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  1. Browsing through eBay and stumbled across this listing: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/23-045-Movies-Worlds-Largest-Collection-4K-Blu-ray-DVD-3D-Criterion-Steelbook/264521844688?hash=item3d96bb07d0:g:SLYAAOSwMvtZSJKj 23,045 movies for $1M. I have no idea the value of movies as I don't watch many movies, and those I do are on a streaming service. But at $1M that's an average price of about $43 per movie, but he does have quite a bit of (according to him) rare stuff. Regardless, even if it's a fair price, the logistics of shipping that many movies would be a huge drag. In any case, I don't want to dump on the price. Just thought the auction is pretty out-of-the-ordinary and figured some folks here would get a kick out of it. The pictures are pretty incredible to see, his basement looks like an underground Blockbuster.
  2. The rules here are pretty basic and easy to follow: Be nice Don't spark arguments with intentionally inflammatory remarks Absolutely no discussion of black or grey-market cannabis. Period. No discussions about under-age use No giving out medical advice regarding cannabis If you hate cannabis and look down on those who use it, this is not the club for you Anyone who breaks rules 3, 4, 5, or 6 will be banned. Anyone who breaks rules 1 or 2 will be given a single warning, on the second offense they will be banned.
  3. Simulators of all kinds are appearing these days, and this one I saw this morning has an interesting concept. You test and repair pinball machines for clients. Can't say I ever imagined someone would actually develop something like this, but here it is. Read about it here: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/11/flipper_mechanic_is_an_upcoming_switch_game_where_you_fix_and_test_classic_arcade_machines No release date and it looks like it's only coming to consoles, but if the gameplay is good it could be a relaxing time-killer for a few hours.
  4. Great! I hope it works for you, it's been pretty good to me. If you have any questions about it feel free to ask me and I'm happy to help if I can.
  5. Personally, I've used one of these: https://www.r43ds.org/products/R4-3DS-Dual-Core.html No issues, runs DS games fine, interface is decent and it's cheap. Can't vouch for that specific seller, but that's the card I use.
  6. Damn, good catch Grig I'm sure your kids are gonna love these. That pile represents hundreds, maybe thousands, of hours of my gaming life.
  7. EDIT: Code is claimed, thanks! Got a Steam code for Two Worlds Epic Edition in a bundle, but I already own it. As I've done a few times here in the past, I want to let it go for free to someone that could use it. As always, my rules are the same: If you already own it, please don't claim it. And if you're not really interested in the game, please let the code go to someone who is actually interested in playing it. PM me for the code. Drop a reply in this topic letting people know if you're PM'ing me, usually when I do this I get quite a few messages as people don't know the code has been claimed.
  8. TPA5

    Looking For a DS Lite

    Never had an issue with any of the 3 Lite's I've owned over the years. I think they're great systems.
  9. Hey all. Looking to replace my DS Lite that I sold last year. Looking on eBay, they're mostly going for $60 and above (in Canadian dollars). Is this really what Lite's are worth now? I bought my last one for $20. Figured I'd come here to see if anyone had a DS Lite they'd be looking to part with. I'm in Canada, so if there was anyone in Canada that would be awesome.
  10. I'm trying to figure out the market for this, but can't quite get there. At $150 it's way too much for a novelty, but with the hardware limitations it also isn't a serious gaming contender.
  11. Tell me about it. Where I live, if something even smells faintly of copper the meth-heads come scrabbling out of their filthy hovels to steal it.
  12. Just dropping by for a little self-thread-promotion on best practices for selling on AtariAge: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/222489-tips-for-selling-on-atariage-and-beyond/
  13. That's why I groan at the dearth of modern games that require some kind of online functionality to add to gameplay. Someday, when the servers shut down, it'll be a gimped game.
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