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  1. I have a 400 with 48K upgrade and upgraded component video out cable. I have an 800XL with just a newer keyboard and socketed chipset for easier upgrading. I recently bought them both in 2020. The 400 from a facebook listing here in KC and the 800 from a well known Atari refurb site everyone here knows. I bought these machines because these are the machines I had growing up. Got the 400 for Christmas '79 and my older brother got the 800XL for Christmas '83, which effectively made it mine too, and it did eventually become mine when he left for the Army in 85. Both of these machines were sort of lost to the sands of time after I left home after high school. I sort of discovered emulators around 2003, and have played around with them from time to time, but the desire for my old hardware just grew and grew. Recently moved back to my hometown of KC after being in Hawaii for 27 years and decided it was time to make it happen.
  2. I always just sort of assumed they wanted to avoid directly showing humans getting killed via war etc or something like that. Like "hey..it's just whimsical cats!". You know marketing people..."hey guys..there might be an issue..."
  3. NECRO ALERT: I spoke to Bob Polin about this, but he had no knowledge or involvement whatsoever about how the art was created for Blue Max.
  4. Excellent information..thanks! I think my long term is to get the 2600-dapter, but with the controller that is on sale at Micro Center that was also suggested for only 15 bucks I'll probably pick that up this weekend for the quick fix and then order the 2600-dapter.
  5. Thanks. How can I be sure I don't miss the 2nd poll? When does round 1 (Nibbler) end?
  6. So I'm a little lost one the when/how of voting on the list for this season.
  7. Not familiar with the 500XJ joysticks?!?!
  8. Well both the Shamus.atx and Shamux.rom dumps at AtariAge give me that error when I file -> boot image -> and select them. I've also tried load/attach disk and cartridge for the appropriate file extension as well. I would attach the files here but I figured that was a no no?
  9. I used to use and old Xbox controller(the USB ones that were windows compatible as well), but it wasn't ideal with the little stick/thumb pad.
  10. I do love the Epyx joysticks in general. Unfortunately, the 2 I have are pretty sloppy and not that responsive any more. I'll probably try both options as that Micro Center joystick is only like 15 bucks. Thanks!
  11. Is there a guide or help document anywhere. It's been a long time since I've used an emulator and I am having all sorts of trouble getting games to work that I download from Atarimania. Primarily I constantly get this error when I try to load many of the cartridge or disk images via attach cartridge or attach disk and no matter what I do, it makes no difference.
  12. Thanks! I just looked and my local Micro Center has several of that first controller in stock! The 2600daptor seems pretty slick as well. I only currently have 2 of the Epyx 500XJ controllers that I use with my real 400 and 800XL hardware(barely as time permits ) I do consider the 500XJ the greatest Atari controller of the time, however. Have you noticed ANY difference it play/feel/timing between using the USB type or adapter/real controller setup? Thanks!
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