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  1. Just bought Kasumi Ninja, AVP, and Zool 2 for Atari Jaguar! Yay and an S-video cable

  2. If you notice, most systems hit their peak in terms of graphics years later. Look at the NES early games versus their last games years later. It takes a while for developers to truly grasp the power of a system. Atari Jaguar had 2 years or so and it was shut down. I'm not that knowledgeable on hardware, so can someone answer this: If N64 was 64bits, the PS1 was 32bits, what was the Jaguar?
  3. Made my day! Message received. topic ended.
  4. Wow... Okay... I regularly discuss in history forums "what if's" and is a lot of fun to think out some stuff, even though it might be a 1000 years old. So I thought it would interesting to discuss some what if's of video games, that's all.
  5. Doom for the Jaguar is excellent. I personally own it. I just wondered what the system could have done it they were given some finaces and a good third party support.
  6. Hi all, Been playing my Jaguar again and ejoying Tempest 2000 and started to wonder. If Atari had some money back then and a good game making team, could the Jaguar handle PS1 quality games? Weren't the PS1 and Jaguar similar in hardware? What are some homebrews that show excellent qualities of the Jaguar? Let me know, cheers! Yan
  7. why are Jaguar games so overpriced?

    1. ydcl


      I got mine for my birthday 2 years ago from my wife. I got about 12 games I think.

    2. Gemintronic


      Because apparently nobody does the math!

    3. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Maybe because there are less good games to collect overall? It's feels good to have a solid jag collection. Worth the money IMO

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  8. So many years later and Pink Floyd The Wall still holds!

    1. retrorussell


      Ooh.. I need a dirty woman.

    2. Hatta


      They haven't torn it down yet?


  9. vevo is very annoying. you click away an ad and 10 seconds later another one appears at the bottom left corner... tisk tisk tisk.

    1. TheGameCollector


      I've been having an ad problem with Firefox lately, but this problem doesn't occur in IE for me.

  10. I hate captcha!!!

    1. desiv


      I'm sorry; that didn't match. Please retype or click <HERE> to get another captcha.

  11. Yay they're coming to take a look at my TV!!! I love insurance!

  12. Here at home we have minecraft for xbox, pc, tablets, ipods and soon PS4. I like it. My stepdaughter LOVES it!
  13. Luigi Plus BMC $100 Super Mario Value Plan $75 Zelda Cross and Shield $50 Wario Care $25
  14. I own it; never finished a game. If you put the effor to make a huge story the potential is great. I've seen some finished games using it. It's very easy to start but you need to truly put in the effort to complete the game. I usually quit after making a few dungeons and 1-2 towns.
  15. Just bought Far Cry 3 and now I have to use Uplay? WTH!! toi

  16. Yes; I own Street Fighter II Champion Edition.
  17. My PS4 has been gathering dust for the last month or so... I've been hoping GTA5 would come out for it... One can hope.
  18. My PS4 has been dusting for a month now I think... My PC on the other hand...

    1. Atarian7



      Do you mean collecting dust?

    2. ydcl
  19. GTA V to PC! I'm finally gonna play GTA V!

    1. SoulBlazer


      That's one reason I have a 360 as well as my PC. Between those two, I can play about 99 percent of all games made (due to emulation)

    2. Stephen


      Excellent - should play great on my new rig!

  20. I was playing Fifa 14, pretty fun; the other game I own is BF4 that came with my pre-order back then.
  21. when the aliens come and say "take me to your leader", I'll reply; you're looking at him! Just let me go get my robe and I'll be right back. Meanwhile feel free to use my Keurig machine.

  22. wow, i'm now on season 5 of star trek voyager. I will soon complete my mission to watch every single episode of a star trek series.

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      I think I've seen them all (TOS, NG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise, and the cartoon). Did I miss any?

    2. ls650


      I've seen every episode of every seasons, mostly as they aired.

    3. ydcl


      I've never watched the animated series. I tried watching the Enterprise, but I'm gonna go back after and continue watching DS9 once I finish Voyager.

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