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  1. For loose cartridges older wooden tape cassette storage units work. They come in different sizes. Take out some of the wooden slats to fit the carts. The larger units can hold 100 or more cartridges.
  2. Superchargers are pretty common, so many collectors have them. I've got a couple each of the Arcadias and the Starpaths. 1-7 of the boxed cassettes and a loose set of those ad well. And i have a Stella Gets a New Brain CD as well.
  3. I have a pong clone that I am looking for some new paddle knobs for. It only had one funky looking knob when I got it. Knob is about 80mm across with indentations around tbe perimeter for fingertips to grasp it. The pot stems are typical D-shape. Unlikely to find a replacement one of those knobs I figure, but does anyone know a source for larger than normal (i.e. 2600 paddle) knobs? Offerings on Ebay look less than enticing, and I am not attracted to a stereo knob with a placement line on it.
  4. Great book Tim! thanks for writing it. I've purchased two so far. One a gift for my brother and the second one got loaned out to a friend right after it arrived. I might just get another and let him keep it.
  5. I haven't been able to play it yet, but I got it opened up and it is a pirate job. Looks like it was a lot of work to get the boards soldered together with all those wires! The surgeon used a piece of double sided tape on it--had to unstick that from the casing to extricate it. I don't know what these things go for but anyone who is interested in it please send me an offer. Here are some photos.
  6. Thanks for all the info. I'm still waiting on the tool to arrive so I can open it up. Makes sense that it likely is some sort of pirate job with that Famicom label on it. Whoever made it had to want to play it really bad with all of the wiring in there. I'll be able to plug it into a player over the weekend and when the tool arrives I will be posting some photos of the board.
  7. I was out with my brother the other day and wandered into this NES cartridge in a thrift store. The label caught my eye as it doesn't belong on this shape of cartridge, so I bought it. After I got it home and looked it over a bit I could see wires inside. Weighs 4.3 oz (121g). Can't find the screw remover I bought a few years ago so I've ordered another one. I've got a NES compatible player somewhere so I'll plug it in pretty soon and check it out. I've never played Super Mario Bros. before so the suspense is unbearable....... Best news is that my brother paid for it!
  8. I'm in the USA, and I've got a Amiga 500 computer but it is without the Workbench v1.3 software to boot it up. I don't have a 2.5" disk drive to burn a floppy with the software so it looks like I have to hunt for a disk for it. Will the UK version of Workbench work ok with this system?
  9. I'm partial to this one. It looks better with multiple beers...
  10. Those old wooden cassette tape holders work well. Sizes vary. You just pluck out enough of the slats to configure your cartridges how you like them. The larger ones can get heavy when full, but with some proper supporting brackets you could hang them on a wall. Here is a large one eBay Auction -- Item Number: 230619477566 on ebay, but they can be found at flea markets, garage sales and thrift stores, usually for cheap.
  11. I know they sold calculators back in the day, but did the Kings Point Corp. market any pong systems?
  12. No differences. The screens look the same and it plays like a regular Berzerk cartridge. It is NTSC.
  13. The other day I found a 2600 Berzerk Loaner Cartridge in a thrift store with a bunch of other cartridges. It has a gold dot on the label, and no hand written or typed date on the white label. I'm guessing it is a final version. Tempest's Atari Protos site says that the dots represented different areas where some cartridges were used in (focus group testing, internal development, home testing, etc.) I have a few questions -- 1. If a cartridge has a dot does it mean that it is a final version? 2. Has anyone ever deciphered what area the different color dots represented? 3. How many different color dots have been discovered?
  14. I don't see too much interesting stuff in the wild any more, but there I was today in a thrift store fondling two large bags of 2600 carts (each with about 30 carts), trying to justify the $12.99 cost of each. Trying to ID the contents, one bag didn't seem too enticing so I moved to the other and found a Subterranea and a Miner 2049er. The Subterranea is a replacement candidate for my dead cart of that title, so that bag was going to go home with me. Looking at bag one again, I turned over a Berzerk Loaner Cartridge. That sealed the deal on bag one. Also, there was a $2 2600 power supply and a Tron controller for 99 cents so I got those as well.
  15. A name written on a cart or carts has been referred to as it being Coxed. Doing a AA search for Coxed will turn up some history for that term.
  16. Regarding the letters in the serial numbers, I'm not sure what they represent, but I know that a lot of bicycle manufacturers in the 1970's and 1980's used alphabetical letters to represent different months of the year on serial numbers of bikes. A for January, B for February, etc., for month of manufacture.
  17. From the pictures it looks real to me. Good to see another 2600 mystery sorted out. This auction will be fun to watch!
  18. I don't make them. This beast is one-of-a-kind. I bought it a few years ago from a company that made it as a sample for Atari in the early 1990's. Per that place they made a really huge one that shipped to some Atari office. Maybe this one was a prototype for the larger one, or Atari decided they didn't want it. When my brother and I discovered it we decided it needed a new home. There is an old thread about it.
  19. I don't know if this qualifies as art, but it is a BIG Fuji and it does fill some space. A sturdy shelf would be required for it though. The video is kinda blurry--I'll try to do better this weekend.
  20. I've got over 300 different titles and the only one of those that I've never gotten to work is Subterranea by Imagic.
  21. Anyone seen this one before? It's got three little switches in the middle of the big label for game selection. Sorry for the poor photos. The games listed on the end label: Base Attack Sky Diver Mega Force Volley Ball Missile Attack Circus Tank City Tennis II I looked up a few of the uncommon titles in the rarity guide and from those I'm figuring it is a PAL cart. I can't get it to play on my TV yet but I've only tried for a few minutes so far. EDIT -- Ok, It's a PAL European offering from Fantastic Game / Marpes per Atarimania.
  22. No switches on the board or protruding from the case. There's a Texas Instruments chip. 8 prongs on each side and is has SN74LS279N P1 El Salvador 7945A on it.
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