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  1. I'll take one if there is one available still.
  2. shaky

    Modding 7800

    http://electronicsentimentalities.com/does good work. I recommend to get the TIA switch option as it gets rid of the noise interface in 7800 mode. Had a good experience with the site and they gave good communication and turn time of the mod.
  3. Damn. Do they stock this somewhere else. My power switch is getting flaky.
  4. Just found my confirmation email. I printed it, but I'm not sure what gaming box I put it in. Been awhile since I looked for the confirmation paper, lol. So I'm ready to go when the XM is ready to ship.
  5. He may have great carpentry skills side & not on the electronic skills side. I am like that in reverse.
  6. Have 2 7800's. Hopefully my video modded one will be compatible if there's a compatibility issue. If the one not modded is compatible, then that gives me an excuse to modd it;) Excited to hear that things are moving forward & hopefully soon I will hear the glorious audio from Donkey Kong XM.
  7. Hokey/pokey version preferred. Would be worth the wait for me. Though I might get the Tia version for the variation. Maybe if both are done, each version have a different label?
  8. Think I have an extra ballblazer cart around somewhere. Have to do some digging around:)
  9. Man, those went fast. I'm interested in one if there is a next batch, if more pokeys come your way. Love my DKxm, but one with pokey sound would be great till the XM is ready
  10. I have a picture cart of pole position that is not PAL. Got it from eBay years ago, I'm sure it was a O'Shela ebay sale bundle from back then. 20 new 7800 games for less then $20. I was wondering when I opened it if it would be like the text pack in, black & white or color picture. Mine ended up color.
  11. If there is a list started, count me in for one.
  12. I'm next on the list! Yay! Can't wait to play it on real hardware, minus the sound for now.
  13. There was a post from Curt here about a month ago^^^
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