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  1. The pics: The prices (shipping not included): Robin Hood - $30 Sir Lancelot - $30 (has slight label smudge, see pic) Motocross Racer - $35 Centipede - $10 Jungle Hunt - $40 2010 - SOLD Time Pilot - SOLD War Room - $5 Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show - $8 2600 Pac-Man 1987 label variant - SOLD Thanks!
  2. I can send pics over if needed, but it looks pretty good. No cracks or anything. Here's the deal- it powers on, boots up a game, but controller port doesn't seem to work? $50 shipped to the US (or best offer) Doesn't come with any power bricks/controllers/etc, just the console itself. Thank you!
  3. Can't wait for this; there's a few local guys with Baby Pacs that I've been able to play, and this will definitely beat having another full machine!
  4. My apologies for bumping an old topic, but this is the first result when you google "opening Atari XE cartridge". I took the challenge of opening one of these. Here's some pics- The rattling was a glob of hot melt glue that had broken loose. I'm willing to bet that's the rattle you hear in any of these. I used a Lego brick separator and started at the bottom. As you can see, I ended up breaking one of the clips in the process, but it still went back together so tight you would never notice. I would recommend using a strong spudger, but be careful on the cart plastic as it's a bit prone to denting. The clips sit into a recessed area in the top half of the cart, so you'll want to pop one side open (maybe by pushing on the bottom half where the clips are) and then open it like a hinge.
  5. I didn't set up last year (I was done after getting a bunch of my stuff wet because of that tent setup), but I'll be back with some import stuff. So there's at least one dealer for you!
  6. I take these around to shows but had them out for a different sale, so I figured I would offer them up here to fill some collection holes. I usually have about the same success rate as you, but that's 30 less for me to tote around!
  7. Hello AtariAge! If it's in the pic but not listed, it's gone. Prices do not include shipping, but I have lots of flat rateoptions to get you the lowest shipping price. If no price listed, it's a dollar. 2600: Air Sea Battle (text or pic) Armor Ambush Asteroids (Sears label) Astroblast Atlantis Barnstorming - $2 Baseball (white or blue label) Basketball Berzerk Blueprint - $3 Bowling Boxing - $2 (crap label $1) Breakout Bridge (torn end label) - $2 Canyon Bomber Carnival Casino Centipede - $3 Championship Soccer Chopper Command - $3 Circus Atari (text or pic) Commando - $12 Commando Raid - $3 Cosmic Ark Decathlon (faded end label)- $2 Demon Attack Demons to Diamonds Dodge 'Em Donkey Kong Dragster - $4 Enduro - $3 E.T. - $2 Football (white, blue, sears, pic, text) Flag Capture - $3 Freeway - $3 Gas Hog - $50 Golf (Sears, pic, text) Gorf - $5 Grand Prix - $3 Haunted House Home Run Human Cannonball Ice Hockey - $2 (torn label - $1) Journey Escape - $5 Kaboom - $3 Kanagaroo - $3 Keystone Kapers (blue text) - $7 Kung Fu Master - $10 Laser Blast - $2 MASH - $3 (writing on label - $1) Moonsweeper - $7 Math (sears, no end label) - $2 Maze Craze Math Gran Prix - $3 Megamania - $3 Moon Patrol - $3 (one with carving - $1) Mouse Trap (Coleco label -$1, red label $4) Ms Pac-Man $3 Night Driver Othello (pic label) Pac-Man (Sears) - $2 Phoenix - $3 Pitfall - $5 Popeye - $2 Porky's - $12 Poker Plus Q-Bert - $2 Racquetball (no end label) - $2 Raiders of the Lost Ark Realsports Baseball Realsports Volleyball (no end label) River Raid - $5 River Raid II - $25 Robot Tank - $4 Seaquest - $2 Shark Attack - $4 Skeet Shoot - $7 Skiing Sky Diver (no end label) Sky Jinks Slot Racers Smurf - $2 Solaris - $3 Space Attack Space Cavern (red or blue) - $3 Space Jockey - $2 Space War (text or pic) Spider Fighter - $2 (faded label - $1) Spy Hunter - $20 Squeeze Box - $8 Stampede - $2 Starmaster Star Trek - $7 Star Wars ROTJ - $10 Street Racer (no end label) Super Breakout (Sears $2, pic $1) Superman - $5 (no end label $2) SwordQuest Earthworld Swordquest Fireworld Tank Brigade - $70 (loose chip, case opens easily to reseat) Target Fun Track & Field - $20 Trick Shot - $2 Turmoil - $5 Vanguard - $3 Video Checkers - $5 (no end label - $2) Video Chess - $3 Video Olympics (text or pic) Video Pinball Warlords Warplock - $5 Word Zapper - $2 Yars Revenge (Sears - $4, regular $1) Zaxxon - $2 NOT PICTURED - Pair of Keyboard controllers with Concentration and Codebreaker - $20 5200 - $3 each Dig Dug Pac-Man Realsports Baseball Super Breakout (or take all 4 for $10)
  8. Feel free to shoot over offers too, especially if you're interested in a bunch.
  9. Bought some WiiU items and they arrived very well packaged and he shipped quickly. Thanks again!
  10. The Facebook event page has better info as far as that goes. I think it's usually 30-40 vendors?
  11. You might have seen me being detained (I have much longer hair, Miles barely has shoulder length); they carted Miles out pretty fast. Mine was more of a misunderstanding that I was able to clear up with Dan (and security/hotel/bad combover guy); I got snagged at the same time because they thought I was with Miles. Apparently he was already on their radar for other stuff that day. Had I known that I wouldn't have been within 50 feet of the guy.
  12. Paid instantly, a true pleasure to deal with all around!
  13. The storm did keep a couple vendors away and did have an impact on attendance. Despite that, still a very fun show and I'm glad I set up there (I only got caught in a little bit of snow, unfortunately the sky opened up after I got there and kept it up for several hours).
  14. It's 10AM-3PM on January 23rd @ Xtaza, 1630 Smallman Street, 15222 30 vendors or so (they're not all listed yet). Some Atari stuff there, chiefly NES and Genesis/SNES era if the last show is any indication. Lots of variety though. http://pittsburghretrogaming.com
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