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  1. Positive buyer feedback for FPSGamer, Bought a Gizmondo from me.
  2. Positive buyer feedback for GeneralJonJon. Bought some stuff from me. Paid promptly.
  3. Positive buyer feedback for TheStraightEdge. Bought a Pasogo from me. Paid promptly.
  4. People being home and bored has impacted some stuff like Ring Fits. It's not the same thing. Some collectors who have not been financially impacted by this may have extra free time and put that into adding to their collection, but that's not all collectors. A lot of them will have been adversely impacted financially by this.
  5. Mailing stuff during COVID is also something you need to think about. Especially if your buyers could end up living in another country. Not all mail services are available everywhere, and mail is super slow right now. Plus potentially exposing yourself to mail stuff. That and some of the people who would be interested don't have a job right now and might not have the money to spend on their hobby.
  6. GCW Zero: $90 System is CIB and still works great. AC Adapter, AV Cables HDMI cable, pouch, 16gb Micro SD Card included. Dingoo A320 $40 System still works great. System and USB Charge cable included. Both prices USD Plus shipping.
  7. My guess is they thought there was a market for it since Go is extremely popular in Japan and any of the portable games released on the Game Boy etc didn't use a full 18x18 board since the screen size and resolution would make that less than ideal. I found a youtube video for a GBA Go game and it only had a 9x9 board for example. Interesting fact: The game box colors actually mean something. The Blue box games you play against an AI opponent. The green box games are teaching games, and the red boxed games just replay classic games from specific world class players, from specific tournaments etc with some interactivity like guessing what the next move should be then finding out if you are right etc. Not sure about the black boxed game. It appears to be like the blue games, but I don't know if it has a different theme, or they just gave up on the coloring convention by then.
  8. This has taken me almost 10 years to acquire. For people who didn't even know this existed: Yes, Koei released a handheld video game system in April 1996(the same year the Game Boy Pocket came out), dedicated to the board game Go. It cost 39,800 yen(approx $370us at the time). It has a 5.6", 320x240 screen and got 20 hours of battery life off of 6 AA's. For people that did know it existed: Yes, all 11 games did in fact come out and here is the proof:
  9. Positive buyer feedback for Atari2600land. USPS temporarily lost the package and was very patient while the lost package was investigated. It eventually arrived safe and sound.
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