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  1. I was just looking through the AtariMania site and noticed a couple of missing Antic Magazine Type-ins. Well over a year ago I compiled quite a few of the then missing files and posted them here. It looks like some of those have been placed on the sight but many haven't. It took a lot of time and effort to compile these and I don't want to see them disappear into the ether so I am posting the still missing files here in the hope that the AtariMania moderators would see them. Beachcomber - October/November 1989 (Vol. 08 - No. 06) Beam Me Up - October/November 1989 (Vol. 08 - No. 06) Discovery Incident, The - October/November 1989 (Vol. 08 - No. 06) Dungeon Masters Apprentice - January 1986 (Vol. 04 - No. 09) Gold Mine and the Princess, The - April/May 1990 (Vol. 09 - No, 01) Planetfill - March 1989 (Vol. 07 - No. 11) Roulette (B. Marquardt) - January 1987 (Vol. 05 - No. 09) Roulette (M. Pemberton) - February 1989 (Vol. 07 - No. 10) Most of these games have machine language loaders and have been placed on self booting ATR discs. All require BASIC and some take a while to load, so be patient. K1w1 Missing Antic Files.zip
  2. I forgot to mention the “time warp” function is spot on for some of us older gamers who’s reactions aren’t as quick as they were 30 years ago. Once again, we’ll done.
  3. I love it when people think out of the box. This is a novel and well thought out variation on the traditional emulator. It may not be as accurate as Altirra but it appears the creators weren’t looking for that market. As a frontend that auto configures screen and controller and plays most games and formats it hits the mark. Given the feedback from this release a very good addition to the Atari emulation scene will only get better in a short time. I’ll still be using Altirra but this addition will be great when I am looking to instantly select and play something from the Atari software smorgasbord. Well done developers.
  4. Thanks Paul. My Altirra firmware folder is complete again.
  5. I just updated Altirra so I could add the "810-RevB.bin" and noticed a vacant spot for the "IS Plate Disk Drive Firmware". I have searched and found the article referencing this but can find no link to the rom. Can someone point me in the right direction.
  6. I’m interested as well. It’s a great little program that I have been using a bit lately. I’m sure there’s a bit more development to get it up to the c64 version.
  7. Thanks Allan, all good now. Is Atrax #7 coming in due course or is it still undumped? k1w1
  8. AtariMania recently added most of the Atrax cartridges to it's database except Atrax #7. Although there is a link for Atrax #13 it appears to be a dead link. I realise that Atrax #7 may not be dumped yet but can someone point met to a good download link for Atrax #13. k1w1
  9. Look here for a more updated collection of bios for Altirra http://atariage.com/forums/topic/256683-altirra-280-released/page-19
  10. Here are the Softside programs I have been able to catalog. I believe it covers all of the game listings printed and the disc only software produced by Softside.
  11. I have been trying to catalog all of the BASIC programs released on magazines and add them to GameBase 800 v12. Through this I was able to send a stack of missing SoftSide and Antic magazine programs in ATR format to Allan from AtariMania several months ago but they have not been put on line yet. Anyway I am slowly plugging away at compiling as many magazine listing programs as I can and adding them to GameBase. Presently I am looking at listings from European magazines.
  12. Ok, I think I have all of the current device ROMS for Altirra. I have also included 2 snapshots that show which roms attach to which device. The roms that have a "+" symbol in front of them are the ones that Altirra auto discovers. The others need to be attached manually. I was a little unsure of the 1050 Turbo I & II rom sets ("turbo 1050-34" & "turbo 1050-35"). is that the correct association? Please let me know if you see any errors or anything missing. k1w1 PS. I just noticed that the "LDW 2000.rom" has the same checksum as the "Indus GT 1.2.rom". Further investigation revealed that the LDW 2000 disk drive was a clone of the Indus drive. I have now deleted the LDW 2000.rom from this set. altirra bios.zip
  13. I have tracked down all of the Firmware but can't seem to find the roms for "1050 Turbo Disk Drive" & "1050 Turbo II Disk Drive" Are these available?
  14. This will be what you are looking for. ATR8000 v3.02.zip
  15. I agree. Don't drop the torrent. If not, then at the very least keep a log on the site of changes, additions & upgrades so us collectors can keep up to date with your great work. k1w1
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