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  1. Ok..had my refurbished 800XL for long enough now that the 90 day warranty that is voided if you open the case is over.  Time to upgrade with Sophia or some other HD capable video output. Suggestions for a socketed 800XL?


  2. My daughter painted this and gave it to me yesterday for my birthday...
  3. Proud dad...my daughter painted this and gave it to me for my birthday yesterday




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    2. Rogerpoco


      In a sense, I do consider myself an Artist, musician and all, tho I am not a writer, where the real artistic thing kicks in-but I can barely draw a noticable stick figure, my eldest Daughter is something of a graphic designer, but it's beyond me, amazes me anyone who can do it!


    3. SlidellMan


      I do have some drawing skills, but focus mainly on music. Often, I give up on pieces due to something going wrong in the process, confusion about what to do next, or sheer boredom. Your daughter made the right decision considering that painting doesn't pay as much as being a pilot. (Or for that matter, running a food truck.)

    4. Max_Chatsworth


      Me and her mom are hoping for free flights someday! :) :)


  4. I did, thanks! There is a lot of information coming at me on this topic so I'm trying to sort it out.
  5. Whoa...nice. So are you able to play Robotron, Front Line, Ikari Warriors and the like?
  6. "..you would probably be fine just building an arcade control panel kit.." Can you expand on that? ".. I might get the arcade control panel kit.." How does that compare to the one you suggest building above?
  7. I would want to play robotron, but also things like Front Line and Ikari warriors..which have very non traditional controls.
  8. I wasn't even familiar with "bartop" form factor. Whenever I read it somewhere, I was confusing it with cocktail cabinet, which is a format I really enjoy for nostalgia purposes. I think I just thought...."bartop..cocktail..." and so forth.
  9. Yeah..I think I am of the same mind. I never like the "unversal" fighting game layouts. For one thing I never liked or played Streetfigher type games much and don't really care to support them as much. I am very, very interested in the possibility of building a modular control panel that I could swap controls out , but that seems like it would be very difficult to do right.
  10. Yeah..i'm gonna need you to move into my basement for a few months....
  11. Where do you get these Arcade1up cabinets?
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