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  1. Yeah..I realized a lot about my parents when I became a parent myself
  2. I know this is under the 2600 forum area, but I never got any Atari console while growing up, and had to endure many of my friends having one while I did not. Most of the kids I knew had a "VCS" and not the "2600" strictly speaking as they got theirs during the late 70's. I had to get stolen time on the next door neighbor boys' set. They were around my age and we were all part of the bigger neighborhood set of friends. As for my first "Atari", my parents got us(5 kids) the Atari 400 computer for Christmas '79, and I got my revenge as many of the kids in our group suddenly became envious of this new more powerful Atari. To them it was little more than a gaming console, but me and one brother of mine put it to good use as a computer, first learning to program on that machine. Christmas '83, my 2nd oldest brother got the 800XL with all the trimmings, which was just his, for Christmas, as he had a real interest in computers by then. He was already a junior and shortly moved on to more jobs/girls/social life, etc..and so I was the lucky beneficiary being the only other basement denizen out of the 5 of us kids still living at home! Like I said, I never got any Atari console growing up, but I did get the ColecoVision for Christmas '82 and I got the NES for Christmas ....I think for Christmas '85..but I'm not sure on the year on that one..but I am pretty sure I was a freshman. Being the 2nd youngest of 5 kids in a very working class family did end up benefiting my younger sister and I as I think my parents realized they had a lot more disposable income for us once the first 3 were out of the house and on their own, and my parents I think made up a little bit for years earlier when they couldn't get us all the things they would have like...which is why I think I actually got those consoles. Who was I to complain?
  3. I remember that distribution, with the Asteroids thrown in. My buddy get a 2600 for Christmas 82, and it had asteroids, which was a great game for the time.
  4. Never saw your timeline before. Pretty cool!
  5. Thanks...those look like good options. It's mainly for my 400 that I use for more home automation /hacking projects than my 800xl that I do more programming on. The 800XL keyboard is fine for me..but ugh...I forgot how awful that 400 keyboard was to use. Inversely great to use with how great it is to look at!
  6. Looking to purchase/build some sort of mod so I can make my 400 keyboard usable while preserving the original form factor. Meaning, I don't want to replace the membrane keyboard, but rather add on some sort of external option. The avenues I have pursued have been a bit of a dead end. I'm fine purchasing or building/modding if I can find clear instructions.
  7. I figured it would require some soldering and similar work, which I'm more than willing to do, but I just don't have the know how to know where to begin.
  8. Sorry this is late, but that is *EXACTLY* the type of thing I was thinking of. Can I acquire or build something like that?
  9. I will be making a trip to Galloping Ghost this week and will be posting thoughts, photos, and impressions. It's about time I did something with this blog. Stay tuned...
  10. I will be making a trip to Galloping Ghost this week and will be posting thoughts, photos, and impressions. It's about time I did something with this blog. Stay tuned...
  11. Headed to Chicago for the week between Christmas and New Years.  Will be checking in at Galloping Ghost.  If any fellow AAers are in the area and want to join me..let me know.

    1. cvgplus


      Should run into you then. There from Monday to Wednesday.

    2. Max_Chatsworth




      Sorry I missed you. I didn't make it there until Thursday.



  12. Cool. We go the 400 with a tape drive xmas 79..but it was the whole family's. My brother got his own 800XL with 1702 monitor and conversion cable and Indus GT disk drive for xmas 83..but luckily by that point he was a junior in high school and soon out of the house along with 2 other older siblings...which left those 2 machines pretty much to me! Had to wait until I joined the navy in 90 to have my own money to buy an ST.
  13. Very cool! How old were you when you had this setup and was it yours or your dad's?
  14. I guess if you are talking about those video artifacts, there's no way I could tell that was an Atari being used for that...
  15. I didn't see the Atari in the Devo video?
  16. Saw Ghostbusters: Afterlife...was pleasantly surprised by the good natured film and it was soooo much better than that "reboot" a few years back. 

  17. Who here has been to Galloping Ghost up in Illinois?

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    2. Hydro Thunder

      Hydro Thunder

      Been there, LOVED it, literally bought the t-shirt :)

      As to the games on their list, for the most part, yes absolutely.  The place is PACKED with arcade machines side to side.  Like, there was almost nowhere for my GF to sit and read while I played games for 8 hours there one day (she ended up having an attendant find her a out of order sit-down Sega Star Wars machine to sit at lol).  I would say less than 5% of their machines were out of order, they keep them in great shape.

    3. Keatah


      Despite the size it was a little crowded and packed in. Zero space between machines and nowhere to take a break and decompress. It's alright if you like that kind of thing.

    4. thanatos


      Yes, most were completely playable, a couple with a few issues like messed up screen colors, etc. 


      The near unobtanium working Star Rider had graphical glitches, but again, just the fact that it was running is probably a modern miracle.  I probably choked up a bit while playing it since I hadn't seen one in over 30 years, and it was a favorite back in the day.


      I probably spent just as much time walking around and finding everything as I did playing games.  Every row you'd see an old favorite, or something you've completely forgotten about.







  18. Saw the new Dune with my wife and son on Saturday.  Already seen first film multiple times and familiar with the source material so nothing surprising.  Enjoyed it but it was a little too slow moving. 

    1. BydoEmpire


      I thought it was really well done. I read Dune for the first time about 3 years ago, so while it was all familiar I didn't remember a lot of what happened.  I enjoyed it.

    2. GoldLeader


      I really liked it too,  but broke it up into 3 segments...Watched at home despite it being a big (theater style) movie.  While I've never read the book,  this version made total sense unlike that confusing snoozefest from David Lynch I slept through in the theater in the 80s...

    3. Max_Chatsworth


      @GoldLeader , agreed. The only thing that the 80's movie did better was the space guild scenes, but the explanation about why they needed the spice was MUCH better in this new movie than the non-existent explanation in the 80's movie that relied on book knowledge.


  19. Pipe Camp! Pipe Camp! Thank you, Lord, for Pipe Camp!

  20. Had my 400 playing some Atari 8 bit Halloween music on the porch, while the adults in our cul-de-sac manned a fire pit and flasks of whatever for warmth. 

  21. I think if all you've known is Halo, Call of Duty, Red Dead redemption, Battlefield series, etc...it's pretty hard to take interest in an old 8 bit game. It's just underwhelming for them and there's no nostalgic attachment for them.
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