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  1. WTB One or more C1350 (not 1351) mice.
  2. This is unlikely to go anywhere, but I would love to see a remaster of GORF that re-implements the missing Galaxian stage and adds the special SFX and voice synth.
  3. I may have an extra in climate controlled storage. I surely have Sharp Twin systems if you ave an interest in one of those.
  4. I will check my Lynx stock when I get a chance. All of stock is new but I have enough that I don't charge a premium for new. IDK if i have those three. I eventually plan to eBay dump a lot of it for around US$10 to US20 a game, keeping two of each for me for 1: Use 2: keep one sealed.
  5. WTB: One to three C1350 loose mice for a project.
  6. I cannot find my printer, or my PSU adapter for my ADAM. If you have one of the old adapters to use a stock CV PSU, a custom PSU, or an original Printer, I am interested in any or all of these.
  7. Many games used IJKM for dir input. I used to have silver foil sticky tape on those keys with arrow markers written in felt tip, on my keys, back in 84.
  8. Excluding the ///. It has all four key dirs, and some clones may or may not have them. Still, your poit is right, and the only way to get up/down on the ][ or the ][+ was with HW mods.
  9. I have the TKC numpad on my standard //e, as well as the platinum version with it included, but the little accessory for the //e that slips in easily, is often overlooked.
  10. I have a DreamCast, but it was a system used first in a developer display, and then in a huge retail display cabinet. IDK if there is anything special about it. I have never personally used it, as it is literally too new for my blood.
  11. Again, send a PM to me if you want to buy anything. I have pretty much everything that you could want here, but I do not discuss transactions outside of PM or telephone conversations.
  12. MouseDesk/A2D and GEOS also benefit greatly. GeoPublish especially, runs far better on a 4MHz or 8MHz system.
  13. Bought the CE package weeks ago. I would not mind buying a second, so that I keep one sealed, and have one open; but the site says one per customer.
  14. Feh. It is the same as always. People need money are are willing to release HW or SW, and people are bored, stuck at home. so it is a good time to market hobbyist stuff. The prices have not diminished, so it is not desperation. Look for the simple, and the logical answers, not for the financial answers. I still have a regular stream of hobbyists sending stuff for repair or restoration, and I often need to send them elsewhere due to lack of time. This is no exception. I do not back-slate more than five jobs, so I turn down a lot of projects, that would pay for the stuff that I want or want to replace. I specifically never advertise my high value items in Dec-Jan as people have spent their money on holiday/family gifts.
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