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  1. I see a yellow plunger on one keys. Looks like a Stackpole.
  2. I meant that the current draw on the 1020 was too much (>8watts).
  3. The answer is NO, the 1010 Program Recorder PSU does not have enough current to run a 1020. By itself, nothing in the daisy chain, it did function, but once I hooked up a SIO2SD, it lost it's mind. The extra power draw on the 1010 was too much to run both, so I'd say the answer is no. 7-8 watts just isn't enough.
  4. Does anyone know if an Atari 1010 CO61515 power pack will power an Atari 1020 Color Plotter? 9VAC 5VA 8W
  5. The repair procedure is on Retrobits.net http://retrobits.net/atari/keyboard.shtml It's for the 1200XL, but the repair is the same. The conductive paint you want is BARE. https://www.amazon.com/Bare-Conductive-Electric-Paint-10ml/dp/B00KBXT6JW It's a bit thick, but I'd use a toothpick to apply it on the traces on the mylar. also see:
  6. There might be a slight improvement in sharpness of text edges (very square), but I didn't see too much improvement over the ClearPic2002 which is similar to the Super Video 2.1.
  7. https://www.amazon.com/Bare-Conductive-Electric-Paint-10ml/dp/B00KBXT6JW/ref=sr_1_4?crid=22TV45VSFIQQ7&keywords=bare+conductive+paint&qid=1577974365&sprefix=bare+conductive%2Caps%2C160&sr=8-4 It's thick so I highly recommend using a toothpick to apply it on the traces. John
  8. Not a character, but ATARI has the most recognizable iconic emblem of them all. The rainbow FUJI. Everyone immediately associates the FUJI with ATARI. Even young people that have never seen one.
  9. Thank you Steve Tucker for these great reproductions. I would never spring $120 for a MAC/65 cartridge and now I can try it out for $25. This is huge for those that want to try Action! or MAC/65 and affords an opportunity that was cost prohibitive to most (including me).
  10. There were three types of 800 keyboards. First was the Hi-Tek mechanical. Good keyboard, but it's Achilles heel is the space bar. They have a tendency to fail over time. Second was the Stackpole mechanical. Not a good keyboard over time. Even though it is mechanical, the yellow plungers are so thin they crack and the keys will pop off. Third, Atari saved the best for last, kind of... The Mitsumi keyboard was not mechanical, but used a silicon gasket sandwiched by a mylar sheet and the PCB. Same design and manufacturer as the keyboard for the 1200XL. The Mitsumi keyboard is quiet, smooth, and real pleasure to use. Its weakness is that at some point, with 100% certainty, the mylar contacts oxidize and lose continuity with the PCB. This can be fixed with conductive paint. You need to realize that these all were very high quality keyboards that were design for computers meant to sell North of $800 (1980 dollars actually). All are serviceable, but my preference in order is Mitsumi, Hi-Tek then Stackpole.
  11. Yes, but Display Port does not have the same royalty issue and you can buy the $8 Display Port to HDMI cable. No royalty issues.
  12. Unless you're 3D printer can produce a very and I mean very smooth surface, the plunger will likely just bind in the socket due to surface friction. Those plungers have a very slick finish.
  13. Yes, but I'd prefer a more turn key solution. DVI does not have audio, but HDMI and display port do. You can buy display port to HDMI cables cheaply and it would be great to just have to buy a $8 cable that hooks up to all modern TVs. DVI is kind of dead, going the way of S-video. Hard to find modern monitors with DVI. Is there a small compact S-video to HDMI board already out there that would fit in the same space as the RF box?
  14. I really wish someone would create an UAV mod board that outputs native HDMI or Display port. The latter has no royalty issues. Make it no bigger than the RF metal box so you can remove and replace using the same position as the RF out video for the HDMI or Display Port.
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