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  1. Even though Pac Man was the reigning champ for a while back in the day as far as overall popularity. It struck me that, at least where I grew up, the majority of non arcade places that had 1 or 2 games inside(convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurant/pizza waiting rooms, bowling alleys without dedicated arcade rooms, etc) all seemed to carry Galaxian pretty much across the board. 

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    2. Draxxon


      Back then there were games everywhere. In every bar, landromat, restaurant - especially pizza places, roller skating rink, state fair, almost everywhere. arcades were more plentiful in general. Donkey Kong was around, but I agree with the kid in billy madison, DK Sucks.

    3. Draxxon


      before the fighting game boom of the 90s, around here it was Super Mario Bros arcade, Tiger Heli, Operation Wolf, Out Run, Gauntlet, Double Dragon, Jurassic Park and Adams Family Pinball (although they may have came later). I remember when Street Fighter 1 was new. Galaga and Ms Pac never left. Theyre still around now.

    4. Max_Chatsworth


      @Draxxon I don't even consider the 90's to be part of the arcade generation. By then the games were all 50 cent shooter behemoths or fighting games.  By then so many people had consoles or where gaming on home PC's as well and the arcades went from a place that every kid in school would go to, to a place where only arcade people went to.  

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