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  1. Thanks again Tommy, love the transparency. Your response actually gave me an idea for a game. I am no programmer so maybe pass it on to one of your devs. You remember the old Game & Watch Mario Bros game? How about instead of bottles, just replace each line of the assembly being different Amico parts, with the Amico boxed being the final form thrown onto the truck. Change Mario Bros. to Tommy Bros. Seems like a good little mini game for the system. 👍
  2. Many thanks Tommy for the answer. Curious on how the "home screen" and "store" look now. Appreciate your time. Something that comes to mind, perhaps not for the everyday consumer, and you don't have to answer this one, but how strong is your IP protection globally? Do you have everything made in China? Or only certain parts? The last thing you need is for some knock-off to show up on Alibaba or other sites. I would hope the "secret sauces" that make the Amico work are kept with you. I know all companies do business there, but there's a risk to that.
  3. Tommy, don't see this addressed on the website and nobody asks this from the interviews I've seen, but how does your account system work? Nintendo made a mistake back in the Wii days of tying purchases to the console. If that console bricked, well too bad. Horrible decision. MS and Sony smartly tie it to your online account, so long as you use that account on whatever console (replacement, new version, new next-gen console, etc), your purchases are with you. How does the account system work for the Amico? Also, considering Atari VCS's launch issues with their own store and security, what measurements have you taken to make the accounts and online store/transactions secure? Thanks.
  4. Too young, way too young. Deepest condolences to Curt's family. 🙏
  5. Since tech has changed so much since it's announcement, if something like the XM was announced today, would this be easier to build? With the rise of FPGA, Analogue and so much other retro gaming goodies (Arcade 1Up etc.), from a tech standpoint, has anything made it easier to build? Was curious about this, not to change the topic (move if need be).
  6. Wow, I've been eyeing the Mega SG since it's launch, consider this ordered, glad I waited. 👍
  7. Bought the Steam version during the sale, love the pixel perfection on it. Hope to see it on Xbox store someday or maybe since GamePass is super popular, maybe get it on there? BTW, RushJet1 released the FM Edition of the soundtrack: https://rushjet1.com/album/rikki-vikki-fm-edition I play the soundtrack via Spotify on Xbox One X when I'm playing Forza Horizon 4, I can't get enough of this music. It's so good, especially the boss music, all 3 are amazing. - 1P Cavern Guardian - A Bolt of Misery - Eternal Misery
  8. Got mine, loving the box and contents. Pic here: https://twitter.com/romeoteknik/status/1101662289420275713 #1-127 #1-128 Where can we get 7800 box protectors from?
  9. Put in 2 orders separately since I didn't see a quantity selector. Stoked for this!
  10. Maybe a quantity limit will be in place? Amazing work, love the catchy music and still can't believe this is on the 7800! Thanks to John for the video and heads up. I'd like to see this on the Xbox One as well, maybe thru [email protected]? Link: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/developers/id
  11. Requested info submitted. Kindly do the needful.
  12. Will Atari Flashback Classics Volume 3 ever be available at Best Buy or Amazon? Why is Gamestop the only place currently to buy it? I don't see it listed as "Only at Gamestop" so it's not exclusive to them.
  13. Wow, excited to see this come out and 5200 games! Sadly, no 5200 Activision games. Damn I want Pitfall 2. 5200 had the best version of it with POKEY music and the extra bonus stage. Maybe one day.
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