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  1. I don't know that any of them are really 'production ready' at this point. I think the game play for all of them needs to be dialed in more. Skiing is probably the most playable, and I like what's there so far. Horse Racing has some pretty weak AI (there's actually a lot of code in the game for it, but you'd never know it). Maybe eventually I'll get them to the point where I'm satisfied with them, but not yet. I just wanted to show them off a bit because I think they're all finally in a semi-playable state....
  2. Thanks for the kind words everyone. For whatever reason, as a kid these were the two games I wanted the most out of the catalog that came with the Colecovision unit. I think it was the 'real life' aspect of them that captured my imagination, for whatever reason. So with that in mind, I tried to stay true to the look and feel of how they might have been done back in the day, as best as I could anyway....
  3. What's weird is that all three games use the same startup code (they all pull in and compile a common file)...
  4. Thanks for the testing I do all my development using BlueMSX v2.8.2, so it's weird we would see a difference there. I can try to investigate more later.....
  5. Interesting. I've tested it both on both BlueMSX and on my actual Colecovision unit (using Atarimax Ultimate SD). What are you running it on?
  6. With winter on the way out and spring on the way in, how about hitting the slopes one last time before heading off to the races? Hi all. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted — family, kids, work, etc. Here’s couple of games I’ve been working off and on for years (literally!). I think they’re finally in good enough shape to post (consider them works-in-progress, as the perfectionist part of me can't call anything ever truly “done” — there’s always something I can find to tweak and make better). I tried to go for pixel-perfect precision with all these games, so if there’s anything you find that isn’t quite right, let me know (though in Horse Racing ’82 I went with single color horses, otherwise the game would be a flicker fest)…. Horse Racing…. Horse Racing ’82: This may look graphically similar to the one I posted a while back, but it has a completely new game engine under the hood. In fact, the engine shares ~95% of the code with Horse Racing ’83…. Horse Racing ’83: This one is all new, and the one I spent most of my time on (hopefully it shows). Credit goes to my son, who was 12 at the time, for inspiring me to turn this in to a full circle track (take that, Atari and Intellivision!). I was just working on a single screen at the time, when he said “but dad, how come they don’t go around”. He’s almost 18 now, by the way. Gameplay: Both Horse Racing games are button smashers (as a sports game should be!). The joystick moves your horse. The side buttons can be pressed repeatedly to go faster. A game is four races, with points awarded according finish positions. The skill level selections work, but you might find them all too easy right now — one thing left to do is beef up the AI, so if you can find a second player that’s probably your best bet for now. Skiing…. Skiing ’83: Well, it took a lot of thought and effort (and countless rewrites), but I think I finally have something that’s pretty fun to play. Still, there’s more work to be done — the game engine has hooks in place for hills and valleys, left / right course movement (not just flag movement), etc. Also, the gameplay for Ski Trails is a bit under-developed. Gameplay: The joystick steers. The side buttons do nothing. Your skier has momentum, so you have to lead your turns and ease off early. The skill level selections do nothing at this time, but two player (alternating) works. A game is a single race, but you can press * to keep trying for a better time. Be sure to get the base of your skis cleanly though the gates — your ski tips don’t matter. In Slalom, missed gates penalize your final time. In Ski Trails, hitting a tree stops your momentum completely, while hitting a mogul cuts your momentum in half. Anyhow, hope you like them…. Horse Racing '82 v01.rom Horse Racing '83 v01.rom Skiing '83 v01.rom
  7. I hear this a lot with regard to the Adam printer, but I'm skeptical. I went all through middle school and high school and handed in tons of reports to many different teachers over the years and never once had a problem with a teacher not accepting dot-matrix printouts. In high school, I even took a bunch of AP classes that were taught be local college professors, and again no problem with any of them. I used to print my reports using the high-quality-mode that Apple's Imagewriter printers had at our school. To be honest, my Adam printer produced output that looked like complete crap compared to the Imagewriter. I had one of the early-model Adam printers, and I now realize that the print head wasn't aligned correctly with the platten, and thus only about 2/3 of the daisy-wheel letter would strike the paper. Coleco later produced a sheet that instructed you to take a pliers(!) and twist the print head around until it lined up correctly (I kid you not), but since I had one of the first Adam I never got this sheet with mine. So in my opinion, most of the Adam printers out there are pretty poor quality. Eventually Coleco redesigned the print head and this redesigned model does produce some excellent output, but it was mostly too late by then....
  8. else

    Red Sea Crossing Ad

    Anyone else notice that the term "holy grail" is actually a very fitting expression now that we have a super-rare biblical Atari 2600 game?
  9. else

    Red Sea Crossing Ad

    Al has a huge backlog of TODOs. I can certainly understand that Al's very busy. Its just that I just read all 25 pages of the first thread on this that was started in 2007, and as people pointed out even back then there was more evidence to this game than Birthday Mania -- and yet there's a Birthday Mania page here. Seems like the page for this game is about four years overdue. Anyhow, I'm sure Al will find the time eventually.
  10. else

    Red Sea Crossing Ad

    Why hasn't this game been added to AtariAge yet? After all, it seems there's no doubt about its authenticity any more....
  11. Thanks. Unfortunately it runs kind of slow for my taste, and I'm not sure what else I can do to speed it up. I've tried a lot of things already, but I feel as if I'm running out of things to try....
  12. The colors match on the two Horse Racing pictures? Here's what I see... - different track colors - different horse colors - different jockey colors - different railing colors Also... - horse sizes different - shadow under horses vs no shadow - different grass (border vs no border) - different scoreboard - stadium vs no-stadium - different horse movements I have a hard time finding anything that matches between them. I guess the color of the sky and grass is the same, but I would kind of expect that much Like I say, the thing that really clinches it for me is that the angle of the curve finishes exactly at the correct isometric angle. I mean, it could be a coincidence, but it just seems highly unlikely.... Anyhow, I'm not trying to be argumentative or anything. Just a difference of opinion between fellow enthusiasts, right?
  13. I think the answer is, it's anyone's guess :)
  14. I honestly don't think that's what Coleco intended. Is there any proof to what you say? I think the catalog picture was just a quick drawing some artist made, without much thought put in to it -- largely copying the Intellivision version. The flyer version was probably done when someone actually sat down and put some actual time and effort in to it. Also note that the curve comes off at the ***precise*** angle needed for isometric scrolling. That's just too much of a coincidence in my book to be an accident.....
  15. Okay, here's a really early demo of the 'isometric version' of Horse Racing from the Coleco flyer. It's more of a graphical proof-of-concept at this point. - The game does not end. - The horses do not move in the correct directions. - There's some graphical markers present that I put in for debug of my scrolling routine, so ignore them. - Other misc graphical things that need cleaning up. So does this look anything like how Coleco would have done it? Feedback? Impressions? HorseRacingIsometricRev01.zip
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