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  1. It's going to suck. Nothing about it will remotely activate the same part of the brain as our old machines. And it will be filled with Vegas weekend douchebag types.
  2. Is this top forum just considered to be the Atari 8 bit computing forum by default? And if so, why are there so many TI/C-64, and other non Atari 8 bit posts up here?
  3. Were there 48K 400's stock back in the day? Mine only had 16K and I thought they all were out of the box?
  4. Hey there. I'm in a similar boat...I had a 400 then 800XL growing up..and I recently wanted to get back into it..but had none of my old hardware. I have bought a working stock 400..but I really want to get an 800XL in good working condition with upgrades for power, video, memory and then go with a cart/SIO2PC type solution. Can you give me the specs/price you got?
  5. So let me understand..you have removed just the physical keyboard to use as a USB PC keyboard or you are using the whole 800XL casing as the keyboard?
  6. Cool..thanks. It's fascinating to me to see these old photos of people's setups because it's really a little view into the past when you see the clothing/toys/posters/art they have around their rooms. Unfortunately, I don't think a single picture exists of me or my siblings with our Atari 400 or my brother's 800XL, which is actually amazing since my dad was a professional(weekends) photographer for weddings/etc...and we have tons of family pics from Christmas, vacations, etc from back in the 70's and 80's. Since all of us were young in 79 when we got the 400 and it was a Christmas present, I should see if my dad does have some sort of photo of us opening/using it after all.
  7. Does one of the cartridge solutions count as SIO solution? Sometimes I can't tell...
  8. Thank you. I came back to Atari hardware this year and thought, no big deal..I'll just buy an old 800XL with a disk drive..I mean, what could have changed since 1987? Then find out about memory upgrades, super carts, SIO, video conversions, and on and on..and realize I had a ton of homework to do.
  9. Old school cool....What exactly is that 3382 "Mad Dogs" hat for?
  10. Did you end up buying in person, or from someone on AtariAge, or ebay or what? I would like to get an upgraded one as well if I can..possibly upgraded with video mods to make it look nice on modern monitors as well(If that exists).
  11. Lemme see...14 in 85...that's the same as me. Although I was lucky to have cut my teeth on a 400 that we got for Christmas in '79...my older brother got the 800Xl in 83 as a gift, and was already and upperclassman in high school, so he was moving on to jobs/girls/etc on the weekend and then left for the army in 85, which made it effectively mine! I've re-acquired a 400, but still on the hunt for an 800XL. That's what I did most of my hacking with. I don't know how you did this, but your new setup/room looks MORE 80's than your old one...well done! Must be the wood panel doing it's work.
  12. Do you know if these all will run on the 400, or some require 800 or 64K of the 800XL? Thanks
  13. Yep. Now ironically after all these years and I am finally trying to rebuild my hardware collection, which was lost to the sands of time when I left for the Navy back in the early 90's, my first 2 items were a 400(for sentimental value) and an Atari cassette drive! Still working on getting that Atari 800XL!
  14. Interesting. I could have sworn the Indus GT was more than the Atari drives back then. It certainly was better...I thought...
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