and Bloodragon, but never played it because I refuse to use Origin or Uplay. I was unaware that those games required it when I bought it through Steam. Is there any way to install them without having to make an account with Ubisoft? I'm sick and tired of companies forcing me to make an account for every game nowadays! I had to make a PS4 account, then a EA account so I could play FIFA 14!! (I understand having a ps4 account) What happened to the good old days of just installing the game and playing??? And don't get me started on companies releasing 10 day one DLC that could have already been included in the game!!! And 15GB day one patches!!!!! HORSE ARMOR DLC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fancy new jacket DLC!!!!!!!!!!! New song DLC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Install this app on your tablet so you can open the Assassins Creed loot chest on the PS4!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Are all the websites now using autoplay for videos and commercials? I'm just quietly reading articles and videos starts playing.... :(

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    2. jaybird3rd


      It's as bad as being knocked out of your seat by an extremely loud MIDI background tune, the kind you used to get on bad 90s websites with blink tags, tiled starfield backgrounds, and animated GIF rainbow bars.

    3. MattelAquarius


      I'm glad Chrome now shows which tab the sound is coming from. It was driving me nuts!

    4. ydcl


      Firefox doesn't tell you, so I close everything.

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  7. what is the exact name and model of a cable to connect an ipod to television? Is it a male to male USB?

    1. Brian O

      Brian O

      It's a transgender USB

  8. Farm Simulator is #1 at the Steam sales chart! I'm getting tempted....

  9. If you want to build 1st do this: start the game and when you get to the title, before pressing start game type on keyboard: VEGANMODE, if the screen changes into a purple flower the no cannibals will appear. You can use that to learn the game better, build and then let the cannibals appear. But it's more fun playing the game the way it was meant though.
  10. It does have a little Minecraft, you chop trees, branches, pick up rocks from the ground. You build traps for animals and death traps for cannibals. Take shelter at night or explore if your brave. The cannibals come in single numbers exploring, according to the creator of the game, the cannibals don't know where the player is, so they randomly explore, but the more you build the more they come exploring and the higher levels of cannibals come attack. I got knocked down at one point and woke up inside a cave, then while trying to find a way out I got killed.
  11. MINIMUM: OS: Windows 7 Processor: Intel Dual-Core 2.4 GHz Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT DirectX: Version 9.0 Hard Drive: 5 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX®-compatible Additional Notes: 32bit windows users need to ensure they have at least 4gb of ram usable on their system. RECOMMENDED: OS: Windows 7 Processor: Quad Core Processor Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 DirectX: Version 9.0 Hard Drive: 5 GB available space Sound Card: DirectX®-compatible
  12. Anyone play The Forest? It is still in alpha but new content is being added all the time. Been playing it for a little bit and it's very fun with a lot of potential. Death is permanent! You must survive alone in an island after your plane crashes with all the passengers... Cannibals inhabit the island and will be curious on why you're cutting down trees! Fun stuff!
  13. I did back up eeprom files into the usb disk... how do I restore the box?
  14. Hello, Welll... It went from awesome to now I'm screwed... I softmodded my xbox, installed kawaks x and got 1 game to boot properly... The went back to PC and downloaded a SNES emu for xbox... When I turned the xbox back on it does not go past the unleash x logo. It freezes at this point... Is the xbox dead? Did I brick it?
  15. The games are now showing up but they won't start, says cannot load game error something bin. ERROR: Can't load 234-c1.bin (9f7e2bd3)
  16. The Kawaks is now showing up on emulators, but no games... Gonna try to transfer the zipped roms to the games folder.
  17. Ok so I unzip the Emulator files but NOT the roms. I will try it later today maybe and get back. Thanks!
  18. The USB is a 4gb scan cruzer disk. I now managed to transfer the files into the xbox, but when I go to the emulators nothing shows up. I shut it off and still nothing was showing up. Now, do I put the files in the disk as zip without opening the emulator and games? I opened the files and then put them on Xplorer360, should I put them in as winzip files?
  19. Hello, I just softmodded my original xbox, but I would like to transfer emulators and roms using an USB stick instead of FTP. The softmod is working fine. When I plug in my USB stick to the xbox, it's shows the emulators and rom files as corrupt and does not give me any option to transfer them to the xbox. Does anyone know a way to do it without using the internet FTP? Thanks!
  20. Awesome feeling when you find out the professor misgraded your test, and instead of a 78 my grade is now 88!!! Yes!!!

    1. pangasinan


      Maybe he is hot for you ??

    2. Nathan Strum

      Nathan Strum

      Wasn't a math test was it? Because that would be awesome in its irony.

    3. ydcl


      :), it was a Medical Assisting class.
  21. I'm currently waiting for my stuff to arrive from amazon and ebay so I can start attempting my 1st softmodding of my original xbox. Maybe if I'm successful I would do that, let's see if I can pull it off!
  22. I got a site and downloaded some measuremnets as PDF's, I'm still deciding if I'm gonna do exactly as Street Fighter cabinet I have, or do a slighty different one. But I'm gonna use a PC with a front loader and buy one of those X controllers.
  23. Hi all, I got someone with experience with woodwork that is going to help me build a machine, I currently own a SF II Champion Edition machine and would like to build a similar one. Any sites that offer accurate measurements and tells you what you need? I want to build the frame but use one of those already build arcade controllers, I figure it would be easier. Thanks, Yan
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