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  1. damn cool stuff there. I would like quite a bit of it but don't have anything you want
  2. It's all good. I was just worried that I did something wrong or that I would miss out
  3. I am wanting one of these. I emailed and private messaged here and no response
  4. hope to get one. If I'm not on the list I would like to be for a regular one I guess.
  5. wow good to know. I was considering buying a couple of those. I did get Street Fighter 2 to work on the master system via everdrive though
  6. as far as I know the master system is region free. It is possible that it won't play through a converter since a couple games don't. I would try giving it one last good cleaning. Sometimes I think I have cleaned a game well but I try again and it isn't. If you still can't get it to work I would be happy to test it for you on my master system. I actually would like a copy for myself as well.
  7. If I had a little more technical knowledge I would try for it myself. I have a friend that has three that are broken and he can fix them but he has been putting it off.
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