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  1. UPDATE: I just looked through my version control and saw that an older version of the INTYBUILD script accepted a full filename instead of just a project name. This was part of a feature that didn't really work that well, and turned out to complicate matters more, so it was removed later on. Keep in mind that the point of the IntyBASIC SDK was to simplify the process of using IntyBASIC, so the whole tool chain was intended to abstract the filenames, while the programmer just works with projects. I'm sorry that this affects your workflow. Like I said before, creating different projects for each one would work -- but really, give TortoiseSVN a try, it's super easy to use, and it integrates with the Windows Explorer so committing a new version is as simple as right+clicking files or folders and choosing the appropriate command from the menu. https://tortoisesvn.net/docs/nightly/TortoiseSVN_en/tsvn-quick-start.html I can almost guarantee you that once you use a proper version control system, you'll never go back to just copy+paste files and timestamps. It really is a superior mode of working. -dZ.
  2. That's always been like that, as far as I recall. As the documentation describes, the tools are intended to be used together for projects created with the INTYNEW command. The folder name corresponds to the name of the project, and so, it is expected to match the name of the BASIC source file, assembly file, and binary. One new thing is that now it scans the Contributions and Examples folders as well as the Projects one, so that you can INTYBUILD and INTYRUN them too (which was an issue before). If you want to build a file with a different name, you'll have to modify the scripts, or create new folders for each version. Even better, I recommend you adopt a version control system, such as SubVersion, which allow you to the history of changes without having to create multiple folders and files all over the place. For Windows, check out TortoiseSVN, which is a cinch to use. dZ.
  3. I posted a video of the Intellivision Demo "Voyage" to Vimeo:




  4. I posted a recording of the demo, captured from a screen to showcase the 30Hz and 15Hz multiplexing without dropping frames.
  5. OK, I managed to capture a video from my monitor using an iPad, encoded it at 720p 60Hz and uploaded it to Vimeo (I don't have a YouTube account). It is now in the first post. It's not ideal, but it showcases the demo better than 30 Hz. Enjoy! - j.
  6. Well, I can imagine how for regular movies that can be appropriate. You have to admit that videos of 8-bit graphics is actually a rare use case. I think this is similar to how Preview, Pixelmator, and other graphics applications refuse to allow you to scale images without any fancy interpolation; because in the standard use cases, who wants to see jaggies blown up when you re-scale an image? I want to keep those huge pixels when I resize my 8-bit screenshots, but I understand that is not a common use case for those applications. Anyway, a larger format from jzIntv would be useful. Also, @intvnut, any chance of making screen blanking show up in the AVI movie in the same way as in the emulator? Or is that an SDL1 thing? -dZ.
  7. Have you tried Handbrake? It's like the Nuclear-Powered-Swiss-Army knife of video encoding. Unfortunately, the video still drops frames (you can see it plainly during the "scrolltext" part, where the letters disappear half-way through the screen, because the MOBs are being multiplexed at 30Hz; and during the "credits" part, where only half-the face appears at a time, where each of the four blocks is multiplexed at 15Hz). But that seems to be YouTube's doing. I include an AVI movie on the first post for direct download, for those brave enough to want to. One thing that bugs me is that the AVI capture of jzIntv does not really see the screen blanking, which we use it as an effect. And so, many parts where it should "flash" white as a nice transition, just look like a crappy freeze-frame. Oh well, there's nothing to do about that. :( I still appreciate it very much that you posted the video. I was having a hard time publishing it myself. Thanks! dZ.
  8. Posting this here because I figured that a demo-related topic would fit well in the "classic computing" area, as opposed to "classic gaming." -dZ.
  9. So ... to all those asking themselves the very burning question, "is the Intellivision represented on the demoscene?" the answer is ... Yes, yes it is. -dZ.
  10. Sorry about that. It should be good now, check out the new ROM from the first post. Please let me know if you notice anything else strange. I can't test on the hardware at the moment. My working setup has changed in the past three years. -dZ.
  11. Hi, guys, I just updated the ROM binary archive on the first post with a version that fixes an unusual problem that may cause some music tracks to play incorrectly with noisy channels on the real hardware. I recommend everybody who downloaded the previous version to get this one. The only change is an improved initialization routine that sets up the memory environment correctly. An technical explanation of the problem, for those interested, is below. Warning, eye-watering tech-geek-speak follows.
  12. It's also missing intellivoice. The "dings" at the beginning start with a robot countdown. I also noticed that on videos from the emulator, the "flash" effect doesn't show. We blanked the screen by disabling the display for a few frames as a transition in some spots; and without it, it looks like it freezes instead. Maybe something that needs to be fixed in jzIntv, to capture screen blanking on video. Anyway, just one more reason to experience the demo "live" directly from a console (with ECS and Intellivoice). dZ.
  13. Thanks for the nice words, @shazz. I agree, this was a wonderful experience and I had a great time working with you and @carlsson. A very short period of time was enough to make great bonds of friendship, and memories that will last forever. the Intellivision is a great little machine, and it is such a wonderful feeling to be able to program and make it sing, after it brought me so much joy as a child. dZ.
  14. Ugh! That robot gives me nightmares! LOL
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