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  1. I'm colorblind and therefore would be of absolutely no use with this topic. 😀
  2. Assuming you're in the USA, I'll take it. If not, then probably better to offer to someone in your country. Christopher.
  3. I'd like to nominate intellivotion to be Rev's secretary.
  4. I bought a Missile Domination from Rev on Sat. Morning... but I escaped before he brought the camera to bear. Christopher.
  5. I'm always a good guinea pig... but alas, I only run Linux... but if you ever decide to do a port... I'd be happy to test! Christopher.
  6. Will the PC side software work with Linux? (using Wine, or a VM'ed windows?)
  7. I want a bumper sticker that says "Don't blame me, I voted for Flappy Bird"
  8. Absolutely not! CMART is awesome! (ok, yeah... I'm pandering on the hopes he'll be nice to me)
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