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  1. Thanks for the comments and the feedback. Do know that I am currently working on improving the dev setup. VS2019 works like a charm, but I am looking into an easy setup for Linux and MacOS as well. This comes down to Visual Studio Code, running on each of these with the CC65 toolchain. To be continued.
  2. Yes, interested. From The Netherlands
  3. Fantastic work!! Compliments for this. Looking forward to your future work.
  4. What is the part number on the board?
  5. Thanks very much for creating this game and sharing it with the source code. Much appreciated. Will play it today.
  6. Karri, is there a place where we can find the source code for this?
  7. Very good to hear. Looking forward to seeing and hearing the footage.
  8. We talked about this bug in this thread: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/186720-fixing-known-bugs-in-handy-emulator/ Was a wrong handling of 1 pixel sprites. It is fixed in later versions of Handy, such as by GadgetUK and sage.
  9. You will need sage's newer Handy version to support this.
  10. Elvis, I have plenty of spare lenses available. Shoot me a PM to talk about it.
  11. Hi All, Wondered about the following: would it be possible to use the magnetic tape drive features of the Lynx for some purpose? Some facts I gathered today: Pin 28 (TAPE1) and Pin 29 (TAPE0) of the Mikey chip are present (although they are connected to ground) The timers 1, 3, 5 and 7 refer to Mag0a, Mag0b, Mag1a and Mag1b respectively Addresses FD84 (MAGRDY0) and FD85 (MAGRDY1) appear to offer a 7th bit to signal "Mag tape ready" for the channels 0 and 1. The bit is reset on read. The addresses of the FD04 = TIM1BKUP MAGA FD0C = TIM3BKUP MAGB FD14 = TIM5BKUP MAGC FD1C = TIM7BKUP MAGD The addresses for timer static controls (TIMXCTLA, where X is 1, 3, 5 or 7) refer to magmode with bit $20. "Unused in timers 0,2,4,6 / Magmode in timers 1,3,5,7 $20 ..1....." The documentation says: "The circuit for reading magnetic tape is in Mikey. However the Mikey ROM does not currently activate the tape mode. When the decision is made, the ROM may have to be changed. The alternative would be to use an external ROM that would activate the tape circuits." "The other 5 timers are for general software use. POOF. See the mag tape description." Pin 9 is MOTORON and is referred to from FD87 (SYSCTL1) "FD87 = SYSCTL1.Control Bits.(W) reset x,x,x,x,x,x,1,0 B1=power (1 = on) B0= Cart Address Strobe (also counter reset) (was MotorOn)" Older chipsets might be needed. From the Epyx Development Kit source files, it mentions in harddefs.i in version 1.2 and 1.3 of the kit that magnetic tape related definitions have been removed. Version 1.1 (in text file Release_1.1) "The following files have been removed, and should no longer be referenced by your code: 6502:include/aio2defs.i 6502:include/io32defs.i 6502:include/sys.i 6502:include/tapedeck.i 6502:macros/tapedeck.mac 6502:src/controls.src 6502:src/handymath.src 6502:src/sprite.src 6502:src/tapedeck.src" Version 1.2: "6502:include/harddefs.i - Removed MAGRDYx definitions (MAGTAPE features are removed from new chips) Added new stereo hardware definitions" Version 1.3: "6502:include/harddefs.i - removed the MAGxx names for timers added READ_ENABLE bit definition for IODAT" harddefs.i change log: "* 7-Mar-90 SHL Removed MAGRDYx definitions" "* 27-Jun-90 SHL Removed MAGxx alternate names for timers" Epyx Development Kit refers to: * 2 Jan 89 -RJ Added TAPE_RECORDING definition and examples * of calling tape-recording macros Since most magnetic tape references have been removed around early 1990 (release 1.1 on 27-2-1990, release 1.2a in 29-3-1990, Release 1.3.3 in 28-6-1990), and the Lynx was released on September 1st, 1989 it might be that the hardware was changed after release of the first Lynx 1 devices. Anyway, any ideas and opinions are welcome. Sources; http://www.monlynx.de/lynx/hardware.html https://atariage.com/Lynx/archives/schematics/Schematic_Lynx_UL_High.html Epyx Development Kit source code files http://atariage.com/forums/topic/140352-curious-statement-about-lynx-on-wikipedia/?hl=%2Bmagnetic&do=findComment&comment=1702760
  12. Have two Telegames in CD jewel case. Not opened. Wonder what cartridge is inside it. Did you open it?
  13. For those interested in viewing the individual pages, I have scans up on my website. https://atarilynxdeveloper.wordpress.com/resources/galleries/folders/
  14. Mark posted the maps at this forum: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/286876-hi-res-level-maps-of-todds-adventures-in-slime-world-available/?do=findComment&comment=4193229
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