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  1. Ordered one at 00:34:20 CST today! Thank you for providing a solution for these otherwise useless Microvisions. I now have a reason to purchase one after years of hemming and hawing over getting a unit to just never be able to repair the screen.
  2. Hi folks, I have a Lynx I that I performed the McWill mod on, replaced all electrolytic caps, and replaced all the usual transistors (Q11, Q13, Q4). I've put maybe 3-4 hours on it since the mod. No issues. Yesterday, I received my Lynx GameDrive and immediately began to party down with it. All was good for the first hour or so of use. I was playing the "Lynxed by Desire" demo and reached the point with the rotating 3D dodecagon or whatever when, suddenly, the dodecagon started "painting the screen" with every frame or so frozen to the background while it continued to rotate. Then the music stopped...and the screen shifted so it wrapped around the screen about 50%, accompanied with some random blinking pixels here and there. "What a weird demo," I thought... After staring at this frozen screen for a few seconds, I realized this was not normal, and turned the Lynx off. I powered it back on and was met with a rapidly blinking "Insert Game" with more odd blinking pixels.. But the flash cart was still inserted. I removed the flash card and was surprised to see that it still started without a game inserted!!! I thought maybe a pin in the cartridge slot was bent. Nope... "Oh no" I thought. Turning on and off the unit, the system alternated between the glitched "Insert Game" screen, static multicolored "noise", and something in between. At this point, I opened up the unit thinking maybe something shorted. All my wiring looked fine, nothing stood out...but after powering the unit on and poking around a bit, I noticed that I was reading 7.7V across the vias that once caressed pins 1 & 2 of the power module. Uh oh. That should be around 5V, right? I immediately shut off the system in fear of the worst. I'm wondering if the only reason why I was getting 7.7V instead of 9V was because I was running off of batteries and the voltage was sagging. So my poor once-super-powered Lynx I is sitting in front of me, guts hanging out and hanging onto life by a thread. Does anyone have any ideas on what might be the culprit? My suspicions are on an untimely demise of U6 which has some decent corrosion due to battery acid, but the (accessible) traces test fine with a DMM. I'm just a little tripped out because usually Lynxes wont power up at all...while this guy will power up with nothing inserted! I'm also afraid to power up the unit and possibly hurt it worse than it may already be. Has anyone heard of or tackled this issue before? If so, any pointers on what devices I should check? Thanks!
  3. Mine arrived extremely fast (from Poland to the USA) and works great! Thank you so much!
  4. I'd be interested in one too (SE or normal)! I didn't even realize this existed until a month ago & by then all the carts were sold out. Please don't stop making them!
  5. I have a question... and it seems like this had been discussed before but not fully answered. Are you planning on releasing a Colecovision 2 upgrade for the original Colecovision? Is it even technically feasible? I'm just having a real problem with spending money on the Super Game Module if a lot of arcade homebrew ports for the "Colecovision" will be released for the Colecovision 2 when it is released. I'm not planning on getting a CV2 as I have a real connection with my old CV1 (and personally feel the large size, RF output, and semi-poor controllers add a character to the system no "remake" could ever replicate). I enjoy the CV homebrew scene because of the excellent arcade ports that are recently coming out. I wish to make my CV the "home classic arcade system" (no MAME for me please! ) so I don't want to buy a module that wont let me play future ports of arcade games. I have an odd feeling the development of many future arcade ports will shift to the "CV2 only" category which I really don't want to happen without having the ability to play it on my favorite little CV1. Thanks!
  6. Hey there!

    I used to have an account here a few years ago...however, I totally forgot what my name was! ;)

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