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  1. Hey, mrcole here! I am currently working on the 2nd (and final) version of Griffey The Dog. If anyone would tell me some programs that can change colors for Atari games, I will give them concept art for Griffey The Dog 2.
  2. I want to make a Count's Castle reproduction, but I can't find any prototypes.
  3. NO!!!!!! IT IS THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM NOT PACFAN97!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T TROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DO YOU ASK ME THESE QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats all we needed to know PACFAN97 Please, ask Pacfan97, because I have reported you, and if you say "Your Pacfan97!", it is going to happen again!
  4. This was very overdue and it should of been uploaded on Halloween night. But I present you with Halloween Griffey The Dog!
  5. If you want to get a reply from Pac-Man Plus I'd suggest sending him a PM. I did. No reply.
  6. If you don't know what Pac-Mac is, check the link below. http://www.atariage.com/news/McDonalds800/
  7. ...which does not have anything in common with hacking an incompatable game to be compatable. It's still going to crash if the system can't understand the program and what it's trying to do. While data portions of a program may mostly be totally identical between system-specific versions, roughly half of the byte values in program code areas will be different (because system equates and ram usage is not the same). Try doing a binary compare of the 8-bit Pac-Man verses the 5200 version to see an example. Unless I'm mistaken, that's sort of how internet forums work IT IS NOT PAC-MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS PAC-MAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU SEE THE C INSTEAD OF THE M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Pac-Man Vs Puck-Man


    This is the dog that inspired me to make Griffey The Dog. Don't forget to download! http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/168913-griffey-the-dog-is-finshed/

    © &copy Cole's Random Site 2010

  9. I'm afraid that it's not that easy. If it were, people would have converted the majority of 400/800 software LONG ago. Heck, somebody might have just written a conversion program to do it automatically. The reason that neither of those are true is because it is NOT that easy to convert a binary to run on a different machine. You can't just delete portions that the 5200 doesn't understand. You need to disassemble the binary, reverse-engineer the program, edit the problem routines, then reassemble into a new binary. The reason that disassembly is required is because the equates have all been changed between the systems. For example, to set sprite 0 to a horizontal position you'd store a value to a specific memory location...that memory location is incorrect when it's ported to the other system (it uses it's own set of equates). So the entire program needs to be disassembled so that all of the equates can be changed to the proper addresses. For the most part, this IS automatic...there are disassembler programs that can do this automatically given only a few parameters (such as the ORGigin address)...and the 5200 equate table can be pasted right into the disassembly. Next, reverse-engineering is required to be able to rewrite certian routines by hand that cannot function on the other system. Reverse-engineering is examining and decyphering the program...in order to locate routines that need to be altered (and deeper...any other routines that clash with those). User input is one such example. Ram usage is another. Just as system equates are all different between systems, so is how the platform's operating system handles such things. No point in converting a program if the original expects more ram to be present than the 5200 system has. If that is an aspect, it adds one more headache to the mix...the program will need to be redesigned to work with less. Once the binary has been disassembled and edited to function on the new system, it can be assembled into the final binary. If everything has been handled correctly, the new binary will be compatable with the intended system. I dunno what you mean by "start right away". All programs do this. Of course, a broken program that has portions deleted will crash the system...just the same as the unconverted program would. This does not mean that it failed to run right away...just that running right away still left unresolvable problems that the system could not deal with. In short, you underestimated the scope of such a project. Starting with an unfinished program already places the person doing the conversion at a disadvantage. Since it was never finished, there may be unresolved problems present in the code that never worked correctly on the original system. These glitches will be ported along with the rest of the code unless somebody is very aware of what the program does. As mentioned, it would be better to choose (at least) a finalized program for conversion. Fortunately, there are plenty to choose from. Some of them even have source code available to eliminate steps 1 and 2. Have you played a Parker Brothers game? Well, what I mean by "start right away" means that when you play a Parker Brothers game, (Pac-Mac is Parker Brothers) you don't see something that says COPYRIGHT 19 ATARI, the game just starts right away. I have been answering questions today too much!
  10. NO!!!!!! IT IS THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM NOT PACFAN97!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T TROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DO YOU ASK ME THESE QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Who are "they"? You could run this on an Atarimax 1Mb flash cart if you want to play on one of the 8-bit computers. AtariAge are "they"! But I want to make a REPRODUCTION, not put it on a USB powered cartridge! How can you reproduce a cartidge that was never produced? http://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=951
  12. So the dog that looks like a capital R is eating poop in the dark? Can you at least duct tape a flashlight on top of the dog's head so it can see the poop? Well, they are basicly dog treats. I can't change the background or add a flashlight. Are you Pacfan97? No.
  13. Nukey, remove the things incompatable things for the 5200, and make it just start right away, like any Parker Brothers game.
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