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  1. OMG!  Attachment links don't work!!!!!11111!!!10one!!

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    2. Albert


      Yes, all the missing content will reappear as the content is rebuilt.  It will take several days.  I agree with you about the link to the Messenger.  I'm going to add a direct link to the Messenger in a more obvious location so you can get straight into your inbox without needing to click several times.

    3. DoctorSpuds


      Well that's a load off my mind, I was worried I'd have to reattach several hundred pictures to my blog

    4. DZ-Jay


      Thanks for all, Albert!

  2. First impressions on the new site:

    * Limited functionality

    * Cumbersome navigation

    * Lots of new bells & whistles that I probably won't ever use.


    - I can't seem to view or reply status update threads from the "Forums" page.


    - I can't seem to be able to go to "First Unread" of threads in a forum, or to preview.


    It's all so Facebook-y!!!

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    2. Albert


      You can click on the date in the right column that shows the author and date of the last post to go directly to the last post. Clicking the thread title will bring you to the first post, and if there are unread posts, the small icon to the left of the thread title will bring you to the first unread post.


      I agree that the popup window for the first/last posts could be larger.  I can probably change that easily, but need to make sure it's resized properly when on mobile.  And I can add a link to jump directly to the post when you click on the date. Not sure why they didn't do that by default.

    3. Jinks


      I am having trouble reading the words. It seems not so clear the new forum on mobile used to work great and now very hard to navigate. You can only see 3 topics at a time and need to scroll thru. I will miss allot of content on the forums using mobile it is so zoomed in. Used to be able to see 10 topics at a time or so now there is space for the pages and a big gap then the next topic. 

      I guess it will take getting used to. It follows the modern pattern of computers and how complex navigation is compared to years ago. 

      It looks fine on a laptop or desktop for sure but who uses those? I almost never turn on a computer. 

    4. DZ-Jay


      Hi, Albert,


      Thanks, those hints helped -- I can now always go directly to the last post.  The non-discoverability and non-intuitiveness of the navigation is a pity.  It's a bit clunky to "click this side to do this, but click that side to do that -- but only if the icon shows up, otherwise, you can click yet this other part over here to do this other thing."  Meh.



  3. I haven't been to AA in a few days and today I find that it's changed!  Yikes!


    Is there a way to get the "Gravity" theme back?  It's not the colour, but the layout that I enjoyed. :)

    1. DZ-Jay


      It also won't let me access it from my (ancient) Safari browser. :(

    2. Albert


      I have to see if "Gravity" has been created for this version of the forum software.  I like that theme as well.  As for Safari, what version of Safari are you using?  What happens when you try to access the forum with it?

    3. DZ-Jay


      Hi, Albert,


      I have an ancient version of Safari:  6.0.5.  I am stuck in Mac OS X 10.8.6 because my hardware is obsolete.  The browser works exceptionally well, but for the fact that it doesn't support TLS 2.0 or higher (which darn Apple decided to bundle with later versions of the OS).


      When you switched to HTTPS only, the browser won't work, giving me an error of: "Safari can't open the page ... because Safari can't establish a secure connection to the server ..."


      That may seem like a certificate error, but it is in fact the lack of TLS support.


      Is there any way to access AA with regular HTTP?

  4. If you are interested in the latest version, send me a PM.
  5. You know that "semi-impenetrable" could also be "semi-penetrable," depending on whether you are a "glass-half-full" or "glass-half-empty" sort of guy.
  6. It's funny that you should say that because that's exactly what I told Shazz when we were making it. I think he thought the Intellivoice module was like the Oddyssy2 robot voice, and wanted to give it an "authentic" retro feel. I polished most of the phrases -- they originally spoke with a Northern European accent. dZ.
  7. Specifically, during the "Credits" sequence, the face on the left part of the screen took a lot of effort and cleverly optimized algorithms to make it work nicely. On the console, it looks like a full face, staying ahead of the STIC bus pre-fetches, without tearing -- at the same time that the right-side is sequencing GRAM to animate the grid (on step to the music). It was a lot of fun. dZ
  8. It was supposed to be released with source and a few more effects, but life got in the way and we never got around to polishing it. I was in the middle of it when my computer died two years ago. I still have the source in-progress, so perhaps someday it'll come out. The video really doesn't do it justice; there are many effects of multiplexing that are very nice and impressive that are completely lost in the 30 Hz video. You really have to see it on a console. dZ. P.S. just to clarify, I only worked on it some, it's not mine.
  9. A friend just pointed out that The Matrix, a movie I saw in the theater on its initial run, just turn 20 years old last week! :o

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    2. CPUWIZ


      I had to watch it a year later, because they dubbed it to German.

    3. GoldLeader


      Yeah I saw Star Wars in the theater as well Twice!...Also Empire and Jedi I saw at the very first showing...Last day O school 9th grade and it was a noon showing...Got there about 40 mins early (about 12th in line ;)

    4. DZ-Jay


      Hehehe, I saw "The Star Wars" in the theater almost every week! LOL! :)


      But "The Matrix" surprised me, because it sort of felt like it came out "the other day." :o

  10. That's what you got from my post? Not the suggestion that the poll should be constructed above board and wait until its proper time, or to avoid controversial or touchy subjects as best as you can? Instead, your response is to quit, really? I'm sorry to hear that. Good luck to you, then. -dZ.
  11. Every thread? Right, because I do not contribute to anything positive to this community -- not in the programming forum, and not in the regular posts with others. Personally, I cannot help but think that you are just trolling this community on purpose. I think your motivations are questionable. Going back to the excruciating drama that was kicked up by your original thread attempting to start the 2018 poll over half a year early, with many accusations from many angles, and you still create a private poll. Moreover, you removed the poll completely upon completion. I'm not suggesting that anything wrong was done; but for someone who has a stake in the game, as it were, I would imagine that you would do everything in your power to appear above board. It's only reasonable and fair. Then, on top of that, you seem insistent in sparking that drama once again. Why? What do you gain by asking this question? We just finished the 2018 poll, it's the first quarter of the year, and you are already discussing the next? The last time you did that here, it did not go well -- and it wasn't just me posting, as you may remember. So ... why don't we all do this community a favour and drop this now? It's too early in the year. We don't know what's going to happen -- even if you seem to be confident that you will release plenty of games this year, and perhaps even a bit over-confident that they will do well. Let the year go on, let releases go through, and let's start a brand new poll (if warranted) early next year when the entire roster of released games is final. Wouldn't that make more sense? I can't see what possible benefit can be gained from stirring this up so early in the year. -dZ.
  12. - "Hey, Siri!" - "Hello Commander, computer reporting." - "Get me directions to the department store, I need to buy some healthy grains ..." - "Target's on sight! Watch out ... for flaks."
  13. This again? How about December 2019?
  14. Well, I don't know about any combo rocks, but I do have a few Intellivoices too. -dZ.
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