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  1. What kinds of things do you seek from a show? Just vendors, or things like guests, freeplay games, etc?
  2. RetroGameCon has definitely grown in both size and reasonably priced vendors. Sure there's a few outrageous ones, but every show has those. If you're looking for bigger, https://www.avideogamecon.org/ in New Jersey might be the closest to you to fit that bill.
  3. Still looking for this if anybody happens across one.
  4. Offering $50 for one of these as long as it isn't too horribly beat up. If you have a beat up one, I may still be interested depending on the wear, just not at full price. Thanks!
  5. If it comes with a free copy of Baby Pac-Man sign me up! I don't mind ads, as I see zero reason Al should foot the bill for this place on his own. He also has a very easy way for people to contribute and never have to see them. I would pick up a subscription as a way to kick back to the site when I made some sales here. If I visit more (since the other video game site I frequented for a decade could disappear at any second), then I'll likely re-subscribe anyway.
  6. Nice! Not too worried on what the cartridge looks like (or if it's even in there).
  7. Yeah, I messaged that guy to get a pic of the back, and to verify he would ship in a box. They never bothered to get back to me. But I'm okay with that price actually, as long as it looks decent. The only other ebay one I found was in a bigger lot, and it was more beaten up than I wanted. Thanks for checking though!
  8. FOUND ONE! If you do happen across one I may still be interested though. I am located in the USA. Thank you!
  9. The pics: The prices (shipping not included): Robin Hood - $30 Sir Lancelot - $30 (has slight label smudge, see pic) Motocross Racer - $35 Centipede - $10 Jungle Hunt - $40 2010 - SOLD Time Pilot - SOLD War Room - $5 Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show - $8 2600 Pac-Man 1987 label variant - SOLD Thanks!
  10. I can send pics over if needed, but it looks pretty good. No cracks or anything. Here's the deal- it powers on, boots up a game, but controller port doesn't seem to work? $50 shipped to the US (or best offer) Doesn't come with any power bricks/controllers/etc, just the console itself. Thank you!
  11. Can't wait for this; there's a few local guys with Baby Pacs that I've been able to play, and this will definitely beat having another full machine!
  12. My apologies for bumping an old topic, but this is the first result when you google "opening Atari XE cartridge". I took the challenge of opening one of these. Here's some pics- The rattling was a glob of hot melt glue that had broken loose. I'm willing to bet that's the rattle you hear in any of these. I used a Lego brick separator and started at the bottom. As you can see, I ended up breaking one of the clips in the process, but it still went back together so tight you would never notice. I would recommend using a strong spudger, but be careful on the cart plastic as it's a bit prone to denting. The clips sit into a recessed area in the top half of the cart, so you'll want to pop one side open (maybe by pushing on the bottom half where the clips are) and then open it like a hinge.
  13. I didn't set up last year (I was done after getting a bunch of my stuff wet because of that tent setup), but I'll be back with some import stuff. So there's at least one dealer for you!
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