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  1. First impressions on the new site:

    * Limited functionality

    * Cumbersome navigation

    * Lots of new bells & whistles that I probably won't ever use.


    - I can't seem to view or reply status update threads from the "Forums" page.


    - I can't seem to be able to go to "First Unread" of threads in a forum, or to preview.


    It's all so Facebook-y!!!

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    2. Albert


      You can click on the date in the right column that shows the author and date of the last post to go directly to the last post. Clicking the thread title will bring you to the first post, and if there are unread posts, the small icon to the left of the thread title will bring you to the first unread post.


      I agree that the popup window for the first/last posts could be larger.  I can probably change that easily, but need to make sure it's resized properly when on mobile.  And I can add a link to jump directly to the post when you click on the date. Not sure why they didn't do that by default.

    3. Jinks


      I am having trouble reading the words. It seems not so clear the new forum on mobile used to work great and now very hard to navigate. You can only see 3 topics at a time and need to scroll thru. I will miss allot of content on the forums using mobile it is so zoomed in. Used to be able to see 10 topics at a time or so now there is space for the pages and a big gap then the next topic. 

      I guess it will take getting used to. It follows the modern pattern of computers and how complex navigation is compared to years ago. 

      It looks fine on a laptop or desktop for sure but who uses those? I almost never turn on a computer. 

    4. DZ-Jay


      Hi, Albert,


      Thanks, those hints helped -- I can now always go directly to the last post.  The non-discoverability and non-intuitiveness of the navigation is a pity.  It's a bit clunky to "click this side to do this, but click that side to do that -- but only if the icon shows up, otherwise, you can click yet this other part over here to do this other thing."  Meh.



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