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  1. Pics- The prices (US shipping included): Rubik's Cube - $50 Activision Checkers - $12 blue label Ghostbusters - $12 Dodger Cars (Sears picture label) - SOLD red label Yars' Revenge - $12 Since shipping is included, will knock a little off if you buy more than one. Thank you!
  2. A couple NES games and Vay from Austin 9 years ago. Vay was $29, and I recall it being complete.
  3. The list (if it's in the pic but not the list it's gone): California Games E.T. x4 Gorf x2 Jungle Hunt Kangaroo x3 Keystone Kapers x2 Math Gran Prix Midnight Magic x3 Moon Patrol Superman Video Chess $4 each or 3 for $10. Shipping at actual cost, or if you buy $50 worth I'll throw it in if you're in the US. Some have label wear/damage; feel free to ask about particular game conditions if that's an issue. Thanks!
  4. What kinds of things do you seek from a show? Just vendors, or things like guests, freeplay games, etc?
  5. RetroGameCon has definitely grown in both size and reasonably priced vendors. Sure there's a few outrageous ones, but every show has those. If you're looking for bigger, https://www.avideogamecon.org/ in New Jersey might be the closest to you to fit that bill.
  6. Still looking for this if anybody happens across one.
  7. Offering $50 for one of these as long as it isn't too horribly beat up. If you have a beat up one, I may still be interested depending on the wear, just not at full price. Thanks!
  8. If it comes with a free copy of Baby Pac-Man sign me up! I don't mind ads, as I see zero reason Al should foot the bill for this place on his own. He also has a very easy way for people to contribute and never have to see them. I would pick up a subscription as a way to kick back to the site when I made some sales here. If I visit more (since the other video game site I frequented for a decade could disappear at any second), then I'll likely re-subscribe anyway.
  9. Nice! Not too worried on what the cartridge looks like (or if it's even in there).
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