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  1. I just got my hands on a 400...the first computer from my youth. Can I still get one of these from anyone?
  2. This story makes me happy. One for the nostalgia..but also because you bought something on layaway as a kid. Good stuff....thanks for sharing.
  3. I have the chance to buy a 1050 diskdrive..no cables or any idea if it works for $20. Should I do it?  I'm thinking that even if it doesn't work, I'd like to have the case for that price if I am not able to repair it(if it doesn't work)

    1. Tickled_Pink


      $20 is a snip, or it would be in the UK, where I've seen known faulty drives go for more than twice that.

    2. doctorclu


      Sure!   If nothing else, parts!

  4. LOL...Necro-bump? I am not familiar with that term
  5. Which one do you have?
  6. Don't feel bad...here's my setup: Realizing I don't have any Atari hardware since 1992 or so and am trying to rebuild from scratch....
  7. This isn't a "setup" it's a freakin' shrine!! Way to go...so jealous......
  8. Thanks very much. I think I will be going with WUDSN which is a dev ide for assembler(atari 8 bit) that integrates and launches Altirra to test your code. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. @thorfdbg Thanks for that. Yeah..since posting this I've discovered WUDSN and definitely think I'll give that a try. Integrated debugging with Altirra emulator, etc. I'll probably go that route for now and see how it works out.
  10. So, as I've mentioned before, I've recently come back to Atari 8 bit computing after decades away. Currently I don't actually have any of my old hardware, other than 520ST. I am in the progress of procuring some old hardware in the form of an 800XL and supporting hardware(possible disk drives/SIO solution/display/etc). One of the goals I have set for myself is to *finally* do some programming for the old 800XL. I did BASIC back in the day on my old 400/800XL, when I was a kid. Then didn't really touch computing from 90-96 or so while I was in the US Navy. After leaving the navy I went to school and became a software engineer, which I still am today. But I never have done any assembly programming. Until I have actual hardware to develop on, I plan on using one of the emulators I've used over the years(most likely Altirra) to write/test my code. I'm also considering using a windows editor/compiler for the actual development work, whether I have actual hardware or not. Does anyone have any thoughts on how they would proceed if they were me? More later...
  11. Wow..this thing was still in circulation in the late 80's?? That's pretty cool. Yeah...in those old days there were lots of color overlays, decals, carboard reflected in glass(Warrior), that were part of the playing screen. Old school...
  12. Yeah..there was also one of those black and while Stunt Cycle games in the mix early on. I want to say that was THE first video game at the roller rink that I remember. Wish I could go back and tell myself to really pay attention and really enjoy every minute of it.
  13. I was lucky enough to be a preteen in the 70's and a teen in the 80's, so I was a prime age for the video game storm. For me, at least, the "arcade" started as a transition from things like pool halls, bowling alleys, and skating rinks. By that I mean we had several spots here in the KC metro area that were pool halls/skating rink/bowling alley with just a few pinball machines as of my first memory of going to them in 76 or so. Then you'd see a couple fewer pool tables and a couple more pinball machines and something like Sea Wolf arcade game show up. Then next time, you'd see a few more arcade games...Space Invaders...Lunar Lander....Asteroids....and each time maybe a couple less pool tables. During the initial wave of arcade games showing up like the ones I mentioned, you'd also see an increase in pinball machines, but that period was only for a year or two, then you saw both pool tables and pinball machines decline and the arcade games took over. That was how I remember the original independent arcades evolving. Then you started to see the "this place was created as an arcade" types of organizations. We were really lucky here in KC area in that Showbiz Pizza started in KC and had the first location here, as well as very shortly another location out in my area of the suburbs and we had those as early as 1980. On the tail of these were the ones that, while they technically existed before the big arcade game explosion of the early 80's, really expanded and showed up in most people's back yards due to expansion during the video game explosion and showed up fully stocked with the now huge library of available games. I'm talking your Fun Factory, Malibu Grand Prix, etc. Most of those showed up around here in KC in 82-84 time frame. As I think someone else spoke about...you had your shiny and bright Fun Factory, Showbiz Pizza, Malibu Grand Prix, etc..where you'd see the largest collections of games for my money. Fun Factory often had the newest games pretty quickly and would have 2 or even 3 of the really popular ones. Showbiz introduced me to Gorf, so it goes down as one of the best in my book :). But then I would often visit the seedier, independent or formerly pool hall, establishments because they'd often have a less common gem that was a favorite. In the big corporate places...they were well lit....no smoking or drugs inside...regulated by the mall they might be in in many cases. No danger of getting your money taken or getting beat up. In the small independent/pool hall ones? Watch your back. I mean you might have to fight for your quarters on the top machine signage...but you could also score cigarettes and get some scumbag to buy you beer if you were so inclined. One great thing about the independents is they'd often give much better token exchanges ...many times 5/dollar in a time when 1 game pretty much = 1 quarter or 1 token. Also, often the independent ones, especially when it was in the same mall as say Fun Factory..would often find a way somehow ..to get their hands on a bunch of Fun Factory tokens(those weird ones with the key shape on one half) and hand you a sack full for free if you bought tokens for their independent arcade(Nickelodeon). Their idea was spend money here, and we'll make it so they can't make money from you. Those were GREAT times!
  14. Tell us where you are from...Overland Park, KS...essentially Kansas City here. 

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    2. Max_Chatsworth


      @digdugnate Cool. I'm in KC.  I recently moved back to the area, but about 6 or 7 years ago I made a trip to the retro arcade in Springfield...forgot the name.  5 bucks..play Dig Dug and Donkey Kong all night.  


      Hey...would you consider joining my club?



    3. GoldLeader


      Cheyenne, WY,


      About 2 hours from Denver,  in case I need culture or smog...

    4. Max_Chatsworth


      @GoldLeader   Or beer...?  I have driven through Denver about 1000 times obviously growing up on the KC area and travelling I-70 over the years.  But I also used to go through Cheyenne in the early 90's when I was stationed up in Idaho in the Navy back then.   I remember seeing the glow of the town in the valley during late night mountain drives....

  15. Is anyone doing or has done ASM for the 800/XL using an emulator to do development?  Hit me up if you don't mind. 

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