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  1. saw one at the local flea market recently. Next time I go I will see if they still have it
  2. just got an astrocade that works and sadly none of the cooling project pictures will display. I was wanting to make sure mine stays cool
  3. all good. Posting that will help others see what I was talking about
  4. I have a model 1 genesis and model 1 sega cd and Mortal Kombat freezes at the sonic the hedgehog screen. It is my understanding that some model 1 units had Sony drives and some had JVC drives. Mortal Kombat works fine on Sony units but has my problem on JVC units. Apparently Aklaim would send out a different disc if you told them you had the JVC problem. I am wondering if there is a way to tell the difference by looking at the disc? I have tried 4 copies thus far with no luck. If anyone has a copy that will work for me let me know.
  5. if you have the box and he doesn't want it I will take it
  6. pretty good price. If I didn't already have an snes I would snag it. Instead have a bump
  7. while on the subject of parker brothers games is there anyway to get just the box inserts? My Popeye and Frogger are missing the inserts but are otherwise complete
  8. the whole time I was watching that video I was thinking that the joystick looked familiar and then I found this https://www.amazon.com/Mayflash-F300-Arcade-Joystick-SWITCH/dp/B019MFPLC0
  9. there is also this https://krikzz.com/store/home/52-joyzz.html
  10. 8bitdo now has sega genesis controllers so this got even easier. with that being said are there any bluetooth joysticks out there? For me most Atari games are better with a joystick.
  11. the problem is when I use a genesis controller with frenzy at least it pauses and everything becomes unresponsive.
  12. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to mod a champ adapter so that a Genesis controller could be used.
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