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  1. I paid for Fantasy World Dizzy way back in July, but on my account it says payment received; pre-order pending. Does this mean I ordered it soon enough to not miss out on getting a copy?
  2. Cool, I bought Treasure Island Dizzy last year and had fun completing it. I am looking forward to Fantasy World Dizzy which I ordered. I've never tried emulating Atari ST, so this will be my first time playing it. Fantastic Dizzy in its various versions has been one of my favorite games for years.
  3. I've finally gotten back into the Neo Geo after having to sell my stuff for it like 6 years ago. So far I have: Neo Geo AES (modded with component, S-Video, composite and stereo audio jacks, Unibios 2.3) (has cracks on the top shell.) Neo Geo AES (modded with unibios 2.3) (has Gold System box) Neo Geo CMVS (Aliexpress Time Harvest store version) Neo Geo CD (top loader JP console) Neo Geo Pocket Color (Silver) 4 Neo Geo AES Joysticks 3 Neo Geo CD controllers AES Games: Blue's Journey (loose) Fatal Fury (CIB) Fatal Fury 2 (CIB Japanese) Magician Lord (loose) MVS Games (all cartridge only): Blue's Journey Fatal Fury 2 The King of Fighters '95 The King of Fighters '97 The King of Fighters '98 The King of Fighters '99 The King of Fighters 2000 The King of Fighters 2001 Puzzle Bobble Samurai Shodown Sengoku Super Sidekicks 3 (torn label) World Heroes Neo Geo CD games (all Japanese): The King of Fighters '94 (disc, case, manual) Puzzle Bobble (disc, case, manual) Raguy (disc, case, manual) Neo Geo Pocket Color Games: Sonic Pocket Adventure I've got a long ways to go but am really enjoying it. And this time I am making sure I really play each game as I get them. The only reason I have Super Sidekicks 3 is because it came free when buying a lot.
  4. I had a fun time beating the Dizzy game. The first time I played I accidentally saved over my save state so I had to start over, but then I was a lot quicker. There was one hidden gold coin that was in a place where I really didn't expect to be able to go. I was happy to see in the ad that there are plans to make the other Dizzy games. I'll probably try to buy each of them as they come out. I'd love to see someone do a remake of Fantastic Dizzy someday after all these ST ports are released. I would also love to see more platformers on the Jaguar since it only got 5 official ones. Mr. Nutz 2 would be another computer exclusive title that would be great to see ported.
  5. Still haven't found it. I did find out on pricecharting that my offer value was spot on compared to recent sales though, so that's good to know. It looks like a CIB of this game usually pops up twice a month but I haven't timed my search right yet.
  6. I am looking for a USA released CIB Wario Land 2, Game Boy Color black cartridge version. Can anyone help me out in finding one? A sealed copy is $180 on ebay but I just want an opened used copy.I have no idea what to offer since there aren't any for sale up there. I would offer at least $50 since I know sealed collectors pay 2x or 3x CIB price for sealed copies.
  7. For Wii U I just kept getting flagship series games whenever Target put them on sale for $10 or $20 off. Best Buy and Amazon had some discounts too. And then ebay had a lot of good condition used ones for less than half retail price. I'm usually fine just waiting until used copies start to appear.
  8. Bumped. Edited to change the item I wanted since I found the last one I wanted.
  9. I'd like to buy Golden Axe Warrior for Sega Master System as a cartridge only to save some money. All I ever see on ebay are CIB's for around $100. I'm willing to pay about $50 or so or half off for a loose copy.
  10. Try your local facebook groups, craigslist or other similar want ad sites. Sometimes people who hang onto old PCs are willing to just give them to you for free. I got a free Windows 95 desktop from someone on facebook and a Windows XP desktop from someone on craigslist for $30.
  11. Lynnwood, WA Wal Mart has the Grand Theft Auto pack that people mentioned. I am not sure if they had other PS2 games as well or if that was it. I'm pretty sure there were some Wii games as well. These budget games are usually kept in the Value section. Still we have no idea whether these games are still being manufactured or if they are just unsold stock. Here's an alternate scenario: There could have been thousands of unsold copies of games out there if they misjudged the demand. Just instead of throwing them away like Atari, they find it better to leave them on the Value shelves because maybe they will eventually sell to the right person. Why throw away money if there is still plenty of shelf space? Then again if they were really trying to get rid of them, they would discount them and put them on the clearance shelf which has not happened yet. So maybe they are still being printed.
  12. Bosses after every level isn't really strange. It's exactly how Sonic 3 & Knuckles was.
  13. I just mixed this song off a reel to reel recorded most likely in 1980

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    2. TheGameCollector


      My friend Kelly was the drummer. I met 4 out of 5 of these guys as they did a reunion in 2011 that I encouraged to happen. Ric is in Hawaii and quit playing keys in the mid 80s so they went on without him for this reunion. I play bass in a band where Kelly plays guitar.

    3. GoldLeader


      Hey it's great you were able to save it!

    4. TheGameCollector


      Yeah there's tons more where it came from. Various tape formats. The band Kelly was in after this one was The Want which featured his sister Kerri. They had lots of video footage on Betamax I transferred. It's cool to see what else was going on during the Atari systems' lifespan and share some unpublished rarities.

  14. Lately it's been all about X-Men Legends II for me. Playing the normal version on PS2, playing character mods on PC. I completed the game on easy mostly using Angel. That was pretty cool.

  15. You have to have a CRT to play Duck Hunt and other light gun games, but if you don't have much room, a smaller CRT isn't as heavy or as much trouble to have set up somewhere. Thrift stores and pawn shops still get CRTs pretty often in my area. Occasionally people are still leaving them outside apartments near the dumpsters so there is even a chance of getting one for free. In fact want ads on craigslist, backpage and other websites could be another way to get one free. You could just ask if anyone is willing to give you a CRT. Someone who is cleaning their home just might be able to grant your wish. I got a free Windows 95 computer by asking for one in a facebook giveaway group just so I could try running some old games natively instead of in compatibility mode. It's less glitchy that way. Most newer PC's don't have old style gamepad ports either. If you have a modded Wii, the NES emulator on there is actually capable of playing light gun games with the Wiimote on any TV though. It even has optional crosshairs in case your sensor bar aiming isn't accurate enough.
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