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  1. 20th Anniversary Pokemon New 3DS $230 System is in Excellent shape. Complete in box(Both Red and Blue Faceplates, AC Adapter, AR Cards etc all included) If it sweetens the deal, The Pre Installed Blue game has an all 151 caught save file :lol I also have 3 other 3DS's for sale. 3DS XL $120 System is CIB(Charge Cable, AR cards etc all included) Official 3DS XL Charge Cradle included(Red same color as the XL) Original Launch 3DS $100 AC Adapter and Charge Cradle included 2DS $50 System is Complete in box(AC Adapter, AR Cards etc). All Prices are Plus shipping and in USD.
  2. Price updated and sold items removed.
  3. Positive buyer feedback for CVGA. Bought a Game & Watch from me. 100% smooth transaction.
  4. Positive buyer feedback for Ninjinster. Bought a Game.com Pocket Pro from me. Paid quick. Great communication. A+
  5. Post updated to reflect sold items.
  6. Post updated to reflect sold items.
  7. Positive buyer feedback for Jinroh. Bought a game and watch from me. Great communication, quick payment. A+
  8. Positive buyer feedback for schnuth, He bought a Supervision from me. Great communication, fast payment. A+
  9. Positive feedback for Tanooki. He bought some stuff from me. Great communicator, paid promptly. A+
  10. Phillips In2it $120 System does not power on. Box, Instructions in 4 languages and Key and Box cards included. Stylus missing. Palmtex Super Micro $120 System does not power on, Aladdin's Adventures included. Battery cover missing. Microvision and games $40 Part of the screen still works(see first pic). Bowling games are CIB. Connect 4 is box and game.
  11. Bought a bunch of handhelds from me. Paid promptly. Replied to messages quickly. A pleasure to do business with. A+ 100% recommend.
  12. Positive feedback for this great user. Bought some Turbo Grafx games from me. Responded to emails quickly and paid promptly. A+
  13. Screen is great. I can't see any problems. Everything looks perfect.
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