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  1. I missed the week again. For my final week of playing this game for a while, I have Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (2001) for PC - 612 minutes I finished off the expansion pack exclusive 5th chapter and defeated Baal as the Barbarian on normal mode. Now I'm trying to get my new gaming PC situation figured out before I play any more PC rpgs. I got one that had a corrupted hard drive that ended up corrupting the bios due to powering on and off too much after constant BSOD during setup so I have to send it back. I ordered a different one. RetroArch is also finally much easier to install than it used to be and I like how it saves controller configurations for any controller you plug into it. I tried it on my older laptop that I used to play the Diablo games to test it out. I'm going to like using my Neo Geo AES joystick with a usb adapter for a lot of older games, especially arcade ports, but being able to switch it out with any other controller if I feel like it.
  2. A couple years ago I tried pretty hard to get as far as I could in Bubsy 3 for Jaguar, but I just couldn't defeat the first boss. It's great that it uses passwords though because people share those and I could try some later levels even if I'm stuck on that boss. I found The Woolies Strike Back to be a huge improvement in play control compared to any of the four classic games. I was only disappointed in how short it was and how few level tropes there were. I beat that game but just didn't 100% it. I really think the Jaguar could have benefited from more than just a couple console exclusive platformers. Bubsy 3 and Zool 2 are pretty much it, Rayman ended up being only a timed exclusive that ended up on Playstation and Saturn, and everything else was also on Genesis/Sega CD (Flashback, Pitfall The Myan Adventure). These days homebrewers don't do much to expand the genre's availability on Jaguar either. So far all I've noticed were the two Dizzy ports. I wonder if Gex would be technically possible on Jaguar if 3DO was able to handle it. Even if the music had to be converted to chiptune.
  3. If you're broke and want to sell something on ebay to get a few bucks like I was when I was 24 and between jobs, you need the money first or you don't have the money to ship the item.
  4. My times this week were Diablo II (2000) for PC - 979 minutes Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (2001) for PC - 230 minutes I finally completed the original version of Diablo II as the Barbarian for the first time on normal mode. After this, I copied my save data to a folder in case I ever want to play the original version on a harder difficulty setting and keep getting better items, then converted my character in the installation folder to an expansion character. Converting a character to an expansion character or starting a new file with the expansion character setting checked changes your file over to the Lord of Destruction version of the game that was released as an expansion pack in 2001. Much like playing Diablo: Hellfire after playing Diablo I would consider either method of starting the Expansion pack as being a separate title from the original Diablo II as there are a number of differences. You are allowed to equip 2 sets of weapons and alternate between them, you have more storage capacity in your stash, you can find items that are specifically made for the new classes that were added, and the quest menu now includes a chapter V. So far I've cleared 3 areas of Chapter V.
  5. PS1 Lara Croft's pokey polygons might poke a Pokemon's eye out!

    1. GoldLeader


      While discussing various things about Croft's appearance and in game clues,...Well,  there may have been a misunderstanding when one of the devs said he was gonna give Lara some pointers.

  6. I actually have a lot of my old Game Crazy, Target, Fred Meyer, Wal Mart, CEX, Best Buy, Pink Gorilla and Gamestop receipts in a file cabinet folder. My grandpa started saving the receipts for the ones he bought at Game Crazy so when I moved I took all of them with me and kept adding to it. It sucks how the ink wears off on a lot of them these days though. You really need to use a scanner on them if you want to keep a record. It's probably better to just keep scans of them and throw the original paper away. Of course for used games, using old receipts is probably less helpful because most games used to be a lot cheaper back then than they are now, unless you're talking about not long after they came out.
  7. Once I found out this probably isn't getting a physical release my interest in having a console version went down a bit, but at the same time I might be able to afford it on a console sooner than I'll be able to afford a new PC that can run it so I'm not sure which way to go. Probably just finish the original 2, back up my character, convert my character to an expansion character, finish the Lord of Destruction chapter, play thru other similar games for a while and when I finally get up to it, just get it on what I feel is best. Maybe they'll release a physical console version later on if they can get their PR straightened out by firing and replacing all staff involved.
  8. Would nested work on an FX Pak Pro aka SD2SNES? What about the old discontinued SNES Powerpak?
  9. The past week my time was Diablo II (2000) for PC - 1209 minutes This is the only game I played all week last week. I've gotten really far. I'm at the end of Chapter 3 where I have to beat Mephisto. I made it to his room but there were too many enemies so I retreated for now. I probably need to level up some more. I'm playing as the Barbarian.
  10. You know what I found out that's interesting? It looks to me like in Sept 2005 when Sonic Adventure DX for PC released, a period correct machine would actually struggle to run it at minimum settings unless you had a very high end PC for that year. Windows Vista didn't even come out as RTM until 2006 and most sites recommend Windows 7 or above. The minimum specs according to Google are: Operational System: Windows XP. Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.00GHz / AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Video Card: GeForce 7300 / Radeon X1600. RAM Free: 2 GB RAM. Disk Space (HD): 1.8 Gb Free. Directx Version: DirectX 9. Pentium 4s are common for the time period, but 3.4GHz was the top of the line in Feb 2004 with the 3.6 to 3.8GHz Prescott Extreme editions surpassing it in November 2005. These faster CPUs weren't included in the average desktop computers of the time. My dual core P4 in my Dell Dimension 3000 from 2004 is only 2.80 + 2.79 GHz. I could learn to overclock or maybe upgrade the CPU... 2GB RAM is the maximum it will take, which is what the game calls for. But if I wanted to add a video card, someone says "Best is the PCI slot 6200 card." because "You have a PCI slot not PCI-Express nor AGP." So this PC that was out just a year earlier than the game can't even be equipped with the minimum specs for it. "Summary. NVIDIA started GeForce 7300 GT sales 15 May 2006 at a recommended price of $149.99." Here it's asking for a GeForce video card that didn't come out until 8 months later... ?!?!?! So it's actually much less of a headache just saving games that required top of the line machines back then for a next gen PC. I guess upon release maybe getting max settings out of this game wasn't even possible? I guess I was lucky I could just get it for Gamecube and a year earlier. If you look back at what happened here in the past with struggling to run a game that came out on a console a year earlier, I guess you can understand why plenty of gamers do want a simple console over making incremental upgrades to PCs. I personally want to save for a new gaming PC because I haven't bought a new computer since a low end one 2014, and a used 2014 laptop bought in 2018 is my most powerful. Nothing I've ever had was branded as a "gaming PC" in any era but I still played games on all of them. Just ones that were at least a few years old. It would cost a lot less to just buy a PS5 and Xbox One even at scalped pricing than to buy the best PC now because the graphics cards are so expensive. And who knows if this year's best Windows 10 computer can even run next year or the year after's brand new *Windows 11 required* games.
  11. Tapes might be better for longevity and are ok on the Commodore VIC-20, but loading anything for Commodore 64 and such takes way too long. The larger the files size, the longer you have to wait. When collecting games I generally stick to cartridges. In fact I bought a C64C that came with an SD card loader (the SD2IEC) so I don't even have to bother with either anymore. Like if I were to start buying floppy or tape games again, it would just be to look at them and their boxes.
  12. 17. Diablo: Hellfire for PC. I had played and completed the original Diablo at least three times on PC and once on Playstation, but I had never tried the Hellfire expansion pack. I liked it even better.
  13. I didn't have time to post last week but I played less this week than usual so it shouldn't skew my totals too much. I stayed up late and played this most nights though while barely playing classic games the past week. Diablo: Hellfire got most of its time the week before and Pokemon Red Version was just sprinkled in here and there. Diablo II for PC (2000) - 1372 minutes I am most of the way through Chapter II, playing as a Barbarian.
  14. I missed last week but I didn't play as much as I usually do this week so combining them doesn't really skew my totals much except maybe how consecutive things could have been. Diablo: Hellfire for PC - 430 minutes Pokemon Red Version for Game Boy - 155 minutes Diablo: Hellfire has been completed. That was interesting seeing the two extra dungeons for the first time. My favorite part was being able to walk faster in town. That took up so much of my time in the original version. In Pokemon Red Version I am currently working on leveling up Jigglypuff until it knows all the moves I want before I evolve it.
  15. I think the other thing is that these things are very easy to softmod if you have a PC and are good at just following directions 1 step at a time. Like the PSP and Vita you can run all kinds of emulators, but instead of native PS1/PSP/Vita you can get native GBA (Virtual console injections that work with the DS backward compatibility mode to run GBA natively due to the GBA BC still being part of the DS code even though there's no cartridge slot)/DS (boot from SD card)/3DS support plus emulation. The Nintendo side of things is the more popular brand in the handheld scene so I would suspect that a modded 3DS of any type would be more desirable than a modded PSP. And who that uses emulators at all didn't have one of those back in the late 2000s? Even for Pokemon alone there's a lot you can do with it if you like the series. It is kind of an all in one machine for Pokemon minus the Switch titles of course. You can get Gen 1-7 all playable on the thing and now there's an app for it that lets you move Pokemon across Generations 3 thru 8 without having to use Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Home or the time consuming old cartridge to cartridge transfer methods. You can also copy Pokemon from one game into another instead of moving them so you can still have your completed old file with everything you got in it. The only thing the team responsible for PKSM doesn't want to bother with is transfers to or from Gen 1 & 2 VC. They said it might work if someone can figure out how to copy what Pokemon Bank does with it to move Gen 1 & 2 Pokemon to Gen 7 but doubt that there would be any luck in porting Pokemon backward into Gen 1 & 2 or forward into Gen 3-6 due to the differences in the ways the stats work. Their app does have an open source offshoot that fans of the project are allowed to work with so they said if a fan figures out how to add a good transfer method that Gen 1 & 2 work with, they could add it to the official release. They just aren't going to put any effort into doing it themselves. Of course you can still copy your Gen 1, 2 and 3 saves off the 3DS SD card and use a PC converting program PKxDelta to copy the Gen 1 & 2 Pokemon into the Gen 3 games then write the save back onto the 3DS SD card. But it's a bit more of a hassle copying or moving all those saves around. At least gen 3-7 are a bit more smooth now. You can only connect to the Gen 8 games if you have a modded Switch too though as far as I know. They're supposedly able to talk to each other wirelessly. Not sure if it's directly or if it's over your WiFi. My Switch is still stock so I've never tried it but it sounds like a great solution to whenever the Pokemon Bank servers are gone. Who knows how much longer Pokemon Bank will work.
  16. I wonder how long it will be until the next advertised Dizzy port for the Jaguar from the ST will be done.
  17. My nostalgia for the PS1 has certainly not gone away. I'd consider it my #1 favorite system and I didn't even have one till I was 12. Mainly because of all the great RPGs and platformers. MJR and many others pointed out the flaws of the PS Classic Mini. The main complaint was how terrible the built in emulation was. It wasn't until the thing was hacked that it could run PS1 games well.
  18. Actually after Hellfire I plan on ignoring the remaster and playing the original standalone of II, then again with Lord of Destruction added. I think after that, Darkstone will be my next hack n slash as long as I can get it working. Original Diablo II is still modern though because it came out in 2000. You know what else is crazy? All my time spent on Hellfire this week was done in 1 session. I posted the over 6 hour video on youtube just now.
  19. There is probably nothing wrong with your system. In the console instruction manual, it says that it is normal for the graphics to get glitchy after swapping games because the previous game you played leaves chunks of data in the memory. Sometimes you have to turn on the console and let it "warm up" for a while before either pressing reset or turning the console on and off. The "warming up" process helps to clear old data from the memory. In addition to scrambled graphics, you can also get things like a solid black screen. I bought a second system once because I thought my system was getting glitchy and dying. The second system came with the box and manual. This is where I learned this. It turned out both systems work fine.
  20. My times are: Diablo: Hellfire for PC - 394 minutes Dragon Warrior for NES - 251 minutes Pokemon Red Version for Game Boy - 57 minutes Zelda II: The Adventure of Link for NES - 177 minutes In Diablo: Hellfire I made it all the way down to level 13 and also cleared 5 of the Hellfire expansion pak exclusive floors. In Dragon Warrior I maxed out my level to 30 and finished the game. In Pokemon Red Version I got Ninetales and started leveling up Clefairy so it can learn the moves I want before I evolve it. Zelda II I started and completed in one gaming session while recording a video.
  21. 16. Fatal Fury 2 for Neo Geo (MVS mode, difficulty level 4) I started trying to play as only Terry but I ended up needing to switch to Big Bear to beat Andy and ended up using him for most of the rest of the game. I think this is the first time I ever finished this game. In my list I am not counting games that I've beaten before.
  22. Here are my times so far. I might play more later today if I finish my work, but will probably post that time next week. Art of Fighting for Neo Geo (MVS mode) - 10 minutes Diablo for PC - 608 minutes Diablo: Hellfire for PC - 215 minutes Dragon Warrior for NES - 173 minutes Fatal Fury for Neo Geo (MVS mode) - 38 minutes Fatal Fury 2 for Neo Geo (MVS mode) - 53 minutes Fatal Fury Special for Neo Geo (MVS mode) - 6 minutes The King of Fighters '94 Neo Geo (MVS mode) - 25 minutes King of the Monsters for Neo Geo (MVS mode) - 4 minutes The Legend of Zelda for NES - 163 minutes Pokemon Red Version for Game Boy - 72 minutes Samurai Shodown for Neo Geo (MVS mode) - 16 minutes World Heroes for Neo Geo (MVS mode) - 24 minutes World Heroes 2 for Neo Geo (MVS mode) - 23 minutes My experiences: Neo Geo (MVS mode, difficulty 4 - played on Timeharvest CMVS) I tried out but did not finish Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury Special, The King of Fighters '94, King of the Monsters, Samurai Shodown, or World Heroes 2. I beat Fatal Fury using only Terry. I beat Fatal Fury 2 starting with Terry but switching to Big Bear when it became too difficult. I beat World Heroes using only Hanzo. I finished Diablo as the warrior again. I started Diablo: Hellfire for the first time, also playing as the warrior and reached the 7th level down. In Dragon Warrior I have all the items and am now level 21. In The Legend of Zelda, I 1CC'd the second quest in only 163 minutes! Video uploading to YouTube right now! In Pokemon Red Version, my Pikachu learned its last move and I evolved it into Raichu at level 43. I am now working on Vulpix.
  23. One summer I decided to make myself beat Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord for NES just because it was part of my first NES bundle that I got when I was 6. I had finally succeeded in clearing stage 24 of R.C. Pro-Am which constituted beating the game under NintendoAge's old rule of just getting to the part of an arcade game where it loops back to the beginning. Wizardry was the last really hard game left in my first hand-me-down bundle. I found some maps online and a walkthrough and made it through the thing. You may call it cheating a little the way I used my Powerpak to hard power off every time I died or got bad stat changes when trying to make a Ninja or Paladin, but I did all the level grinding and surviving against enemies necessary to play in the most otherwise legitimate way. All I really cheated against was the permadeath and having to re-level and re-level a maxed out character until their stats balanced out just right. Something no other game seems to force you to deal with. At least this time I did not use Game Genie the way I did in my first playthrough in high school. That time I just used a quick level gain code and went straight for the final boss.
  24. In my case, I have few legit carts. I am mostly running games on the Neo SD Pro for AES as well as MVS. The roms I converted to the .neo format with the program were all scanned from a MAME set. While it has some AES versions of the roms included, some such as Blue's Journey are missing from the set. I heard that it has been dumped but may not have been made publicly available like the rest. I'm guessing if it ever were added to MAME it would probably be called "bjourneya" with "a" meaning alternate. I've only bought games that were either on the cheaper side for Neo Geo or are favorites that I was willing to spend a couple hundred on. Sometimes I like to collect a set of just games that I've beaten before. Blue's Journey belongs to all three of those categories so I bought both AES versions, an MVS cart and a Raguy for Neo Geo CD. I ended up getting the cheapest version of a consolized MVS - the MV1C from Timeharvest on Aliexpress. It comes with a different sized bios chip than any other Neo Geo (smaller) but somehow Timeharvest flashed the original Toshiba bios chip with their own Unibios 3.2 that displays the Timeharvest name on bootup. It is the same as a normal 3.2 bios except it does not have the option to change softdip settings like all my other Unibios versions for my AES (2.3 and 4.0). Thankfully on the Neo SD Pro, you can change the softdip settings there from the menu so if I want to set a frustrating fighting game to easy mode so I can play in a more relaxed mood, I just have to highlight a game on the list, press start, go to soft dips and adjust the difficulty level. If I want to play my original MVS cartridges, my Timeharvest CMVS is only going to allow me to play at difficulty 4, but I can still choose the region and choose between AES and MVS mode. Most legit MVS cartridges will behave properly in AES mode with a difficulty menu and limited continues, but again Blue's Journey is one of those black sheep where you have to to actually have the first version of the AES cartridge for it to play in true AES mode. Most games like the fighting games will actually allow me to select Easy in AES mode if desired, but I will be limited to 3 continues. If I play in MVS mode I can push select for as many credits as I want, but difficulty 4 will be my only choice. (Unless... do those hard dip switches numbered 1 to 8 inside the system in the blue box on the motherboard change difficulty? Is that what those are there for? All 8 of them are in the up position currently.) The Neo Geo CD version of Blue's Journey on the other hand is a different beast altogether. It has both the difficulty selection menu and unlimited continues. It seems to be the only version that is like this where you can start with three hearts and play as carelessly as you want until you reach the ending, apart from running the first AES cart with the unlimited continues cheat on. On the plus side it also has the enhanced CD audio and loads quickly compared to most games. Even more quickly if you put it on a Neo SD Pro.
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