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  1. Nico and I want to give you a brief update on the Dark Tower project. During the past weeks Nico and I clarified production details and cared for graphics of box, overlay, manual, and cartridge sticker which are almost finished. Tony, Mat, Jim, Chris P., Ian, and Dave kindly support us with their information, feedback, or work which is much appreciated! Here's a picture of the original scan of the Dark Tower manual and what we did out of it: It's still some few months (not years) to go. Just to make sure: Preordering hasn't started, yet.
  2. This topic's title makes me remember a topic in the Vectorgaming Forum: http://vectorgaming.proboards.com/thread/576/gce-thrust-ebay
  3. By now I could complete 21 out of 29 Vectrex manual²s. Tony H. did most of the logos - thank you very much for this excellent effort!
  4. The Dark Tower project is progressing slowly (basically because of me). But we will get there - that's for sure.
  5. hcmffm

    Vectrex SD Cart?

    Yes there is. Please see here in the Vectorgaming Forum.
  6. Interesting. I would have thought that prices were higher. Did you offer international shipping, Chris?
  7. Fonts used in the Vectrex manual²s are Helvetica, Avalon, Golden Old Style, and Gill Sans in various weights.
  8. In the meantime 17 out of 29 Vectrex manual²s are created. I am progressing more slowly than expected - from today it will still take about 2 years until all manuals are ready.
  9. Until now, 13 players have submitted scores. Vector War has just started and will end on Saturday - still enough time to play and participate...
  10. Vector War VIII is on. Good luck and fun to all participants!
  11. In this year's Vector War players can win several pretty special prizes: Prize A: Mystery prize 1: A full physical, rare edition of a game. Prize B: Mystery prize 2: A full physical, rare edition of a game. Prize C: Boxed copy of Stramash Zone Prize D: Collector Edition of Bloxorz Prize E: The Machinist's Vectrex visual upgrade kit (donated by Tony Lindberg) There will be two random prizes, so any participant who qualified can win. See the Vectorgaming forum for more details and info about the Vector War and the prizes. About 10 hours till Vector War VIII starts...
  12. Thank you for your initiating the Vector War and passing the organisation of the Vector War on to me, Rob! Looking at the statistics it's likely that In Vector IX or X Star Castle will be played - perhaps a good opportunity for you to participate, too.
  13. Soon, the Vector War VIII will start. The Vector War is an international Vectrex tournament initiated in 2011 by Rob Maerz. This year's Vector War VIII will take place from Sat 10th Nov - Sat 17th November. Both beginner and expert Vectrex players are invited to participate. Have fun and compete with other Vectrex players all over the world! You can even win prizes! You'll find more information in the Vector gamingforum.
  14. hcmffm


    Would be interesting to know how many VecFevers have been produced and shipped to people. A pity that excellent games like Dodge 'Em, Robot Arena, and The Core which are part of the VecFever are available to some people, only. Right, no good. :-) ATM, the only option for a flashable cartridge is Mateos multicartridge.
  15. You should have gotten my copy of Stramash Zone, I've #31. Thank you very much, Jim (clockworkrobot), for this excellent game!
  16. Hmm, is this supposed to be a joke? "That guy" implemented V-Frogger, Karl Quappe (update of Frogger), Release!, and VIDE (Integrated Development Environment for the Vectrex). Hellhole is crap both from player's perspective and technical perspective. Fullstop.
  17. I guess most people here know, already: The impressive Robot Arena developed by Thomas Sontowski is a Robotron 2084-like game on the Vectrex. See topic New Homebrew: Robot Arena by Thomas Sontowski for more details.
  18. I don't have an answer but two links: • Vectrex? Reply of iesposta • Looking to purchase a Vectrex, have some questions
  19. Vector War VII is over. The final standings of Vector War VII are: 1. coleco1981 (86,85%) 2. VectorX (82,03%) 3. Chainsaw (79,67%) 4. Malban (78,73%) 5. thomas (73,64%) 6. jbrodack (43,23%) 7. hcmffm (40,93%) 8. fmml (39,52%) 9. Fruktodlaren (34,73%) 10. Lady Eklipse (33,05%) 11. 50tbrd (31,81%) 12. D-Type (21,12%) It was an exciting and challenging competition with very high scores. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all who participated!
  20. Right, you can score as high as you want in Web Wars. Though, the number of trophies will count - not the score. Maximum is 20 trophies because succeeding trophies are invisible. See: http://vectorgaming.proboards.com/thread/2008/vectrex-tournament-vector-28th-2017#ixzz4vu3JFoki
  21. Where ist the "Dislike This" button? That's really sad and bad news.
  22. Right. And Richard provided (and hopefully continues providing) his hardware for years and years. This continuity and reliability is a blessing for the Vectrex community. Please note that a multi-cartridge (e.g. Sean Kelly multi-cartridge) and a flashable cartridge (e.g. VecFlash, VecMulti, and VecFever) are two different pairs of shoes: Multicartridges provide a given set of games while on a flashable cartridge you can put any binaries that you want. Both multi-cartridges and flashable cartridge are interesting for players and collectors; in addition flashable cartridge are great and important for software developers and alpha/beta testers and anyone who wants to play downloadable & free homebrew games. Michael Bormanns's (developer of VecFu) very recent post in the Vectorgaming Forum clearly shows the importance of the availability of flashable cartridges: I cross my fingers that flashable cartridges will remain available for the coming years - best option would be both VecMulti and VecFever.
  23. As written in various e-mails your VecMulti is a very important piece in the Vectrex puzzle - both for players and collectors. We are all very thankful for that it is available for a reasonable price. You don't want to say that there won't be VecMultis anymore, Richard?
  24. Franck, the author of ParaJVE had been open to suggestions and nice to communicate with when I contacted him years ago. Please contact Franck (parabellum) and point him to this brightness defect. Alternatively, you can post here and I'll can contact him.
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