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  1. If you're worried about computer viruses, here is a tip from my experience. One thing you could always do to get roms is burn a copy of Linux (it's free) and run it from the disc using your PC without installing it on your system. Then you could download roms from any source you find to an external device such as that SD card you bought. Running Linux from a DVD or CD is completely immune to viruses because the OS is read only when using it in that way. Nothing can physically write a virus to an already burned CD or DVD. If you turn off your PC, the next time you "try" Linux none of your stuff will be saved and you will basically be starting from scratch every time (which is why you save to an external drive or card) I ended up liking LxLe enough to just install it on the hard drive on an older laptop. I use that laptop for all of my downloading and it hasn't been infected once, no matter where I go or what I click on. I dont think anyone writes viruses for Linux or if they do, they're rare.
  2. Rpgclassics.com has walkthroughs for all the old RPGs. As well as lists and item locations. Many if the walkthroughs have pictures.
  3. So far this week I have played Pokemon Ultra Moon - 60 minutes. I'm trying to catch up to my other versions and defeat the Pokemon League but I'm still at the bottom of the mountain. I think most of my team are lower levels this time while my starter for this file, Primarina has a higher level than the rest. I might have to spend more time leveling up in this version.
  4. Over the last few days I played Toy Story 2 for Nintendo 64 - 60 minutes Final Fantasy V for Super Nintendo - 180 minutes. I was curious about the N64 Toy Story 2 as I only ever played the PS1 demo and just got my Everdrive 64 x7 so I tried it out for the first time, exploring the first 2 levels.
  5. My total for Pokemon Ultra Sun for 3DS for the last 3 days is 160 minutes. I was near the end and I've minimally beaten the game so next I'll be moving on to finishing off Ultra Moon. I also still have Final Fantasy V to work on.
  6. 14. Pokemon Ultra Sun for 3DS (same status as Pokemon Sun and Moon - beat the Pokemon League, saved the game, just haven't filled my Pokemon collection, but hey I saw the credits roll so it's minimally beaten)
  7. Tetris and Mutant Rampage: Bodyslam are decent. Its version of Tetris is unique to the system.
  8. I had a standalone CD-i emulator back in the day on Windows XP. I forget what it's called. I didn't have a powerful enough computer to run it back then though so I think all I got to see working was the system bios. I'm pretty sure that emulator didn't have joystick support either.
  9. I need a replacement part for my Atari XEGS. When I try to push the start button on the console, most of the time the game won't start unless I really wiggle the start button around. This is because the rubber micro switch is worn and gets stuck. If someone can either supply a non working parts console cheap or direct me to a modern solution i.e. a micro switch that fits in the Atari XEGS start button barrel but is made of more durable material, I would be thankful. I already tried desoldering the button, cleaning it out and reinstalling it but after a few uses it went right back to getting stuck because of permanent creases in the rubber piece. Edit: Selgus sent me a few whole microswitches instead of just the pads, which is even better because all that requires is a simple desolder and solder job. Thank you.
  10. Sorry I hadn't been active on here for a long time. I already found this that year when someone on NintendoAge sold it to me. This was actually the last CIB Nintendo character series game I bought before I put collecting on hold.
  11. What a mess. This is going to make it a lot harder to find certain items with a bunch of sellers leaving ebay. No wonder prices of games have gone up. There really is less known availability because the sellers are selling privately, like on this forum and others. Or Facebook. Somebody in the community should make a new gamegavel.
  12. Someone on facebook asked this question about bad Wii U discs. They said they figured their system was at fault and had it refurbished by Nintendo. They got their system back and it played the disc. So it sounds to me like this is not a problem with the discs alone, but also the system laser. Wii U's may have sensitivities in the disc drive similar to a fat Playstation 2 that will no longer read PS1 or Blue PS2 discs. A badly pressed disc might not be completely dead, but your laser will have to be in really good shape to read one. It's kind of like a DVD I had for years. It wouldn't be read by any of my computers anymore but I bought a new external DVD drive and that luckily read it so I could rip it and burn a new disc.
  13. The main first party Nintendo port I would not recommend is Donkey Kong Country. It doesn't control as well as the Donkey Kong Land series and can be frustrating even if you're an expert at the SNES game. If you want the game on a Game Boy System it is better to just get the Game Boy Advance version. Still, the game served its purpose for 3 years until the Game Boy Advance version existed. It was necessary back then as the first Donkey Kong Land was the most different from its SNES Country counterpart. 2 was very similar. 3 had different levels but used all the same level tropes and bosses. 1 on the other hand had no other Kongs to help and some new level tropes unique to the game.
  14. I played Pokemon Ultra Sun for 3DS for 60 minutes on Sunday night.
  15. Last night and today I played Final Fantasy V for Super Nintendo for another 660 minutes. Each character has mastered the White Mage job.
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