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  1. Sounds unusual to me that Kristof doesn't reply to your mails at all. Did you use the correct mail address (see his webpage)? Perhaps Kristof is just very busy these days...
  2. hcmffm

    Best Multicart?

    As cjher pointed out, already, the Sean Kelly cart is quite good: It comes with plenty of binaries and is pretty much up-to-date. If you want to try out free and latest binaries, too, then a multicartridge with SD card like VecMulti should be your choice. And if you even want extra features and processor power for running arcade binaries you should go for a PiTrex or a VecFever.
  3. Thank you, Antiluddite, for letting us know. Almost a bit unusual that your Vectorcade doesn't have a written message inside but some Vectorcades like #5 don't have a message either. I've just added your Vectorcade to a list of Vectorcades which I've started some years ago. PS: A nice "System Shock" avatar you have at Steam. EDIT: Just saw that the Vectorcades #1-#8 celebrated their 20th anniversary these days. Hmm, maybe not the Vectorcades but Brett, the creator of these, might celebrate.
  4. hcmffm

    Narrow Escape Ebay

    3D Narrow Escape isn't sold often but a price of $2000 is far too much. I just had a look at the bidding history and it was two bidders, only. Looks like both bidders really wanted this item badly.
  5. Thank you for your detail description of the differences of the two Star Ship overlays, Lamer Deluxe tm. From what I can see the differences that you describe are basically variations in silk printing and producing the overlays: Different colour tones, offset between colour layers, and more.
  6. Interesting. Do the colours and the white paint of the two Star Ship overlays differ, only, or does the copyright text also differ? EDIT: I just looked through all the overlay scans of Chris P. The copyright text of the Pole Position overlay says "*Pole PositionTM is created by Namco (c) 1982. General Consumer Electronics, Inc. 1983. All rights reserved. 120001-0021 ART REV A". So on some overlays they added the part number. "120001" is the prefix number for "overlay" and "0021" is the game number of Pole Position. This number can also be seen on the back of the Pole Position manual. MineStorm has game number "0001" - therefore it says "120001-0001" on your Minestorm overlay. So I'm pretty sure that your Minestorm overlay is an original despite the small difference in the copyright text.
  7. Until now, I haven't heard of any variations of copyright text on original Vectrex overlays. So my guess is that your Minestorm overlay is a repro due to the addition "120001-0001". Long version: It's very hard to say whether the Minestorm overlay that you have bought in the retro store is a reproduction or not. Most reproduction overlays are printed using an inkjet printer. Typically, inkjet-printed overlays have very small dots because inkjet printers mix colours by using base colours cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Those dots can be seen when looking closely. Silk-printed overlays are printed with the exact (premixed) colours (several layers of ink can be applied to mix colours, too, but in this mix you won't see any dots). There are silk-printed Vectrex repro overlays around; e.g. Vectrexmad (http://www.vectrex.co.uk) offers them. FAIK, Vectrexmad's Minestorm overlays have a small addition "Repro" to the copyright text. I guess in your case the creator of the repro overlay added "120001-0001".
  8. Apart from Dark Tower there are Quartz's Quest and Akalabeth: Quartz's Quest: https://vectorgaming.proboards.com/thread/2236/new-vectrex-game-quartzs-quest https://www.vectorrepublic.co.uk/ Akalabeth (Ultima Zero) http://forums.vectrex32.com/index.php/topic,70.0.html http://vide.malban.de/vectrex-akalabeth-1
  9. I've just finished and uploaded the manual of Mail Plane. By now, 25 out of 30 Vectrex manual²s are done.
  10. Always good to see new Vectrex developers around, tanuki. Controlling the game with a sort of cap on the finger looks very interesting and I'm curious how this works. Looks like some sort of lightpen but from what I can see there is no cable to the controller port?!
  11. Every year, in the first November week the Vector War is on. The Vector War is an international Vectrex tournament initiated back in 2011 by Rob Maerz. Vector War X will take place from Sat 31st Oct - Sat 7th November. Both beginner and expert Vectrex players are invited to participate. Have fun and compete with other Vectrex players all over the world! You can even win prizes! You'll find more information in the Vector gamingforum.
  12. Since the last news about the Dark Tower project months have passed. In the background, things were progressing a bit, but in small steps. The steps were too small and not satisfying, so that Nico and I finally decided to leave the project in good hands. And they are good hands: Only recently Sean Kelly has taken over the Dark Tower project and will complete it. Thank you for your understanding and patience - the wait should be over soon and will be worth it. To you, Sean, many thanks for taking over the Dark Tower project. Nico and I wish you every success in completing it!
  13. hcmffm

    Basic question

    A good decision. Please let us know at some stage what you think about the black, upright shoe box, nd2003grad.
  14. hcmffm

    Basic question

    The vector graphics of the Vectrex are really something unique. There are some effects like glowing, wobbling, and bright start/end points which make the graphics look even more interesting. The graphic overlay are surprising to those who don't know about them but again their effect is cool. If you don't mind playing comparatively simple games (compared to games of todays), then I'd also say: Go for it! Some things to consider/take into account: Make sure that the Vectrex comes with a fully functional controller, i.e. joystick recenters automatically (otherwise a spring might be broken) and all buttons of the controller should work precisely. Single controllers are pretty expensive. A permanent buzz is very typical for the Vectrex console. Newer Vectrex models with serial 31xxxxx or 4xxxxxx don't have this typical buzz. Some people think that the buzz is part of the Vectrex experience, some people buy and apply a debuz kit to their Vectrex console. Decide yourself. Image of the Vectrex console should be sharp and clear and there should be little or no wobbling of the size of drawn objects. Good luck and have fun, nd2003grad!
  15. In summer I had contacted @Hotgames and asked him for support for the Dark Tower repro project but all I got was an offer with a too steep price which I had rejected. Does anybody know what happened to this copy of Dark Tower and the Dark Tower overlay?
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