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  3. Thanks, with this answer I started searching for a program that could do this conversion automatically for me, but didn't find one. My guess is it's not even possible without the source code of the game?
  4. Today I received my Harmony cartridge, and the first thing I tried with it was loading Pepsi Invaders (cokewins.bin). I noticed the colors for this game (and some others) are incorrect; on the atari the bars are green and the same rom in Stella is red. Both my PAL Atari's show the same result (jr with the large rainbow / jr black small rainbow Ireland). -Can anyone confirm cokewins.bin (downloaded from atariage) is green on their Harmony? -Is this a known issue -Any workaround or suggestions? (Yes I know it's my first post on this forum, will introduce myself properly tomorrow)
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